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*A breakdown of the Galactic Federation / Roles / Responsibilities / Ascension**

by Dennis Whitney
What is The Galactic Federation of Light?
This is one of those topics that I find myself discussing in one way or another, in many articles, blog posts, and radio interviews. But it’s always in bits and pieces, and I’m starting to think, some real context is needed here. A real foundation for who this organization is, now that more and more people are hearing the term ‘GFL’ or Galactic Federation of Light’. So yes, it is definitely time to explore just who ‘they’ are, whether they exist, and why they haven’t stepped in yet, as our planet falls into gross disrepair.
So first, a little back-story of how they came to be. Then, I’ll share my thoughts, my interpretation, and even a few pics. That, along with other supporting documentation and videos for you to do your own further research, and conclude whether or not this all resonates with you. As in, is this YOUR truth? That’s all that matters. But I always recommend listening to ALL you can, and allowing your higher self (or super-consciousness) to filter what works, and what doesn’t for you.
~The Federation’s History:
The Galactic Federation of Light, or simply, the Federation of Light, became what it was, about 4 ½ million years ago. There was what could rightfully be described as a Great Galactic Battle, between member councils of each of the galaxies in the multi-verse. So if we picture an array of star systems or galaxies on a piece of paper, there would be a representing faction or council for each of those galaxies. Here in the Milky Way, our ‘town hall’ if you will, is located in the Sirius Star System, known as the Dogstar Sirius (A). This would be the ‘hub’ that oversees the Milky Way Galaxy, and of course earth, as we are part of that system.
So, using this as a visual, we have all of these galaxies and their representatives laid across a flat piece of paper. Each of those galaxies and their members have motherships to patrol their galaxy, or territory. Within those motherships are several different types of recon and scout-type vehicles used for a variety of purposes. More on that later.
So now, we’re not just talking one sheet of paper, which represents the universe, we are talking 6, 7, maybe 8 sheets of paper (stacked an inch apart), each with THEIR own assortment of galaxies, in THEIR own universe! Combined, this is known as the multi-verse. Each, being accessible through portals, wormholes, or rising frequencies. And by their very definition, they become a reality of other dimensions.
Now imagine all of these galaxies, their ships, their councils, all deciding to do battle from dimension to dimension, through technology and altering their vibrations. Just as they do now to cloak themselves. Many interests, little in the way of spiritual awareness, and now we have us a WAR of WARS! Can it really get any bigger than this?
So, each faction starts competing for real estate, power, resources, ideology, and whatever else they can control, as this is nothing less than a free for all. But it is in this moment, and this war, that four of them decide, “This isn’t right. This is not the way it’s supposed to be!” Kind of like today’s politics, no? Republicans and Democrats nastily embattling each other, while an independent organization splinters away from the fray, for the higher good of all. Or in their case, the multi-verse. These four became what can be considered as the Libertarians of the multi-verse! Those four who formed their OWN group included: The Pleiadiens, the Sirians, the Lyrans, and the Andromedans. And they organized to fulfill divine prophecy on the Milky Way Galaxy and earth, sending tons of light and love to our respective ‘constituents’, or galaxies. This, being paramount in the evolution and rising consciousness of all involved.
~Why is the Earth So Special?
That core group of (4), is now over 200,000 strong! Many others, it seems, have quite literally ‘seen the light’, and have wisely joined the winning team! This now greatly increases the number of forces that have a POSITIVE, vested interest in this galaxy, and more particularly and personally for us, the earth.
We on earth, are very special in many ways. And the multi-verse understands this. We are of the greatest assortment of life creation ANYWHERE, and of the greatest beauty in the universe, though life obviously flourishes endlessly amongst the Cosmos. We are ‘ God Source’s Petri Dish’. For this reason, we are worth the effort, and worth saving. And we will be at the very heart of the Big Show, come 2012, during the coming Galactic Alignment. All of this, the GFL knows all too well.
An easier way to look at the command structure of the 200,000 member galaxies, is to imagine a corporation. The entire Galactic Federation of Light is a corporation. That corporation has field offices (galaxies), which then have a management structure (each mothership and crew) assigned to raise the vibration and consciousness of the chosen planetary societies. And earth is a very real priority!
So this effort of raising the consciousness and vibration of the earth and its beings, helps with the coming Ascension into the 5D, in 2012, where we will be most perfectly aligned to the sun during this time!
~A Portal to Sirius, Through the Sun!
And THIS is where it gets interesting, as the the sun is apparently a PORTAL to the Sirius Star System (Which has also allowed them quick and direct access to this planet for all of these years), and our ‘home base’ to this galaxy! So are we about to be perfectly aligned, physically and vibrationally to our most protective star system in Sirius, to maybe propel ourselves through a dimensional elevator? Maybe!
