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Telos: an Introduction to The Story - 7/19

Update 16: From Kata and Heidi
Dear Ones,
This is so amazing how one thing can bring out the other.
Remembering back I saw the most amazing sparkling blues eyes, right after my 'hitchhiker' experience at upper Panther Meadow on 7/7/7. I've never seen such a bright color and light in an eye before. Very light, electrifying blue with a deep blue point in the middle. It was mesmerizing... I can still recall it with perfect details...
I saw two ladies. One with as I said the most bright blue eyes and the other with beautiful long white hair with ageless grace and beauty.
I remember when I said hello to them I felt their beautiful energy and I thought how beautiful people can show up here. I also hoped that I see them next day on our gathering...
But of course I could not see them there. They just came up for a nice walk on their beautiful sacred site...
Thank you and Love

Dear Larry,
I would like to thank you for sending me all the beautiful encounters on Mt.Shasta.
All of them are unique.
But the experience from Annemarie touched me very deeply.
She is the only person who spooks about the electrifying blue eyes of this beautiful entity.
Reading this I remebered my encounter with Adama so long ago.
It was his sparkling blue eyes who gave me the knowingness that this is an ascended Being.
I still can see his eyes.
The story from Annemarie toched me very profound. Thank you again for sharing with me this beautiful story.
Love and Joy
Update 17: From Odilia
Dear list members,
Below is an email from Odilia which is a translation of "experiences" from two Spanish speaking people from her group who were at the July 9th gathering. This will be the last report of these "experiences" . However if Analia does submit her experience with the Telosian boy in the town of Mt.Shasta and what happened to her at Bunny Flat I will surely pass it on .

This could be soon as I have received an email from her saying it has taken 10 days for her to recover from her trip to Mt.Shasta from her home in Argentina in which she simply could not write.
Anyway the next update will be photos of the "couple" (the one who said he was Germain and the woman that was with him who said to Odilia's group that she goes into Telos all the time).

Dear Larry.

It is very difficult for me to translate from Spanish to English. I spent a lot of time trying to guess how to write properly in your language.
But here I am translating the e mails I received from my group of friends about their experiences with Adama.

Here it is the translation of them.



PS: Do you know the name of the man that assisted to the workshop, I believe He is from Ashland, but I am not sure. This man has a white hair, bear and moustache. Who is He?

Queridas amigas y compañeras de camino, aprovecho el momento para enviarles todo mi amor y agradecimiento por los momentos compartidos, para mi toda la experiencia fue muy especial y mágica...gracias -En cuanto a este ser de la foto lo sentí muy cerca mío en el momento que entro al circulo a bailar y cantar con nosotros, cuando volví a mi casa pregunte a mi ser superior sobre el y la respuesta que recibí era que la ciudad intraterrena festejo junto a nosotros el mágico momento del 7-7-7 y que estuvimos muy acompañados por ellos, Muchos abrazos desde mi corazón Mina
Dear friends and journey companions, I take the time for send to you all my love and appreciation for the shared moments. For me the experience was very special and magical...thanks. About the being that appear in the picture (Adama s with Odilia) I felt him very close to me in the moment that He entered in our circle to dance and sing with us. When I came back home I asked to my higher self about Him and the answer was that the Inner city celebrated with us the magic moment of the 7 7 7 and all of us we were accompanied for them. Many hughs from my hearth. Mina.

Querida Odilia
Te escribo con mucha emoción, para compartirte que despues de haber visto la foto,de esta persona, recorde que lo vi en la puerta lateral de la entrada al workshop, yo iba a entrar y el iba saliendo, me detuvo la puerta para que entrara, en ese momento lo via los ojos y senti una mirada tan hermosa y trasparente, le di las gracias, inclino su cabeza y me sonrio pero no dijo ninguna palabra. , no lo habia visto anteriormente fue el domingo antes de la canalización del maestro sananda, despues de la canalizacion lo vi atras junto a las mesas de los libros con dos personas más, ,eran blancos con cabello largo, la vestimenta similar a la de el short, camisas largas con huaraches, estaban de pie muy atentos, cuando saliamos a comer observe que los dos acompañantes estaban sentados en el piso del pasillo de la entrada, y pense que eran vagabundos que habian entrado a descansar y les habia llamado la atencion el workshop y me dio gusto que hubieran entrado, el sr, de la fotografia estaba en el salón. El siguiente dia los busque con la mrada y no los vi, y volvia a pensar que eran caminantes..
Ahora doy gracias, por todas las maravillosas experiencias vividas. y los regalos recibidos.
un abrazo de luz
Rosa Elvia

