Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Atlantis recollection

MARCH 27, 2011
by TycoMalps
Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedeans, Reptilians and other Galactic races were present and many lead their lives on Atlantis freely and happily, were free to do as they pleased, underwater bases, dolphins and Cetaceans were important people too back then on Earth and in water, some stuff was secret, not everybody knew, but they did travel in space also (mainly our solar system exploration with basis on Moon and Mars and lots of cities and structures there), and we were about to get as Galactic as it gets… but then, things went downhill, as greed made them unable to use their knowledge sensibly.

I do believe some survived and built elsewhere, others ascended and the ETs did save as many as they could, but the majority perished along with all the beauty of it all and the power.
That is most of the stuff i remember, oh, and i remember my house very well! I still live in that place in my dreams sometimes. lol! Huge place, only selected people invited for big serious science talk/ diners, late work etc. Tall sealing, lost of blue marble, light, plants, glass mainly everywhere, long underwater corridors leading to various sections of the house. Half of the house was submerged, lots of high tech stuff, had a lab in house too. The house was star shaped, with 5 or 6 long corridors leading to different places, secret places too, high security in and out. But this was at the very end of the Atlantis time, not sure did i live there before that? I always felt so protected there, safe, secure; dolphins and fishes could come around my glass bedroom at night. I remember feeling so much peace and inner quietness there. 
Oh, and i was a high ranking priestess/ scientist. My role was inner Island peace keeping -well i fell bloody well!!- I think i was working on satellite technology, high tech stuff. We did not manage to correct anything that went wrong, we eventually appealed to the ETs for help, but the result was negative. I waited for the answer to come, and my partner came to the lab just on time before the explosion to try telling me the negotiations lead to nothing. My lab was in the central tower of the inner ring, high up, all glass and lots of plants, lots of working stations made from blue marble. I was in the lab alone most of the time, i would call for help if needed. I worked on high precision devices and microscopes i think. Oh, i remember the light tube anti-gravity transportation system going all around the city above the ground, high up in the sky. Was a bit taller and slender, had a kind of dress uniform on with a V neck, white and blue mainly and a weapon attached to it… I think we had to wear these.

I remember feeling at peace, harmony, although i was isolated from the commoners, i was indeed proud and arrogant, self-assured, i had a bit of a temper at times, a feeling of having no answer to nobody ever, and of total freedom. A feeling of being suffering from a superiority complex of some kind, but i never left it bother me under the excuse that i was a good scientist. lol!! I had a peaceful inner side which explained my position, but the prestige of being a devoted scientist and the luxury that entailed was very seducing, so the ego intellectual side eventually took over, leaving my inner side in a state of deep despair. I ended up taking refuge more and more in my work, blocking everything else out little by little. I was searching for something that kept escaping me, mainly because of lack of seeing the bigger picture and my increasing unbalanced being and inner suffering 
being blocked out, by my pride and vanity shall we say. 

There is the feeling in my memory of belonging to a cast that was untouchable by anything or anybody. I was the young promising one, with a great future ahead, being always protected by the more senior scientists and their loving families. We were a close community had very little to share with others outside of our group or any simple pleasure from life. There was a strong sense of duty, dedication too, passion about the work. It fell wonderful to be part of something that was so great, had so much potential. I was very loved by my companions always, but my heart was always a bit cold for people. My partner was very loving and worked with me, and I know him in this life too for many years. I loved him because he was brilliant, because we thought alike, and we had great respect for each other and each other’s work. I could never, even now still cannot return his feelings fully for me. i just could not understand them fully. Was too engrossed in work and getting recognition.
Of course, i could be totally wrong and under the influence of a rather wild imagination! lol!

Laura P.

written by TycoMalps

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