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~2 Million Years Of Lyran/Sirian Galactic Human History On Earth~

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"On behalf of the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy of planet Earth, we greet you. We would like to assure you that we are of the Light, and that we come to you in the service of your Creator to assist and advise you so that you may better understand and react to the changes which will soon be upon you and your planet"
"Ummac Dan" 
Galactic Federation Symbol For The Sirian Star System

The "Ummac Dan" is the symbol of the Sirian Star system. 
It is an emblem that intensely activates all humans.
The escutcheon, or shield, consists of three parts. A gold six-pointed star tetrahedron, lies at the centre. Superimposed on the gold star is a silver cross. On either side of the cross is a silver scythe. Cross, scythes and star are encircled by an inner band of silver and an outer band of gold. All are set on a background field of purple.
Each part of the "Ummac Dan" is symbolic. The gold star tetrahedron represents the essence of all sentient life in Creation. Silver cross and scythes stand for the manifestation of spirit into matter and its victory over darkness. The silver and gold circles embody the union of male and female principles. The purple field symbolizes God's holy Creation.

2 Million Years
Galactic Human History On Earth
Earth Is A Sirius B Colony Of Humans From Different Star Systems
Why is the Sirian culture called Lyran/Sirian culture? Because Sirius B is a Vegan colony, and Vega is located in the constellation of Lyra. The origins of the Sirian culture are in the Vega star system of the constellation of Lyra, the birthplace of galactic humans & human civilization.
The following shared knowledge is from the book, "You Are Becoming a Galactic Human", by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle (published in 1994)....
You Are Becoming A Galactic Human
Washta and his sirian council (Teletron, Sirai and Mikah), (Kosol: we call them guardians) will share the history and underlying principles of galactic human civilization. This discussion will use the culture and civilization of sirius as an example of such a culture. So let us begin this discussion with the history and origins of human civilization.
The very first human civilizations were established in the star system of vega, the brightest star in the Lyra constellation, some six million years ago. During this time, Vega's human inhabitants developed the primary rudiments of a truly interplanetary culture. This culture was based on two main principles that were delivered as the four primary laws of society.
The first of these two principles was the importance of the personal growth of the individual. The civilization's foundation belief was that an individual's growth in consciousness could develop only by fully exploring one's higher soul as well as concurrently giving service to others. Love was seen by them as the ability to thoroughly understand another soul force and then to use that knowledge to better understand oneself.
The second principle stated that each person's soul light shines on everyone in a unique way. Each soul light contains a piece of the great puzzle that composes the united human family. It was the duty of one's friends and family to help bring this light into its full and complete brightness. Let us briefly review galactic civilizations and discuss its underlying principles and laws of society in greater details.
The origins of galactic civilizations evolved from what are called the galactic and inter dimensional spiritual hierarchies. These spiritual lords of time and space established within their realms (galaxies and star systems) a distinct series of unique physical presence's. This enterprise was done because planets, stars, and other energy forms needed a complimentary physical guardian to aid them in establishing the white light of creation throughout the physical universe. To this end, the spiritual hierarchies created special life forms (various humans and non humans of high sentience). These life forms were established as part of a guardianship that would act with the spiritual hierarchies to enable the energies of creation to operate at maximum efficiency throughout physical creation.
This concept of planetary and star system stewardship is what is called the guardian nature of all human culture. It is the foundation upon which all humans have formed their fully conscious consciousness, it is natural for the environmental movement and the stewardship of the earth to gain support and grow in importance. Therefore, it is essential to learn how these processes of care taking and guardianship are related to the growth of human consciousness. Learning about this guardianship process will enable earth humans to better understand how to successfully create a galactic culture here on your planet, for the Lyran culture is part of sirius and you of earth are now under an increasing sirian influence.
This guardians nature, that the spiritual hierarchy originally gave to all humans, is a great gift, for it was based on a democratic system of social law with four explicit aspects. The four basic social laws the time lords created within their realms a physical human presence. It was done because the spiritual hierarchies needed a guardian to spread light and love. Rules governing the right relationship for humans were also established by the time lords and adjudicated by the spiritual hierarchies. These rules were called the four basic social laws.