Dear Odilia
I write you with great emotion to share with you that after having seen the picture of this person I remembered that I saw him in the lateral door in the workshop of David, I was entering and He was going out. He open the door for me, and in that moment I saw his eyes and I felt a very beautiful and transparent sight. I gave him my thanks, and He bowed his head and smiled, but did not say a word. I have not seen him before, this was before the Sananda s channeling the Sunday.
After the channeling I saw him in the back area of the room, beside the tables with books. He was with other two men, all of them white with long hairs and dressed as him, with shorts, long skirts and sandals. They were standing and listening. When we went out I saw that the two man that were with him were sitting on the floor in the hall, and I thought that they were homeless that entered there to rest and they felt atracted to listening the workshop. And I felt happy for them.
The man of the picture (Adama) was inside of the conference's room. The next day I thought they will be there, buy they were not and I thought again that they were travelers.
Now I give thanks for all the experiences lived and the gifts received.
A light hug.
Rosa Elvia
You write with great emotion, to compartirte that after having seen the photo, of this person, let that saw it on the side door from the entrance to workshop, I was going to enter and the was emerging, I was stopped the door to enter, at that time what via the eyes and heartfelt a look so beautiful and transparent, I thanked him, bow its head and I sonrio but not said any word.
Update 18: From Richard
I didn't hear back from Michael, however, this is the "approved" message that can go to the group. I only want this part of the email I sent to you to go out to the group and I added a little to this paragraph as well.
As far as the experience on the mountain, I had one as well, but it didn't involve entering Telos nor seeing any beings.
It was more of confronting fears and listening to the Inner Voice in my head. In a nutshell, I asked my Inner Guide where I should go and as I asked questions, I tried to pay attention to the thoughts that came to me. The thoughts that came to me were first to go to a certain tree, then up over the ridge, then to another place...
Finally, I arrived at a place where I felt I should sit and meditate. I was sitting near some rocks and there were some large black ants that were trying to crawl on my shoes... then out of nowhere, the thought came to me... "Let the ants crawl on you"... I was shocked, but decided to do it anyway... For the next 20-30 minutes, large blacks crawled all over me... I had probably 20-30 of them on my body at once. They crawled in my shirt sleeves all the way up and over on to my stomach and chest. they were all over my hands, a few went up my pants a little bit.... it was very uncomfortable at first, but I gradually got used to it and the nervousness seemed to ease up as I noticed that I wasn't getting bit.
One of the thoughts I had was that they were doing something to my body. What it was, I don't know, but there was some value to it. During that time, I also felt more appreciation for those little creatures and tried to send love their way rather than think of them as a nuisance. I have never done anything like that before. That thought I had was very strange and surprising to me.... but I do believe this experience was important.
And, I did not get one ant bite. If anyone has any thoughts as to the meaning of this, I would be very interested in hearing it.
Thanks, Richard
Update 19: From Sandy
Hello Larry, I am still processing all my experiences during the 7/7/7 weekend and continuing with the Inner Earth meeting. It was great to hear the chanellings and accounts from others. While we were on Mt.Shasta , I did have a connection with a Telosian who was tall with whitish, blondish long hair, who was wearing a white robe with a violet heart.
I saw him with my inner sight It was difficult to stay focused with all the ants crawling on me. I thought maybe all these ants are trying to tell me something, community oriented ,working together in a colony. I moved to 3 different locations to commune. I was completely surrounded by trees at the last location. The Telosian told me that when I am close to trees , I can connect with him easier. He also told me I would not be entering Telos that day.
As brief as the encounter was, I still felt jubilated. Apparently I was gone for 2 hours , and everybody was still waiting. It didn't feel that long.
Thank-you Larry for organizing that wonderful event.
Blessings to You!
Sandy Le Monnier
Update 20: From Annemarie
Hi Larry,
