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Drunvalo: Our History and the 1972 Sirian Experiment 2/3

:: Atlantis ::

As Lemuria sank, the poles shifted, and the land mass of Atlantis arose. The thousand or so immortal masters of the Naacal Mystery School of Lemuria went to Atlantis, specifically to one of its ten islands called Undal. When they got to Undal, the first thing the masters did was build a wall right down the middle of the island from north to south. This wall, which was about forty feet high and twenty feet wide, sealed off both sides so you could not cross from one to the other. Next, these immortal masters erected a smaller wall from east to west, thereby dividing the island into four quadrants. This structure replicates the human mind, which is divided into two hemispheres with the corpus callosum running down the middle. The left hemisphere, the male side, is based on logic. The right hemisphere, the female side, is based on experience or intuition. But the male side also has a female, or experiential, aspect associated with it, and the female side has a male, or logical, aspect associated with it. These are the four quadrants of the human mind.When the masters had completed the division of their island, half of the 1,000 immortal masters went to one side of the island and the other half went to the other side. The masters on the left side became logical thinkers and the masters on the right side of the island became intuitive thinkers. They carried this out to the point that the island became alive. They then projected onto the main island the ten patterns of the Tree of Life, so that vortexes of energy began to rotate out of these ten spots and summon the Lemurians to Atlantis. Each person was drawn to the specific vortex that was associated with his or her true nature. The Lemurians who had settled from Lake Titicaca to Mount Shasta didn't know why, but they suddenly felt the need to migrate to Atlantis. They were drawn there by the energy vortex created by the immortal masters.
Unfortunately, the evolutionary pattern of Lemuria was such that the Lemurians had only developed the nature of eight of the ten vortexes associated with the Tree of Life. The Lemurians migrated to eight of these ten spots, which became major cities, but the remaining two vortexes were left vacant. This is where a big problem first began.
The vacant energy vortexes ended up pulling in two uninvited extraterrestrial races that then joined with our human consciousness and became part of our evolutionary pattern. The first extraterrestrial race was the Hebrews, whose origin was unknown, and they were not a problem. In fact, in many ways they helped because they brought in advanced information that we didn't yet have. The problem was with the second extraterrestrial race sucked in. Specifically, this race came from Mars- not the Mars that we now know or that existed then, but the Mars of approximately one million years ago. At that time Mars was a beautiful planet, totally alive, not dead the way it has become. But the Martian inhabitants were suffering from, and in fact the planet was being destroyed by, the effects of a "Lucifer rebellion" stimulated by the same type of sickness we would later encounter. But the Martian problem was not created by Lucifer himself, rather from a similar type of character. I'll call this general problem "the Lucifer rebellion," even though Lucifer himself was only involved in the most recent upheaval.

:: The Lucifer Rebellion ::

Lucifer was one of the most incredible angels that God ever made. He had a flaw, however; he thought he was as good as God. Lucifer knew the creationary pattern, the merkaba, but it was originally intended to be enacted only internally. Creating it internally meant you had to have your emotional body intact along with your mental body, which protected you. Lucifer went one step further. He dared to do the obvious and created it externally. By separating himself from God, the source, he was in fact not able to do it internally. Yet initially, prior to the consequences, he thought, "No big deal. He does it internally, I'll do it externally. Same old merkaba." This is like saying the hydrogen bomb is the same as love because it is bright and hot. Externalizing the merkaba was a billion times more serious.
Now this type of experiment against God had been attempted three times before the one that affected our planet, and it always ended in total chaos. The last Lucifer rebellion was about 200,000 years ago and at the time he convinced about a third of the angels to join him.
About a million years ago the race on Mars was dying from the effects of an earlier Lucifer rebellion (the third one). The planet was terminating from merkabas run amok. When you create a merkaba internally using love or your emotional body, it becomes a living field around your body, but when you create it externally you don't have to use love, you only have to use the calculating mind. Ultimately, this act produces a being with only a left brain who doesn't have an emotional body or understand love. The best example of such a race is the Greys (the Greys are descendants of the Martians and one of the alien races now visiting the Earth). Another effect of creating the merkaba externally is that the act itself is generative of duality. How could it not be, since it dualizes in order to externalize and turn emotions into technology. Once everything is dualized and running on motors, it becomes more and more difficult to perceive the One spirit that moves through everything. So we see good and evil and, even though the One spirit is still present in an externally created world, it is incredibly difficult to discern.
