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Telos: an Introduction to The Story - 6/19

Update 12: The Boy from Telos
On July 8th at around 4.30 pm, I left David’s workshop because I did not feel very well. At the photo shop I bought batteries for the camera and left some pictures to be developed. At that moment I checked the time, it was 4.50 pm.
“An hour to go” I thought, mistakenly thinking it was 3.50
I decided to buy a gift for my husband, and when I was reaching Mt. Shasta’s main street cross -where the water fountain is- a 13 year-old boy comes from behind and stays where the lights are.
When I saw him, my heart popped out. Even though he looked quite ordinary and was dressing just as any kid of that age would dress, his eyes were amazing. Huge brown eyes, with the strangest shape, and the way he looked at me!
I had no doubt he was from Telos, so I thought of asking him about that, or take a picture of him, ask his name, or… I just could not make up my mind, my camera was still with no batteries, I drank some water, I was so nervous, and I felt shy! Meanwhile the boy insistently kept looking at me, he was so sweet…
So when the lights changed, we crossed the main street and the boy went up the street and I turned and went into the big sport shop in the corner.
When I came out of the shop some time later, I saw the same boy in the corner of the fountain again! He came from exactly the same direction than he did before; it was as if he was waiting for me to make some contact!
Now it is him who drinks water waiting for me to cross the street. I was so sure in my heart he was Telosian, but so doubtful in my mind! I ran again in the same situation which I now regret so much! I just let him go this time; he took another road and simply left.
I was exhausted. I sat down in a bench that was close by and fell asleep for a while. It was only later that I realized I was fulfilling what Sitara and Athos had said.
"...You will gather once more on July 8th … and you will find once there that you have lost a bit of your memory … This is because you will live in your cells -directly- the experience of entering a fifth dimension realm. Many of you will feel dizzy and sick. Some others will accuse feeling anxious and scared. Only a few of you will realize of the subtle change in dimension that had taken place.
The places that you are asking about are the crosses in magnetic dispositions that allow the contact between us."
Sitara through Analía
"...The date July 8th shall be proper to initiate a program of activities…
You can start attending David’s workshop…
Sunday afternoon is a good day to walk around the woods and stop for tea near the gas station where you stopped last October…
This place is proper since it boasts electromagnetic fields that fasten up the acceleration of your body’s molecules.
You write the future in every step you take."
Athos, Sitara through Analía
I was sitting in the exact place that Larry had taken pictures of a couple of months before, following the instructions given in the messages. Even the time was the same that had been stated…tea time!!! I just could not believe it, it was so strong.
When I left the workshop to get some air, it was to fulfill what had been said a couple of months before, but I did not realize that until it was gone!
I learnt a lot from that experience, especially about overcoming my own fears and prejudices. I promise I won’t let him go next time. Oh boy!
Update 13: From Lynn
Hi Larry,

Just wanted to thank you for getting this gathering together on July 09th; I was honoured to be a part of it.
I did connect with my guide from the inner earth and was given a name and was told the connection would get stronger as we worked together, I was given the idea of not unlike a welcome wagon; " Welcome to the inner earth we are here to help" It was not profound but I was happy to feel and be given a glimpse of what he looked like and that the connection would get stronger and we could proceed forward.

My sister when taking a picture of Mt Shasta through the trees was having a hard time with her view finder, she couldn't see the mountain so she asked me to take a look, no you couldn't see the mountain, because a most wonderful violet light was covering the area and spreading around the area of Ascension Rock, I truly believe this was St Germain (having such a closeness to him throughout the years as well as everyone there.)
Unfortunately the picture did not turn out, well the picture of the mountain showed but not the Violet Being. When you said other people were sending pictures I was hoping maybe others were able to capture the magnificence of the Violet. Will soon find out.