Law of the one: The goal of every being is to discover their soul path for personal growth and service.
Law of the two: The power of creation can be utilized through loving closeness with another being. This close relationship with, and caring for another, leads to a deeper knowledge of guardianship.
Law of the three: The bonding created by one's close relationship with self, friends, family, and clan develops the web of global or planetary interdependency.
Law of the four: The law of the four is the law of the three expanded to larger groups such as clan to clan and planetary to solar (star) system.
These four laws can be used by human civilization to conduct itself in full accordance with the spiritual hierarchies. They also enable every human to reach full consciousness, thereby achieving full service for themselves and especially to each other. In applying these laws, earth humans will earn their place in the great galactic guardianship plan for the entire human species, and they will bring human civilization to its fullest possible flowering. Accordingly, let us consider these four laws to see exactly what they represent.
The first law is called the law of the one. It is a law whose sole purpose is to assist each soul in its personal process of self growth. The Law of the One is simply a concept of interconnecting realities and the oneness of life. Each person will have a specific spiritual path that is codetermined by the spiritual guides assigned to them and also by the Time Lords acting under the divine plan of the Supreme Creative Force (God). Everyone's goal is to discover and utilize their chosen spiritual path for personal growth and for service. The energy path is the Kha or the soul force itself. To enable the law of the one to be successfully developed, each of the four laws were given a specific ritual or rite, called an Ahn, which would help an individual to understand the Ahn's essence, or ritual pattern's meaning and then employ it to its fullest extent.
As indicated in the Law of One, we have the Kha Ahn or the rite of the soul force. This belief in service and personal growth, which comes out of the law of one, was reflected in society by a series of clan (supra familial) organizations that acted as focal points for rites of the soul force's service energies. Once these initial service energies were actually incorporated by the soul force, then a foundation for service could be brought in to the Law of the Two. For example, knowledge of your purpose in service to others established a link to you own self worth and allowed you to more easily relate this value to another.
The Law of the Two is the law of relationship. It simply states that the power of creation can be utilized through loving closeness with another being. From this closeness, you treasure the deep connection with another and move from a single self awareness to a deeper knowledge of guardianship by use of joint, or one-on-one, love energies. The law of the Two is the basis for applying a combined guardianship service through a partnership of love and caring. Its energy path is the Shree Ahn, the energy rite of the closeness.
To aid all beings who incarnate into the Syrian realm of full human consciousness, each clan provides to its members a series of counselors who are attached to each clan's temple system. These clan temples, located along and upon the major planetary grid points, serve as the core for the web of consciousness that exists throughout the planet. Here, meditations and exercises are given that permit you to successfully pass through the various life crisis you could encounter while acknowledging your personal growth in consciousness through the Law of the One and the Law of the Two. It is the clan temple that the first concepts of being a planetary guardian are established. Here, the proper rituals, along with the necessary energy-cleansing meditations, are first performed to honor and preserve the connected life force needed for planetary guardianship, as well as to sustain the strength of the planet's biosphere.
As one went through life from early childhood to more mature adulthood, one encountered a specific set of lessons and rituals. These rituals and lessons would help beings to understand why they came into physical life, and the purpose for which they incarnated into this physical world. Each being believed he/she had a sacred reason for existence-a specific gift-that would aid not only self, but also the group, the civilization, the planet, and star system-the whole of existence. It was the intent of one's counselor to aid in determining these essential designs.
Rituals and rites to us are simply the accomplishment of something or the doing of a certain task. Rituals on your planet usually are meant as some long lethargic ceremony in which somebody speaks extensively and everyone falls asleep. This is not what we do! An example of a ritual for a child would be to take the child to the beach and have it just play with the sand and the rocks, feel the energy of the devas around it, and thereby understand the purpose and correlation of this soil and rock to the great energy patterns of the planet, itself.
Besides the Law of the One and the Law of the Two, there exists the law of the Three. The Law of the Three simply states that your relationship with yourself and your closeness with another-as well as to your friends and family-could all be bonded together. This bonding could explain and interpret the great web of interdependency that it created, since fully conscious beings have to understand who they are and know a way to successfully ground themselves in their reality. Thus, ground rules are needed for this expanding web of interdependence. You see, the bonding of the union of self with the creative force, in closeness with another (intimate relationships), needs a means that will allow this energy to be brought forth to new generations.