When the Martians came to Atlantis they imported the effects of the Lucifer rebellion right along with them, and this is the deed that led to our downfall on Earth. The problem was that Mars was a full left-brain culture; the Martians knew and understood everything intellectually but they had no feeling; specifically, they had no love. They had no reason to care for anyone other than themselves. As a consequence they were always fighting, and they destroyed their atmosphere just the way we're doing here. As Mars was dying a small group of Martians, approximately 1,000 or so, built structures in the region we have come to call Cydonia- the massive humanoid face and the monuments the Viking spacecraft photographed on Mars in 1976. These monuments represent in exquisite mathematical detail at many levels the form of a star tetrahedron, and they also describe how the Martians created their own unfortunate external merkaba. They had lost the ability to create an internal merkaba so long ago they didn't know what it was. After all, such a vehicle requires an emotional body. They certainly knew how to create an external merkaba and they did just that. They got in it and left, believing that was their only option.
Through the creation of this elegant external time-space vehicle, the Martians were able to journey into space, travel in time, and discover and decide the perfect time and place for them to enter. They saw, projected far ahead into their future- about 65,000 years in our past-this place on planet Earth on Atlantis, so perfect and waiting for them. That is where they headed. They stepped in against our will and tried to take over immediately, but there were too few of them and they failed. They finally decided to go through the motions of trying our feminine way even though they didn't understand or accept it. But they put on a good act. They tried it, in fact, for 50,000 years but always with disruptions. Their influence on us was so strong we began to switch our consciousness from a female to a male orientation. We didn't transmute completely, but we were significantly distorted.
When the Martians stepped into our evolutionary pattern in Atlantis we were about the equivalent of a thirteen or fourteen- year-old girl and they were the equivalent of a sixty-five-year- old man. They stepped into our evolutionary pattern against our will and, essentially, raped us. As I said, they would have taken over if they could have, but there weren't enough of them so they had to go along with our ingenue program at least for a while.
Even though there were always conflicts, things progressed fairly smoothly until roughly about 16,000 years ago. At this time a meteor hit planet Earth where Charlestown, South Carolina, is today. Remnants of the molten stone scattered over an area the size of four states, making huge impacts. The Atlanteans were an extremely advanced culture at that time, so they knew the meteor was coming. In fact, they had the technology to blow it out of the sky. The Martians advocated using the machinery to destroy the intruder, but even though they had a strong influence on us, our female orientation was still strong enough for us to say no. Basically, the intuitive aspect said, "No, don't shoot it out of the sky: it's God and what will be will be, so let's just let it happen." So the Atlanteans watched the meteor hit and, guess what, most of the damage occurred right in the area where the Martians were staying. In fact most of that area totally sank. For the remaining Martians, that was the last straw.
The devotees of the external merkaba decided from that time on they would not follow our lead anymore and would go their own way. What they did was to assemble another Luciferian experiment just like the one carried out a million years ago on Mars that resulted in the external vehicle. They still did not have the requisite emotional body and love necessary to create counter-rotating fields as a living entity, for they had done nothing to nurture this aspect of themselves on Earth. They had, or at least they thought they had, the ability to reinvent the merkaba externally. In so attempting to create it, they intensified the pathology of the Lucifer rebellion on Earth and they also failed miserably. The experiment lurched out of control and began to rip open the dimensional levels, causing spirits who were not meant to be here--spirits who had been consigned to other dimensional worlds--to come in by the millions. This blew the lid off things; the place just got crazy.
Picture thousands upon thousands of yowling, terrified, highly psychic, telekinetic entities whipping through not only, the atmosphere but the mind, body, and spirit of the inhabitants. It wasn't pretty.
The ascended masters helped a great deal by sealing up most of the dimensional tear as quickly as they could, but with millions of these disembodied beings already present, every Atlantean had anywhere from twenty to a hundred spirits in their bodies. Things in Atlantis got much worse than they are here now, though we are fast approaching that. And those spirits are still here. Everyone on this planet has at least a few of them living in their bodies.
This failed experiment happened about 16,000 years ago, and for the next 4,000 years matters just kept worsening. The ascended masters, our highest aspect, the very highest degree to which consciousness on this planet has reached, looked outward from their habitats on the tenth, eleventh or twelfth overtone of the sixth dimension and prayed for help. They had to find a way to rescue everyone. They couldn't just get rid of the Martians or kill the disembodied spirits; that is not what ascended masters do, it is not the path of life. So what the ascended masters were looking for and praying for was help in finding a win-win situation for everyone.
In the highest aspects of life there is unity consciousness, and in unity consciousness there is no duality, no illusion. It is abundantly clear there is One spirit that moves through everything, and since the One spirit moves through everything, then everything is a part of the whole. This is precisely why the ascended masters couldn't just obliterate the Martians. Our modern surgical philosophy of excision--to cut you up and take out what isn't working--is not what true life is about. By annihilating the Martians or driving them off, a loss for anyone would ultimately have been a loss for everyone.