First of all I want to thank you for organizing this gathering on july the ninth. I hope that you will continue this in the future. My daughter and I had an amazing time with all of you. I've returned today from a trip with my family through the South-West of America.
It was amazing. Mount Shasta had opened the door for me to connect with a lot of spiritual beings Who contact me during my journey. Especially Sedona...but it is not like sacred Mount Shasta.
When we visit Bryce National park we stopped the car and we got out. The energy of a group of mountains Was so strong. I always greet everything on the planet, but before I could send the Mountains spirits and guards my love.
They began to speak to me. They welcomed me and told me that I've walked this land that is called America many times in Previous lifes. They knew about my arrival in this land. They told me that they know about my fear of heights, that I sat In the car with fear when my husband and son in law were driving near the cliffs. Don't have any fear because we protect you.
I didn't tell anybody about my experience with the Mountain Spirits but the next morning my daughter share her dream of that night with me. She told me that she and I were sitting with a group of people by the Mountains we've visit the day before. We were picked out by a lady with long grey hair. She told us that we don't have to sit and wait. We (my daughter and I) can take our physical body into the mountains. She said I told the lady that I knew that.
But she(my daughter) was hesitating. When she saw the lady and I disappear within the mountain , she followed us. My first night at Sedona I had a dream with You, Diane Robbins and some others.
I was on a lower part of the Mountain and there were people I know. People who had a lot of difficulties and trouble In their life. I was listening to them and sometimes advise them. At a certain moment I decide to go up on top of the Mountain.
On top everything was green, beautiful. I saw You and Diane walked up on to me. She was very vital. She had a White trouser and a blue T-shirt. She said to me; don't leave the Mountain I have to tell you something important, don't go away, wait here. She then returned to a group of people with who she was in a conversation.
I turned and saw a woman with a beautiful baby in her hand. She lay the baby into my arms. I could feel that the bay was not OK, not a big thing. I start letting the energy flow through my hands into her body, I was healing her. I saw that the mother was following me with her eyes. She knew what I was doing. Later I gave her back her healed baby.
The day before we left Sedona we had this incredible experience. We just had dinner and I was talking to Spirit, my guide ( I always do) I said to my Guide, that Sedona had different energy than Mount Shasta and that I don't know if I will return here again. I then stopped and turned to the mountains that were rising above the buildings. I said goodbye to the Mountain spirits because I was leaving the next day. The sun was going down. Suddenly on both sides of a group of mountains a rainbow was apearing. They connect in the middle. People were coming outside to see this. They were stunned. There was no rain. This was magic.
I was touced when I hear my guides voice; this is also the energy in Sedona that creates this.
But let's return to your question.
With "they" I mean my Lemurian family that chooses to go home. About the portal. I shared my experience at the gathering. I had already visit Mount Shasta (in spirit) and saw the energy beings leaving the mountain through A portal in the direction of the sky and then disapear into what I think was also another portal. The portal is already there.
Spirit told me that in the energy everything is Ok but that I sometimes have
to be in physical form at some places to balance things on the physical level.
At Mount Shasta my guide was Merlin, has always been in my life, my father. Who is also Moses, Adama, Melchizedek and many more names. He told me; We are all the same, on the other side of the veil we don't have names. We use our earthly names just to let you know that when we come through you will know that it is a reliable source. As I was walking with him at bunny flat. He told me; you can walk in whenever you want, you know that.
You've done this many times. I told him I knew and that I know that all this is familiar to me. I had never been on a place on planet earth where I had such a strong feeling that I know every inch of.
I end with this... I can go on and on...
I haven't read the emails you've send me yet. I will in the coming week.
In love and Light,

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