This Law of the Three also has an Ahn (rite) and this Ahn is simply called the Koo Shee. The Koo Shee is defined as the energy of family and planetary group knowledge or the creation soul force of the light of lights. It was the hope that these Koo Shees would successfully allow one to move simultaneously through the concept of self to closeness with the group. These levels of consciousness would then help one to understand how these interconnected groups evolve into the Law of the Four. That is, it is one's relationship not just to the planet of residence but to the solar system that it is a part of as well. The Law of the Four was related to what was called the great Khas'Koo of the star system or the energy of solar, galactic and universal group knowledge.
Therefore, education in the Lyran/Syrian tradition was done for two reasons. First, education prepared an individual for a specific life task. This project was to assist beings in understanding how their soul path related to a specific form of service and how this service would express love and personal growth. Secondly, it was also believed that all individuals had to learn who they were-and so education encompassed this aspect as well. The Lyrans believed that knowing oneself would lead one to originate those services that would create the interconnected web of consciousness and light. Each individual was consequently taught to remember the memories of other lifetimes and other realities. These memories were not to be forgotten, but rather were to be enhanced during the course of each lifetime. Life in the Lyran/Syrian tradition was not a brief series of conscious realities that prepared each soul force for its eventual return to the higher life energies that originally created it. This great love of the universe and its cyclic order was the foundation of the Lyran civilization's cosmic plan and sustained its successful completion.
The Time Lords further stipulated that these laws could be extended outside of an immediate star system by creating an expanding system of laws in which the Law of the One was changed into the Law of the Four and then enlarged through these next four laws to the Law of the Five, Six, and Seven. By the time one reached the Law of the Seven, the Law of the Four had been increased to a planetary and solar Kha'Baa (group soul force) that could be evolved into an eventual Khas'Koo for an entire star sector. Galactic humans could thus pass on to their off spring the sacred laws governing society as created by the Time Lords and embodied in the divine energies of the One, the Four, the Seven and the Ten.
Every individual learned that the key to devotion and inner reflection of the soul force energy was within the instructions given by the clan counselors. These counselors were highly respected members of their clan. Their inner growth and high soul force qualified them to give instruction in the sacred task of leading others into higher states of consciousness. Counselors also knew prescribed rituals and specific meditations that could be given to those whom they counseled. In this way, the culture continued from childhood to adulthood and ritual was an essential aspect of personal development. These rituals helped each individual to understand the nature of the multidimensional universe and establish a relationship to it as a growing and fully conscious being. This essence of selfhood merged with a need for service to others and to the Time Lord's ultimate creation-the physical universe.
Each individual was taught then, that once incarnated into the physical universe in order to fulfill a specific purpose. Also, each individual was taught from birth that memories from other life times must not be forgotten. Thus, special counselors were assigned to each newborn and to their parents to begin the process of keeping the past life memories alive and the new life goals in perspective.
It was believed by those in the Lyran/Sirian culture that the life process of birth should have a special set of meditations and rituals to welcome the newborn into the community and identify its specific purpose-its reason for the newly acquired physical reality. Birth was therefore, the beginning of a joyous lifelong gift into the great web of consciousness that surrounded each and every individual.
Under the Law of the One, every individual had to discover its own life and love center and learn how to use this life and love center to appreciate its purpose for physical selfhood. This duty began at birth with the aforementioned rituals and was maintained throughout childhood. Parents in this tradition were properly prepared and aided by the assigned clan counselors. Each pregnancy began a system of preparation for the newborn and its needs. To parent in a Lyran/Sirian culture was a great privilege, intended to foster and witness the beginning of the never-ending cycle of life.