A lot of intergalactic consuls were involved in the ensuing deliberations. They looked back into the remote past and were able to see something that had been done before and in fact had worked. It required synthetically initiating planetary Christ- consciousness. Not merely allowing it to proceed naturally but synthetically beginning the process of creating the Christ- consciousness grid on the planet, with the result that everything would eventually be healed.
Once our consciousness reaches a certain level all the problems solve themselves. Christ-consciousness is unity consciousness, so, if it could be achieved, everyone would win.
There are five levels of consciousness associated with planet Earth. The levels of consciousness are directly related to the number of chromosomes we have in our genetic makeup. They also each prescribe a range of height. The first level of consciousness has forty-two plus two chromosomes, and this is harmonic with unity consciousness. At this point collective consciousness operates such that if one person experiences something, it is possible for everyone else to access this memory and relive it. This is the dreamtime of the Aborigines in Australia. The range of height associated with this level of consciousness is three-and-one-half feet to five feet. The second level of consciousness is where we are now. We no longer have this unity consciousness; we are cut off and separated. The second level of consciousness has forty-four plus two chromosomes, and the approximate range of height is from five feet to seven feet.
In the third level of consciousness, which is Christ-consciousness, there are forty-six plus two chromosomes. The range of height is from ten to sixteen feet. Here we are back into unity memory again, but its form in the third level is upgraded into one of instant manifestation; it is no longer dreamtime but realtime. When you remember something it is real. It is not just your memory but the memory of all Christ- conscious beings who have ever lived. At the third level there is really only one consciousness that moves through everything; its key is memory. This is what immortality is all about. Immortality is not living in a body forever because there is always some place higher to move. The key is not having a break in consciousness as you move through the different levels, not having a memory loss, being able to leave when you want and continuing to know where you've been.
The fourth level of consciousness has forty-eight plus two chromosomes and a height range of twenty-five to thirty-five feet. The fifth level has fifty plus two chromosomes and a height range of fifty to sixty feet. The fourth level is disharmonic like the second but it is a necessary step to get to the fifth and highest level that can be achieved on this planet.

:: Thoth ::

Thoth is a specific historical man who went through ascension 52,000 years ago. For 16,000 years he was the king of Atlantis, where his name was Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites. He remained on Earth in the same body until May 4,1991. He could have left earlier--many ascended masters have--but he was among a small group who decided to stay. Knowing without any doubt whatsoever that all things are interconnected and that there is One spirit that moves through everything, Thoth preferred to remain here as a teacher.He did leave for about 2,000 years and traveled to various planets. He would arrive at a planet and sit there for a hundred years or so, observing and learning how the inhabitants did things, and then he would return here. His vow was to remain here on Earth until we reached a certain level of consciousness. We have now reached that level, so Thoth left this planet on May 4, 1991.
Evidently, what happened before, during, and after the Gulf War was a culmination of something. The light on the planet is now stronger than the darkness for the first time in 16,000 years. Even though we don't see it yet, the power balance has shifted and the laws have reversed themselves. Now when negativity resists the light, which is its very nature, instead of overpowering the light it gives more power to the light and we get stronger. So hang on!
Thoth's most famous act was introducing writing to the planet. He was called "the scribe" in Egypt, for he is the one who wrote all the ancient history down. That is why Drunvalo was sent to him. Most of Drunvalo's information about us and our history comes from Thoth. Thoth was always quick to point out that he may not have it 100 percent accurate, but his account is probably pretty close to what actually happened.
Drunvalo first met Thoth in 1972. He was studying alchemy--that is, how to turn mercury or lead into gold--not for the purpose of making money but to observe chemical reactions. All chemical reactions have parallels in life somewhere on one level or another. By understanding chemistry and the way atoms combine to form molecules, and how these molecules recombine, you can see in tiny detail how larger operations happen. True alchemy is primarily understanding how our level of consciousness goes into Christ-consciousness.
Drunvalo was studying this system with a master. One day they were doing an open-eye meditation. After one hour, Drunvalo's teacher disappeared from the room. In two to three minutes a completely different body formed right in front of Drunvalo. This person was short, about five-feet three-inches, and he looked about seventy years old. His appearance was ancient Egyptian and he wore very simple clothing. Drunvalo especially remembers his eyes, which were just like a baby's, very soft with no judgment.
