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Telos an Introduction to the Story - update 2/20

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Update 2: A New Message from Sitara

From: Lawrence Frank
Dear list member,
Below is the new message from Sitara which will be follow by some questions that I ask him in regards to his message. I would like to point out that although these were personal questions I believe his answers to them could apply to all of us such as his answer to question #2.

A message from Sitara
In the name of the Lord, I AM SITARA.
We have gathered here today to fulfill those plans for which you have committed long before you were born. We have seen each other's faces, for I AM the Lord of the Masters of the Council of 12, so you call it.
The time has come to reveal important information. Due is the time when only one alternative will be feasible. Control your system of beliefs and open up to different possibilities and realities.
You will gather once more on July 8th and trek the mountain. The sun and blizzard will help your way up the mountain, and you will find once there that you have lost a bit of your memory on your way up. This is because you will live in your cells -directly- the experience of entering a fifth dimension realm.
Many of you will feel dizzy and sick. Some others will accuse feeling anxious and scared. Only a few of you will realize of the subtle change in dimension that had taken place.
Nevertheless, this experience will be the first of a series of experiences that will reveal some important aspects of the Ascension Program.

The places that you are asking about are the crosses in magnetic dispositions that allow the contact between us. If this condition is repeated over and over again, it will enable your physical body to understand at a cell level the challenge of vibrating faster. This process takes place when energy and consciousness interfere, presenting the multidimensional aspects of the so called "reality".
At this moment the channel is feeling some of the unwanted side effects of interacting with energies that surpass the molecular acceleration of her cells.
Remember drinking lots of water regularly, for water is an important conductor of Light that facilitates the process in a smooth way.
Agreement among the group is a hint that reveals that what has been planned is being fulfilled. Follow intuition that will reveal some aspects of the trip that otherwise would not be taken into consideration.
Larry, what else are you eager to know and how that affects the spirit of the trip?
Let the Lord manifest and be in peace at your hearts.
1 - Could you explain what the Council of 12 is?
God bless you, for I AM Sitara. The Inner Earth Council of the Twelve has been formed especially for the sake of those that are searching the physical and dimensional entrances to Inner Earth. In your time terms, we have been unknown for the outsiders during many years. But the time has come to gather all as one nation. We had started slowly to prepare for the moment that we shall meet. This Council was formed for that reason.
Some of us are in charge of some aspects. For example: Adjustment of magnetic fields, enhancement of the consciousness of the groups that are planning a trip, entanglement of diverse information, rising the overall outsider’s state of mind, releasing some specific data to accelerate the Ascension Program, preparing the contactees to carry out the task successfully.
We normally meet in astral shape, during your dreams. The whole process has been named the Ascension Program. On top of that, Ascension Program refers to the innate capability of each being to grow to a superior dimension or state of being.
2 - Could you explain what were the "plans" that I made a commitment to long before I was born?
You have agreed before you were born to stick to the belief that would let your frequency rise while being incarnated. That is why you have always been attracted to metaphysical matters, because you remember the plans that you made for yourself. Following this path is only one way to achieve this plan; you could have chosen another way to do it as well, and would also be within the terms of your life contract.
3 - What is the "one feasible alternative"? (Alternative to what)
It is not proper that we tell you in advance the way to do things, for we would interfere with free will. Free will and choices are part of the tools that help the jump, while receiving the information from outside only lowers the range of vibration needed to recall completely the experiences.
4 - I would like to ask you does the sentence "You will be gathering once more on July 8th and trek the mountain." mean that this trek is only for those who were with Heidi Stadler on Oct 15, 2006 or could it include others who were not there such as those who are on my mailing list? I would also like to ask if the date can be change to July 9th?
You refer to the group that will gather next meeting in July at Mt. Shasta. As Diane well knows, the time shall be proper since there would be an addition of circumstances that will propel the meeting. You are all called to meet us and remember us consciously. Some of you will accomplish that sooner than others. We have met you all already, but apart from the contactees and a small bunch of you that declare that had had dreams about us, the rest does not remember the occasion.
You can release any information and invitation for there is no secret hidden behind this fact. The date can be changed, remember that the future is only a wide range of possibilities. Avoid gathering beyond the 18th July, since magnetic and spatial dispositions shall no longer be proper. Open up to new experiences, for the future is brighter if you just keep ready for new forms of manifestations of the truth. The less rigid you are in logical terms, the better.
5 - You mentioned that the sun and blizzard will help our way up the mountain. Could you explain how the Sun could do this and are you sure the word "blizzard" is not a typo for the word "buzzards' as it would seem that birds could also direct us to the "spot"? For Mt Shasta, as far as I know, has never had a snow blizzard in the month of July in which the weather is usually sunny and warm.
Blizzard is the word we refer to, and very strong winds. Watch for some real changes in the weather from now onwards. Remember, things may be different from what they seem. Always follow intuition. It is a very good exercise that you start telling yourself: High Spirit: Show me what I need to know. And this way your Higher Self will show you -through intuition- the right answer. Remember that this mountain offers at this time, the proper combination of elements that would help you accelerate the frequency of the band.
But the “spot” can also be anywhere, especially if you add to these external factors, a very strong disposition at your heart level and little resistance at your mind level. Be in peace, and thank you for trusting the “unknown”. Intuition is telling you that we shall meet.
6 - You mentioned that what we will be experiencing, as describe by you, is just the first experience of many of an "ascension program". This being the case would that mean that we would be coming back to the "place" later on in the Summer and early Fall of 2007 in order to complete the "ascension program" before the snow comes to the area ? If so how many treks would be needed?
The Ascension Program does not refer to any specific physical event in that sense. The Ascension Program are the terms in which every single one of you will come in touch with his/her own essence, thus permitting the molecules vibrate to a higher frequency and being in touch with any manifestation that lies beyond the third dimension
Through Analia Martini (www.grupodeluz.com)

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