Life's purposes and its joys were shared not only by the immediate family, but also by the clan structure. Love was an important part of the consciousness of each individual and became a vital aspect of each individual's life. For example, as one passed through childhood, one quickly learned about his or her origins and initial purposes. A young child was encouraged to discover the joy of play as well as the mutual importance of each other's selfhood to the conscious web of life surrounding them. Children learned that humans are a guardian species created for the purpose of aiding the Universal Spiritual Hierarchies of light and love, and of bringing order and light to the physical universe. This responsibility is one all humans must take seriously. Each individual from early childhood was taught to act as a guardian or steward of planets and stars. This was a sacred task.
Guardianship responsibilities were made known by each counselor to every young child, and lessons about guardianship were constantly learned by ritual example. For example, a key part of learning about guardianship was a daily meditation ritual performed upon rising from a brief midmorning nap. All humans were required to perform this ritual in order to maintain the biosphere. These rituals were designed for all ages and were learned as a preparation for adult life. Young individuals also learned by exploring rites taught to them as a kind of play. It was common for counselors to take young children to the clan temples and to allow them to participate in the daily ceremonies to enhance the planetary life force energies. In discovering the significance of this daily ritual to human civilization, children discerned the various levels of spiritual energies that surround the physical creation. This ritual helped a child or a young adult to learn about the Time Lords, the Spiritual Hierarchies and the child's role in the ever-evolving process of creation. It was a vital link between human selfhood and the constant re-creation of the physical universe that surrounded all humans.
It is an important part of the laws of galactic society that all children became aware of the many worlds that surround them. By the end of early childhood, a child is able to relate inner purposes to present life and present purpose to past life activities. The continuity of the life cycle is fully explained to the children. The life cycle is not to be discontinuous nor is the purpose of each past life to be completely forgotten. Life is a continued process from which guardianship evolves as a vital part. The self is not seen as a disjointed or alienated ego, but as the connected part of a web of consciousness. Thus, ritual assists the young child as well as the adult to understand his or her life plan and to express the specific role that the guardian spirits have deemed applicable for this lifetime.
It is important that those family members and friends who constitute a child's physical reality be included in everyday activities and ritual. Every individual chooses both parents and responsibilities for certain reasons. These reasons must be explored and understood by everyone involved in the creation of a child's physical reality The key focus at all times is not only to encourage the development of selfhood, but also to develop an exploration of those connections that are part of creating this selfhood. Important ritual practices (directed play) are instituted during childhood to help the child understand the role of nurturing life and how that role relates to discovering his selfhood-such as playing with small animals and appreciating their role in the biosphere. It is necessary that the guardian role of each human be discovered for it is a process that runs deep in the soul force.
Each life cycle is an opportunity to explore new realities and to determine how one will eventually fit into the vast web of light that is human consciousness. This network of light encompasses all other sentient species and allows the human soul force to eventually merge with others to form a great galactic web of light as prophesied by the Time Lords. These relationships between species and the more important individual relationships between human civilizations, are based upon the relationships of the Law of the Two. Relationships of closeness bring full understanding of what it is to serve another through love. This love energy is the basis for human civilization and the major reason for its continuing existence.
To summarize, these Laws of the One, the Four, the Seven and the Ten-are to be given to your civilization when the mass landings occur in the period just before the arrival of the photon belt. This is because your civilization is to become a civilization of fully conscious galactic humans. Once you enter into the web of galactic consciousness, you must know the rules and accept the responsibilities required to successfully have your guardianship succeed in the solar system. Humans who dwell upon Earth are about to be transformed. You must be prepared for all that is about to happen. That is why this Sirian Council has just given you a basic primer on Sirian Law. These laws of relationships are vital; yet you must understand that these laws constitute only a mere beginning. This simple introduction is for you to explore and probe so that you may get a better understanding of the full meaning of Lyran/Sirian (galactic human) civilization-your very own heritage!
Ancient Earth History
It is imperative to remember that nearly two million years ago, this culture (Lyran/Sirian culture) was successfully practiced on planet Earth by a group of semi-etheric beings called in your language, the Hyborneans. This occurred long before the Lemurian civilization was established, and is a relatively little-known chapter in your planets historical journey. This Hyborean civilization followed the "Four Basic Social Laws" governing relationships and maintained these concepts admirably over a period of approximately one million years, unbelievable as that may seem to you today. And the precepts of that culture were later followed by those whom you may partially remember as the Lemurians.