He told Drunvalo there were three atoms missing in the universe and he wanted Drunvalo to find them. Drunvalo had an experience, which he will not describe, in which he understood what was meant. Thoth bowed, said thank you, and disappeared. A few minutes later the alchemist teacher reappeared. He knew nothing of this; in fact, he thought he had been there the whole time.
Drunvalo didn't know then that the person that appeared to him was Thoth, and he didn't see him again until November 1, 1984. At that time they began to communicate regularly over several months.
Anyway, to get back to the story, Thoth together with Ra and Araaragot, who were also former kings of Atlantis, got the blueprint for the Christ-consciousness grid and went to Egypt. They went to Egypt(which at the time was known as Khem) because the flame which contained the ovum of our collective consciousness had an axis point which emerged there. Someday the grid associated with that point would mature as Christ- consciousness. They drilled a hole straight down the axis, which extends through the Earth, to the ovum of our consciousness. This axis comes out in Egypt and also on the other side of the Earth in Moorea, a small island near Tahiti. Thoth says that there is a vortex or spiral on both ends of the axis and that a shadow of it formed on the ground would look like a logarithmic spiral. They then built three pyramids on that spiral.
The primary purpose of the pyramids was to move our consciousness from the first level through the middle level (where we are now), to the third or Christ-consciousness level. It was an instrument for planetary initiation, designed specifically to take a forty-four plus two chromosome person into Christ-consciousness and stabilize him.
According to Thoth, the pyramids were built with the mind and heart, manifested from memory on the fourth-dimensional level. They were constructed in a period of three days, from the top down; that is three fourth-dimensional days. The corresponding time period in the third dimension would be much longer, maybe a few years. They linked the very consciousness of our evolutionary pattern with the logarithmic spiral. Deep below the pyramids they laid out a small temple city which held about 10,000 people and which by the way, is still there.
Every single species of life form on the planet has a grid connected with it. Even if that species exists on only one spot on the Earth, its grid extends around the whole planet. These grids subtend an average of sixty feet from inside the Earth to about sixty miles above the Earth. If you were to see them superimposed over each other it would look like a light white- blue haze coming off the Earth.
The most intelligent, advanced, oldest life form on this planet is the whales. Next are the dolphins, then humans. We think that we are the most advanced, but the whales and dolphins are far, far beyond us. We think we are the most advanced because we can create external things. That, however, is an impact of the Lucifer rebellion brought from Mars. The most advanced life forms do not create externally. They create everything they need internally.
The whales have been on this planet, conscious and alive for 500 million years. They hold the memory of the planet. This is what the movie Star Trek IV was all about. Without the whales we would have no memory, we would be lost.
The dolphins have been around here for at least 35 million years. They even came out and walked on land for a while and decided against it. Dolphins' flippers have hands inside them, human hands. These creatures are amazingly aligned with humans. They are mammals, not fish, and both sides of their brains function at 100 percent. When they sleep, they turn off half of their. brain. We have only half of our brain working at any time; the other half is shut down. Of the half that is on, only about 5 to 10 percent is used. So from the dolphins' perspective, we are not only asleep, we are also unconscious.
When we mindlessly slaughter whales and dolphins here for their flesh, we don't win. They automatically incarnate in their simultaneous bodies in the star system of Sirius. They are our colleagues and have great sympathy for our plight. There are three grids for human consciousness around the planet. The first one is forty-two plus two; the one we are in now is forty-four plus two; and, as of February 4, 1989, there is also the third grid, which is the Christ-consciousness grid of forty- six plus two. Without that grid, no planet can go into Christ- consciousness.
This then is what Thoth, Ra, and Araaragot were preparing. They were beginning to do geomancy on the surface of the Earth to create the Christ-consciousness grid synthetically, which would, in turn, give us the vehicle to move into the next higher level of consciousness.
So this trio made a hole aligned directly with the invisible axis of our consciousness ovum. Then they laid out three pyramids, a major project of geomancy. Subsequently they situated 83,000 sacred sites throughout the planet. These were created totally on the fourth dimensional level, so don't sign up with any travel agencies advertising tours in New Age directories. Then over a period of 13,000 years they drew humans from every race and all walks of life to build the requisite church here and pyramid there to establish an operational pattern on each of these sites. Scientists may yet discover that all the sacred sites on the planet are laid out in either logarithmic or Fibonacci spirals, mathematically connected and delineated back to that single spot in Egypt. The area in Egypt, only recently discovered, is now called the solar cross. The Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia considers this to be one of the most critically important places in Egypt. (8)
In addition to what the masters did in Egypt, they also bequeathed us the second level of consciousness, the one we are now on, as an intermediate disharmonic step toward the third--or Christ-consciousness--level. They accelerated this by introducing writing, which caused us to lose our dreamtime or unity memory. Prior to this, writing was not necessary because recall was total and instant. The second level of consciousness, the disharmonic stage that we are now in, intervenes because life has not yet figured out how to go directly from the first to the third level. However, the second level is a tier that one wants to get on and off as quickly as possible because if a civilization stays on it too long, its planet runs a high risk of destruction. We can't get off this level any too soon.