But to outline a few more important facts about the Federation. The band of 200,000 is, as mentioned, the Galactic Federation of Light. But each galaxy (like a sports team), has its own identifying name. Ours, based on Sirius(A), is known specifically as the Galactic Federation of Worlds (or the ‘Sirian Federation Council’). But they are only one player assisting us, of the total 200,000+ other participating galaxies. So we focus on just the Galactic Federation of Light as whole. It’s a team effort, to be sure..
~What Type of Beings are They?
The GFL is comprised of roughly 40% humanoid (Kind of look like us), and 60% various other sentient beings, of assorted appearance. These may not look like us at all, maybe even a bit frightening at first. But as sentient beings, they understand to some degree, their place in the cosmic scheme of things. They understand that there is a creator, and that they are not just clueless, spontaneous creations of the universe.
These are also spiritually-enlightened, angelic light beings, incarnated into physical form, to interact and assist us throughout this endeavor. So of the group, most Contactees will be familiar with visitations and messages from the original 4: the Sirians, Andromedans, Lyrans and Pleiadiens. They are our closest allies and protectors in all of this, as the team leaders of the total Federation.
~When Will They Intervene?
Seems they just may, as now it’s all reaching such a crescendo. All other 2012 theories aside, there seems to be a clear message of ‘quarantine’ upon the earth until that time. The GFL has a law on the books, or what is known as The Prime Directive, not to interfere with the human race, unless a catastrophe strikes, or something (such as a nuke being launched) poses a threat to their world. And it WILL affect their world, as our nuclear detonations in the 40s seemed to rip the fabric of time and space, back in the 40s. No more of that, they say! But after 2012, all bets are off. And the free for all begins again in earnest!
It is because of the current Dark entities now ruling upon the earth, and within our government, that are stealing and plundering all they can, as they rape the earth of its resources and currency, destroy our environment, control our food supply through genetic modification, and also, by producing pharmaceuticals not in our health’s interest, but to attain further power and profit, that an ‘intervention’ of sorts may now be in the works. This is all very real stuff, and none of it has eluded the Federation, or their plans to deal with it! The idea being, these Light Workers will not allow the insanity now under way on this planet, to go even one step further than is intended. THAT, my Star Ones, is very comforting to me.
For these reasons, we are now finding ourselves to be at the center of another battle of Good vs. Evil. You don’t have to go to the Bible for this. The tension is there. The darkness that surrounds us, and has infiltrated this planet is pretty blatant. And the appearance and presence of larger and more numerous craft in our skies, suggests that the pieces are very much in place. But will they intervene in time, if that is them in our skies above, watching over us?
Well, the time for the conscious evolution of humanity is at hand. We are the Federation’s ‘personal project’. We are their ‘babies’, if you will. So they have continued to help us share the truth of their existence by offering clear sightings of their presence, without instilling fear amongst those that have been deceived of this reality since the days of Roswell and before. They are not here to frighten us. They are here to help us raise our vibrations, and to even escort us off the planet when things might look their worst here. And possibly, while we have such a dimensional ‘travel opportunity’ during our alignment with the sun.
~What Must Humanity Do to Ascend?
We must raise our vibrations through positive thought, through caring and assisting our fellow man and teaching them of this reality, and through light and vibration, as is now streaming our way via ET assistance, meditating on our connection to Source, and through intensifying, solar activity. Be sure to read my recent post, “Feeling Strange Lately? The Ascension May Have Begun!” for more on the signs, that we may have very well begun our progression into the 5th dimension!
And finally, we begin to even see how the greatest secrets of our time, such as the Great Pyramid of Egypt, the Sphinx, and the excavation going on under the Giza plateau, are all beginning to bubble to the surface! Here is a nice connection to Sirius, the pyramids, and the beings now assisting us (With photographic evidence, in my opinion)
Known as the sacred Blue Lodge of Sirius, it’s is defended by the race of the ‘Lion people’ who are the settlers on Sirius (A) star system. This is the race of people who descended upon Earth to create and activate the Great Pyramid of Egypt and oversaw the design and architecture of all pyramids on Earth.
Ready for this? Here is a picture of one of these beings, as taken by a Japanese Master, staying at the James Gilliland ECETI ranch in Washington State, May 2010.
They were headed by the Atlantean and Egyptian High Priest from Venus – ‘Thoth’, and by the High Priestess ‘Seshat’ who is a descendant of the ‘Feline Beings’, a race also from Sirius (A). The Lion Beings live in the ‘non-physical’ reality that transcends time and space; whereas the Feline Beings are of the physical dimension and live even amongst the human race on Earth. Whilst the Lion Beings were the architect or the blueprint designers of the pyramids, the actual builders were the Feline Beings who physically constructed the Great Pyramid. This is the multi-dimensional perspective of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.