These two civilizations (Hyborean & Lumurian) were the initial attempts by the Galactic Federation to bring galactic human civilization to your solar system. As mentioned, the first attempt in Hybornea was quite successful and the only intervention by the dark forces, as epitomized by the reptoid and dinoid civilizations from the Orion star system and Dinoid/Reptoid Alliance partners, could destroy it. The Dinoid/Reptoid Alliance ravaged your solar system and planet Earth around one million years ago, and this destruction eventually led to a second civilization called Lemuria about 900,000 years ago.
The Lemurian civilization, although one of full consciousness, was founded in a very fragmentary way. This civilization was composed of colonists from many different star systems with each group permitted to create its concept of galactic civilization either on a portion of the Lemurian continent or in another area of your planet. This was because most of the civilizations from the stars, your space family, came to Earth with many different concepts of how to create human galactic culture.
There were among these Lemurians many colonists who were renegades (members of independent outpost commands), who did not fully accept the societal precepts about full consciousness, nor the concept of positive guardianship. These renegades were in many ways almost an aspect of the dark force energy that human civilization was attempting to fight. The renegades believed in hierarchical society and assumed they had the authority to alter humans for their own purposes. As the many years went by, this renegade group primarily settled on an island continent which they called Atlantis, located in the Atlantic Ocean. They began plotting a military action to destroy Lemuria, based in the Pacific Ocean, and were eventually successful. This happened about 25,000 years ago.
Today, then, we who are your galactic human representatives, relate the lessons of planet Earth's history for you so that you may understand all current happenings with a greater knowledge. The Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy that surround your planet and your solar system are well aware of Earth's past difficulties. Therefore, we will help you reinstate the Four Basic Social Laws governing relationships, in order to attain a fully conscious human civilization. It will be done initially without an allowance for a great amount of variation, since this could lead to chaos during the early formative period. However, every civilization in Lyran/Sirian culture is ultimately given the right to make specific changes which best epitomize the beliefs of the Spiritual Hierarchy that surround them, as well as their own historical development. This process will also be followed in your solar system.
On planet Earth, as we have often discussed, there is not just one major guardian, but three-the Spiritual Hierarchy, the cetaceans, and Earth humans-and all share the guardianship. The present cetacean aquatic group has its brethren in the stars who are just now returning in order to bring this new civilization into being. The cetacean's combined group of aquatic guardians and caretakers will join you mutant land-based humans, who were part of the horrible disabling genetic experiments of Atlantis, to form two parts of the guardians' triangle. The Spiritual Hierarchy has remained the staunch holder of its commitment in this triangle with the cetaceans, so now it's humanity's turn!
Achieving your galactic humanness, based upon the Lyran/Sirian civilization pattern, requires a comprehension of change and continuity. It is essential that you understand these two points since our culture rest upon them. First of all, let us look at continuity (and later on, we will address change). All galactic humans are taught that they are part of a vast cycle, a cosmic drama of life that has played itself out in the course of many lifetimes. As these lifetimes have progressed, each being has learned specific lessons that he or she can now utilize in this current lifetime. Because it is essential that you understand this entire process, many counselors are being trained and developed on your planet.
These counselors will follow the basic model given to you in the Human Galactic civilization section. Many individuals now exist on your planet who have within them the ability to become counselors. All that is necessary is activation of full consciousness and acceptance of the proper training that will be given when the landings occur. The purpose of Galactic Federation counselors coming to your planet is not only to oversee the changes in your civilization, but also to prepare your new civilization for its successful emergence. Their job is what has been called by the First Contact Team "a midwifery and coming home mission." All Earth humans will need, and hopefully volunteer for, the counseling process. Some will then take the training required to learn the skills for becoming counselors themselves. Counselors will guide, teach, and help everyone understand the mechanisms needed for determining their new galactic roles.
It is the purpose of the Galactic Federation's arrival to enable you to both fully understand, and then to perform, your given life task. This expansive intention is what the web of consciousness is all about and it is also what the clans are all about.
In the Sirius system, there are six clans; however, many of these clans can be subdivided into as many as twelve clans such as occurred in the Pleiadean Star League. Because of your association with us, we will describe the six clans as they now exist in the Sirian prototype.