The complex in Egypt I've been describing was built about 200 years before the deluge and the shifting of the axis. This, by the way, was THE flood, the one in which Noah floated off in the ark and survived. Immediately prior to the shifting of the axis and the deluge, Thoth flew to the Sphinx. This marks the oldest object on the planet which, in actuality, lies about one mile beneath the surface and is a very large spaceship. Thoth presented this along with much of the information found in this chapter in an ancient document called The Emerald Tablets. (9)
According to Thoth, the spaceship is used to protect us. He says every time we approach a pole shift we become extremely vulnerable because we go through a three-and-a-half-day period when the magnetic field of the planet collapses. At this time the dark side always comes in and tries to dominate. This has happened like clockwork throughout our 5 1/2 million year history; but each time one very pure person has found the ship and lifted it into the air, and whatever this person thinks or feels happens. It must be a person who -has stepped into Christ- consciousness, so that what they think and feel in fact does manifest instantly. This act always prevents the dark side from taking over.
As we are again approaching a pole shift, the spaceship has already been put into place. In 1989, a woman from Peru crossed into Christ-consciousness, raised the ship, and thought the following: the Greys are suffering from a terminal illness found only on Earth. And remarkably, this is what immediately began to happen. By the end of 1992 the Greys, to a one, were gone. Their only recourse was to blast out of here; they couldn't live on Earth anymore.
Back to the craft- I don't want you to have any misunderstanding. This spaceship is only three to five atoms thick, and is flat on the top and bottom, about two city blocks across, and round. It is designed to attach to and run off of your own merkaba. Usually it is one overtone higher than whatever one the Earth is on, and that is how it is able to be located one mile beneath the planet's surface.
After the Martians' failed experiment on Atlantis, there were approximately 4,000 years of life on Earth getting more and more chaotic. The Earth came to the time in the precession of the equinoxes and readiness for a pole shift, approximately 12,500 years ago. Thoth raised the ship, flew back to the island of Undal on Atlantis, and picked up about 16,000 ascended masters. They had gotten no more than a quarter of a mile off the ground, Thoth said, when Undal sank. That was the last part of Atlantis to go under. Thoth and the ascended masters then traveled back to the Great Pyramid, as the magnetic field of the Earth collapsed. The collapse lasted for three-and-a-half days. It took our memory with it. Our collective memory is directly dependent upon the magnetic field of the Earth, so if it collapses, we have no idea of who we are. It's back to savagery. But if you have mastered the merkaba you can create your own magnetic field from the counter-rotating fields of light and retain memory.
The masters landed on top of the Great Pyramid, which was constructed in such a way that it created a perfect landing platform for this spaceship. There they formed a merkaba from which a large counter-rotating field of energy extended 1.6 million miles into space. For the critical three-and-a-half-day period during the pole shift the masters controlled the axis, the tilt, and the orbit of the planet. In fact, they changed the orbit; it used to be a 360-day periodicity and now it is 365 and a quarter days.
The masters stayed in this ship for the period in which the magnetic field was collapsed, and at the end of it they found a whole new world. Atlantis was gone, portions of what is now the United States had risen above water, and the planet was on a different, much lower, dimensional level. That's why archaeologists can't find any evidence. They are looking at the wrong vibration.
The masters entered the Great Pyramid by a circular tunnel leading to its underground city. Ra took about one-third of them there--Tat, Thoth's son, among them. The people in this underground city later formed the Tat brotherhood, and there is a large community of immortal beings living there to this very day.
The ship then flew to Lake Titicaca and the Island of the Sun. There Thoth disembarked with about another third of the masters, and they founded the Inca empire. The ship next journeyed to the Himalaya where Araaragat disembarked. The rest of the ascended masters returned to the Sphinx, raised the ship in its overtone so it could pass through the Earth, and then descended about a mile below the surface into a circular room where the ship itself remained until 1989.
These three places-the underground city, the Island of the Sun, and the Himalaya-were chosen for very specific reasons having to do with planetary geomancy as set up by the masters for a synthetic Christ-consciousness grid of the Earth. The Egyptian aspect became the male point of the grid; the Mayan-Incan aspect became the female-counterpoint of the grid; and the Himalayan aspect became the neutral or child point of the grid.

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