What I take from the photo above, is evidence at some level, that corroborates the information being shared by Contactees and channelers. This is clearly a being of some sort. A mutual agreement HAD to be made for this being to lower its vibration enough to be photographed. That suggests communication and a bit of a relationship between the Master and the being. So concluding that this being is of Andromedan descent, as stated by James Gilliland and the Japanese Master, is no longer a stretch. Those points then support the origin and existence of the Galactic Federation of Light upon this planet, whether or not we are aware of the work they are doing.
So, to end this summary of the Galactic Federation of Light, we must again address the issue on everyone’s mind. If they are here to help us, and have the technology to help us, why are they not doing it? What are they doing about the Gulf?
Well, there are messages regarding this subject, from some very trusted channelers of various members of the Galactic Federation of Light. And I will post some of them below. But the short answer is, the Prime Directive. They are NOT to intervene, until given the green light to do so, as first agreed upon by the council. It is a very tough love approach, to teach mankind the lessons of their folly. If they were to swoop in on every disaster, no matter how dire, we would likely repeat our selfish and careless ways again, knowing the beings would be here to save us. This would teach us nothing, and would impede our progress as a species. The same can be applied to the reasons we are not given all the secrets behind the beautiful imagery of the crop circles. Humanity must OWN the knowledge, and not just be given the knowledge, if that knowledge is to last, and be passed to future generations.
~Ascension and Evacuation
We are all upon this planet, to live a 3D, somewhat restrictive, lower density existence, and to learn the lessons of being human. So until there is a threat of nuclear annihilation, they will not step in. Nukes hold a special amendment in the Prime Directive, as its detonation (such as in the 40’s at Alamogordo and White Sands, NM), will, like I mentioned, literally rip the fabric of time and space on a quantum level. This would no longer be the ‘careless and dumb’ humans’ problem. It is affecting ‘the others’ in a very BIG way, as in, the other races and civilizations in other dimensions. This is why they are known to disarm missile silos when there is a threat. This is why they never left our skies, once they realized what we had, and that we would use it. This is why we are ‘contained’ and carefully monitored in space. Such weapons are not the way of an advanced, spiritually evolved species. Which is why, all beings upon this planet will NOT ascend. Only those who have learned to co-exist peacefully with other beings, who see the bigger picture, and live a life of service to others, rather than service to self. And, who know how to live in harmony with the earth, rather than contributing and accelerating its destruction. Those are the humans that will move forward, and are ready for Contact, and life in a greater galactic neighborhood.
So right now, we are beginning to feel the effects of human transformation as has never been before! Our bodies are now attuning to the higher frequencies that will be necessary, to lift and survive in the higher dimensions. We are receiving these ‘lifts’ in vibration through solar activity, through our positive emotions, and also through ET assistance.
This is not a free ride, but we are doing well in all of this. The ships that evacuate the personnel off of this planet, need to be sure you are ready for life on a ‘light ship’ and the frequency it holds. They are essentially, offering to meet us half way. We need to work on ourselves during this opportune moment in history. THEN, they will do the rest.
First to be picked up, will be the children, then the Starseeds. Those that have incarnated in this lifetime with many ET attributes and knowledge, to assist in these incredible times, before returning to their home planets, where they existed before life on earth.
And now, there is the evidence. There are many ships in our skies. Thousands, maybe millions, of which only some of those we can now see, due to their vibrations, keeping them in a slightly higher dimension. They will appear en masse, when the exact moment is right. And when humanity is ready for their arrival. Read those channeled excerpts below.
~Can We See Any of the Craft Now?
Yes! There is now a very large golden craft, visible on the horizon, from just about any place in the world you now live. And I want you to look for this tonight. This is not Venus, as has been to quickly labeled for some time now. I have been watching it for several years, and it does move. It can become as bright as a golden bulb, and it also does not move in conjunction with the rest of the constellation. It is a ship. There are many of them now. Watch for them.
I myself, seem to have a very personal relationship with the craft near me, as it will actually appear at the exact moment I go outside and begin discussing the subject, such as during a radio interview. It will stay very low above the trees, in my direct line of sight during the whole program. One show went for 2.5 hours. It stayed for 2.5 hours. When I hung up, it dimmed, and rose into the heavens! This, four times in a row, during these shows. And it’s not just me. They know what we are thinking and discussing, and they will be here when the time is right!
As a final, personal note, I had a discussion with my own guides. Again, see if this resonates as your Truth as well. They told me that the craft was in fact of Sirian descent. It was present for the coming ‘evacuation’ and that many, many of us would be taken off planet during the time of greatest unrest. And that this particular ship was 4 miles across (a city-size), and 600 miles up in the atmosphere. It had a crew of 76 manning it. Interesting.
You’ll find in the snippets below, describing a very similar description of the larger motherships. These ships will also house ‘football field-sized ships, which will actually be the ones to pick us up, and bring us to the mothership, which can hold millions. And there are smaller scout-type craft as well, such as small discs that continue to monitor our planet and finish other tasks. These are sometimes remote controlled and unmanned.

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