The Six Sirian Clans:
1. The Spiritual Warrior Clan is the holder of the Ch'i.
2. The Science Clan is the holder of the Khas'Koo.
3. The Science Engineering Clan is the holder of the Kaa'Baa.
4. The Administration Clan is the holder of the Ahn.
5. The Life Science Clan is the holder of the Kha.
6. The Life Science Engineering Clan is the holder of the Ch'i'Baa.
These clan groupings form the basis for planetary and star system governing councils and their actual operation. The manner in which this system operates can only be explained when you can completely comprehend how the life-consciousness energy in these groups is utilized to create the web of linked consciousness, bound only by the traditions of the Lyran/Sirian culture and the message of enlightenment from the Time lords, that serves as the actual governing structure for this civilization.
This is so because we galactic humans are stewards and planetary guardians. We possess the information, methods and means to maintain this guardianship. These planned structures allow a process that enables us to fully understand our own purpose and to create in our clans a kind of super clan support network that makes life tasks and their inner growth. Each clan has within it a set of specific tasks and goals which together form the great web of galactic human civilization. For example, the Life Sciences Clan has its specific set of tasks which have to do with understanding and maintaining the plant and animal life on any world. Their purpose is not to intervene, but rather to aid and support all life on the planet and in the solar system.
The Life Science Engineering Clan's job is to understand this life process, and to implement procedures and technologies which allow all life forms in any planetary biosphere to reach their fullest and most complete oneness with the planet and its Spiritual Hierarchy. Thus, the devas of the plant and the animal worlds are allowed to impress their needs upon humans in their guardianship so that humans can aid and abet their work. This process is concurrent in all the other clans because galactic civilization operates under one purpose and one purpose alone-guardianship. This guardianship process operates through the stewardship of any and all worlds that make up the star system in which galactic humans are residing.
The concept of spiritual and planetary oneness allows humans to successfully understand, on all levels, the nature of who each person is. Your civilization is to be expanded to a galactic civilization that emphasizes the individual self operating through service. This concept is accomplished through service done in love. For only through love will you become one with the great universal light of creation.
As this incipient operation on your planet, many among you have been allowed to experience a great growth of consciousness. This growth has hopefully expanded you to fully realize that you are expected to aid in creating a new planetary civilization. Many persons are now realizing that they are the forerunners of the coming Galactic Federation's landings on your planet. In fact, it should be a great joy for you to learn that this process concerns not only Earth humans but many individuals from our worlds who are also a part of this great period of transition.
Not all people reading this are aware of our Sirian activity-or may have confused us with the little gray beings from Zeta Reticuli who have not been here in loving service. Since Earth and its human civilization is now undergoing a change in paradigm from individual fragmented selfhood to membership in a great network of consciousness, other extra terrestrials have become interested in you. You now extend into that web of life that exists upon your world and also among the great Spiritual Hierarchies that surround all creation. Be grateful that these spiritual teachers and masters have accelerated their concern, love and support for all on Earth. Their energies have led many individuals to study meditation and become familiar with the so-called ancient knowledge of planet Earth which includes the mythologies and the ways of the indigenous peoples.
As you learn how these aspects link together, you can begin to see that the concept of human civilization as presently expressed in your reality is but a mere fragmented version of the true civilization that you must one day become associated with. These changes or transformations are what we are presenting in these writings. Hopefully our message will be a clarion call regarding the coming change in all humanity-change that will be happening on a worldwide scale. Every culture, race, sex, age and creed will ultimately be affected! No one will be omitted whether poor or powerful.
As consciousness is being raised, it naturally progresses toward group awareness and cooperation. To those who have awakened as light-workers, weekly meditations and meetings have become more frequent and valuable. Light-worker meditations and activities are essential for a positive result for humanity, so please continue to network and to create planetary advocate groups. These advocate groups, or whatever you call them, must link and also network with one another so that a greater web of consciousness can occur upon your planet.
