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Exopolitics: ET Contact Video from AZTECA TV

2011 JUNE 29
by Steve Beckow

President Eisenhower rolled out the welcome wagon
There was such popular demand for a translation of the Azteca TV video on extraterrestrial contact that Lucy Betz has translated it. Thanks to Lucy and also to Tyco.
I cannot import the video but you can watch it here.

Exopolitics: ET Contact video from AZTECA TV

Voiceover: Human beings have tried to live amicably in society since time immemorial. We’ve attempted to make contact and relate with other beings where we can learn something and in this manner attain progress quickly. But it is these same relations between people, or societies, that have given origin to problems on a grand scale. That’s the reason for electing leaders capable of solving problems for the masses.

Ulises Hernandez/Licensed expert in political science and government: I think that all of us need or are restless to govern ourselves or to be well represented.
Voiceover: Through representatives we’ve been able to improve relations between people from different countries and also with our natural environment. Politicians are in charge of finding peace agreements and making progress between people and nations.
But remember– human civilization is only one among thousands believed to exist in this enormous universe. Politicians are in charge of many issues between the people who live on Earth. However, the moment that we human beings have contact with Extraterrestrials, then Exopolitics will be in charge of dealing with these “external”/”outside” issues.
Fernando J. Tellez/Ufologist: EXOPOLITICS is the term being used or being created to mean Exos= Outside/Politics towards the “outside.” Outside of where? Outside our planet.
Ulises Hernandez: Exopolitics deals directly with what pertains to anything outside of politics, outside of Earth, outside of Earth’s orbit.
Eduardo Pujol/UFO Investigation AC: (Exopolitics) It’s the study of political processes in interactions between extraterrestrial civilizations and human civilization on Earth.
Voiceover: In hundreds of books and movies we’ve read and seen realized the possibility of establishing contact with representatives from other planets. Even a few years ago that theme was only used by science fiction writers and screenwriters. Nowadays any serious person who is educated and prepared needs to admit the possibility that there may be life forms outside of planet Earth. Perhaps these life forms have better organized societies than ours.
Ulises Hernandez: They could even be better organized than our own societies because we’ve seen that our “Earthling” society is horribly disorganized in the areas where we live. Too many wars occur. Too many social problems arise from the abuse and excess of human beings’ missions. We can see in movies how we can transform the life on other planets. Those planets would be either more or less advanced than ours. However, if they (ETs) have the ability to come to Earth that means they must be more advanced.
Voiceover: The existence of advanced interplanetary relations is mere speculation at the moment. But logic indicates there are societies co-existing in an organized manner at the same time as ours but at extranormal distances.
Eduardo Pujol: The universe is very well organized. For a civilization to have the ability to travel and conquer space, they would have to have reached a highly spiritual and mental development that would allow them to study other civilizations.
Voiceover: Perhaps you are not aware but many sources said that in 1954 then President Dwight Eisenhower may have had political agreements with leaders from outer space.
Eduardo Pujol: In the 1950s, President Eisenhower already had contact with two ETs whom we know as Nordics. These beings proposed to Eisenhower that the United States to dismantle its weapons of mass destruction in exchange for advanced technology.
Voiceover: Apparently the first treaties between humans and these beings were not respected. The United States did not get rid of its weapons of mass destruction and this may have caused the number of abducted people to drastically increase. (1)
Fernando J. Tellez/Ufologist: In the case to use Exopolitics, there are some interesting movements around the world, I don’t know, to try to create protocols and methods in case there is an encounter and what we need to do.
Voiceover: They say that due to the previous unsuccessful attempts of the First Exopolitical agreements, the United States’ FEMA agency trains firefighters with a manual that includes in its Cabalistic Chapter 13 all the information dealing with UFOs. The so-called “UFO chapter” of this manual includes material that teaches officials the classification, precautions and even first aid that should be given to beings from outer space. Evidently, the content of this manual follows rules that are Exopolitical in nature.
Many have dreamed of being able to establish contact with far-away civilizations that arrive on Earth. But have you thought about what would happen if ETs wanted to start diplomatic relations with us?


(1)  The United States government agreed to allow the Greys (not the Nordics) to abduct its citizens for genetic experimentation in exchange for Grey technology. Our refusal to get rid of our nuclear weapons was not related to the increase in abductions. The Greys broke the treaty being referred to by unilaterally increasing them.

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