This web of consciousness is a precursor to the galactic civilization that we are describing in this book. Group consciousness is essential for all light-workers, so kindly commit to this important task and immediately begin to network and link more broadly and consistently with one another. An you want to do less when your cosmic space family is coming to welcome you home into this great and glorious galaxy? But more than that, we are preparing you for your inter dimensional, spiritual, full consciousness role as well. You must not allow this role to be misunderstood nor can you allow yourselves to suddenly forget your purpose. Thus concludes this discussion on continuity. Now let us look at the second point-change.
At the present time, all that exists around you is in the process of change. The Spiritual Hierarchy, the cetaceans and the Galactic Federation, have not revealed the intimate details surrounding this change; however, you should be aware that many of these details can become known by properly employing your inner intuitive abilities. All that is required is the ability to expand your consciousness and to accept a new reality. Through your willingness and expanding consciousness you can align yourself with a new universal ethic for your planet and solar system. This new universal ethic will permit many points of conflict to be resolved. It will also give you a new technology that will seem miraculous indeed, but it is one that must be used for positive purposes, not for war and violence. The coming new civilization will demonstrate a way to develop loving and nurturing relationships through use of the Law of the Two and the Law of the Three. This joyful and meaningful bonding with one another, in ways not presently imagined, will ease the longing ache for that unconditional caring and love you've always desired!
Yes, you are on the verge of the creation of a whole new society, but you must realize that you have a responsibility to help that new reality be created. It is important that you accept that responsibility. You are on Earth for a purpose even though many do not fully understand this purpose yet. It has been the objective of these writings (and the book) to give you knowledge so that you may evaluate all that has been said here and then hopefully take the appropriate action.
You must go beyond the concept of mere survival to a concept of honorable and purposeful survival. This survival must be based upon accurate perceptions of reality and grounded in sound judgment that will produce a correct and desirable end. These factors will allow you, and all around you, to have a concept of reality that balances both physical and spiritual aspects. Understand that the actions now occurring are the building blocks for creating and birthing that new reality.
With this new reality, the genesis of a new civilization is being birthed each and every second, minute, and hour of each and every day. You should realize this fact and be cognizant that your reality as it presently exists is one that now demands a special and unique new paradigm. This new paradigm has been given in the form of Lyran/Sirian civilization and its Four Basic Social Laws governing relationships. You as Earth humans must first understand what these laws mean. Then you can create the forums and the planetary advocate groups that will enable you to interact and interweave your energies with one another. Thus, Earth humans should net work and share this message.
Since it is such good news for your world that a new civilization will soon exist on your planet, you should be overjoyed to share the word with others. This new civilization will be interconnected to all dimensions and all the rest of physical reality. Yes, you are about to take an incredible journey! Yet this journey mandates that you have the proper tools, the most important of which is the willingness to openly pursue your spiritual path. You must not detour in any way from successfully achieving knowledge of who you are and what your role will be in this new galactic civilization.
You are part of a great cosmic drama and this cosmic drama is now in the process of being played out. As you realize the importance of what is about to happen to your planet and to yourselves, you will consciously acknowledge and consent to incredible, unbelievable changes that will transmute almost everything that exists around you. Lemuria failed because of the diversity of cultures who seeded what would be the great empire of Lemuria. But Lemuria's great difficulty will not be a part of your reality! You have come to successfully create and maintain a new galactic civilization.
This new galactic civilization will allow all people on Earth to achieve an expanded concept of consciousness and connectedness that you do not presently have. You shall be empowered to be who and what you are meant to be. It will allow you to manifest your intentions and to achieve important objectives in life. It will assist and support you in raising your precious children to achieve their grandest potential. Besides helping your family and friends, you are going to learn how to serve the energies and forces of the light, how to be in full consciousness, and how to spread this energy of light and love across your galaxy and into all dimensions.
Therefore, have joy in what is about to happen to you. Remember that as a galactic human living in a galactic civilization, you will have the opportunity to achieve a great and incredible oneness, not only with your inner soul life force, but also with many other beings in the galaxy. For your world will be a showcase world once again in which a variety of members and species of this galaxy will come to visit. You are about to become part of a fantastic and wonderful drama that will bring light and love to our galaxy. So, rejoice in who and what you are and go forth in joyous service, love, and wisdom.
You Are Becoming a Galactic Human - by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle 
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