Namaste..........Lynn from Victoria Canada
Update 14: 7,7,07, 7:07
From: Kata

Dearest Odilia,
Thank you for this beautiful letter what I got from you with your experience on the mountain. I think I have something to share with you now.
I met this person. He was the hitchhiker I picked up on the same day when you met him. It was the first time in my entire life to pick up a hitchhiker and first time in my life to go up the mountain by myself. We did not talk much. What I felt is constant peace and harmony with him. At the end we started to talk about my roots, and we realized that he has the SAME roots as I am having. (He referred to Hungarian, but now when I am writing I am sure he referred to something else, too.) He said he has friends at lower Panther Meadow, and he will spend the night with them.
Later on he said that this day is a special day because of the sevens. And we both looked at the watch in my car it was 7: 09 PM. And I said we missed it. But he did not say anything. (I checked the watch in my car today, it is fast with two minutes...) We had this moment in my car at exactly 7:07PM... What I sense now and suggest to everyone who will read this email. Please try to remember back. What did you do, where you were in you mind and heart at around 7, 7, 07, 7:07PM ? I know it is hard, but I also know that you can get beautiful help to get that piece of memory. That precious moment can help you on your path, that moment can and will help and show a lot regarding your future. Please remember...
Anyway back to my 'stranger'. He did not talk much. The 'disguise' was so strong and perfect, he did not let me sense even any spiritual attitude in him. I remember because it was a bit surprise for me. I remember what I felt: instead of 'getting', I will 'give' him, and I felt strange beacuse I thought that I will be the one who will get some wisdom from a stranger on my way to the mountain. And instead of this, I am who should 'give' him something, I felt to tell him 'GO FIND YOUR ROOTS'. And the same time i felt that this was a very valid advice for myself, on a very different level. And what I sense right now that it is indeed a very valid advice for ALL OF US.
Actually what I sensed really clearly and it seemed very personal that time, I sensed very profoundly that it is time for me for giving and not time for waiting to get anything anymore. That was my personal 'code' of the happenings. AND NOW I FEEL ON THE SAME PROFOUND WAY, THAT THIS WAS NOT FOR ME THIS WAS A MESSAGE FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. IT IS NO TIME FOR WAITING TO GET, IT IS INDEED THE TIME FOR GIVING FORWARD!!!!! Even though I was thinking about it a lot, and I told my experience with the 'hitchhiker' to some, Dianne, Larry, Analia, Michael; only now, I am able to see the big picture. Oh wow. This is incredible.
Adama through Kata Fülöp:
And without saying more here are Adama's words regarding these truly amazing happenings:
My Beloveds, DONT FORGET THE MAGIC! YES ,I was there with you in the car. YES I was with you in the mountain.YES, I did not give any sign of it. This was a pure manifestation how miracles can happen in all of your lives. No need immediate clarity and meaning. HOWEVER need constant Openness, Love, Harmony and Balance. These are the keys to step further in your always evolving consciousness. I was with you in the car, I was with all of you in the mountain. I saw your hearts, I saw the tears. I was with everyone whose heart was wide open. I was there in the meditation. I saw what you saw, the beautiful diamond hearted seekers to go all around our sacred site with their personal guides for their personal enlightenment. I saw all what every single one of you experienced there. The energy of the mountain were with all of you. And will be.
The miracles can be part of your lives from now on, and no need further walk on the mountain to feel it in every single moments of your lives. You are connected to the Inner Earth, you can expect any of us anytime. Get ready to greet us in your hearts and in your homes. We can be anywhere. After this profound reconnection at the mountain, your beautiful diamond heart will know what to do. Just listen to it. The message is the same for everyone even if you were with us here on the mountain, or you were here in your souls . You can get the same Present from us, our ever lasting presence in your beautiful hearts on your way back to the 5th dimension. We are closer than ever. DO NOT FORGET THE MAGIC!
Adama - high priest of Telos
Dearest Odilia, I am sure others have their experience, too. What I know that for you and me the miracle started with that beautiful hug what i got from you in the meeting room that day, without knowing who I was. Thank you for that now and ever. I think we were connected somehow before, but our story on the physical started there. And is continuing. Thank you.
With all the love of my heart
Odilia Rivera wrote:
Dear Kata, Analia and Frank.
I had one experience in Mount Shasta the 7 7 7, when a group of friends and I went to the end of the road that take us to Mt. Shasta. We were chanting and dancing and making a circle of energy when this man that appear in the picture (I am enclosing) appear and enter in our circle. He was so delighted chanting and dancing with us, and every time that any person chant some words, he was more delighted. In some moment He began chanting: Shimmering, Shimmering, Shimmering...
When we finish chanting and dancing, all of us went walking around the area. In some moment I saw him sitting in one big stone, and I felt the desire to go and sit beside Him. And in that moment, I listened a voice inside of me that began talking with him without pronounce words.
- Are you disguised as Adama? I hear my inner voice saying... He laughed and laughed with a loud JO JO JO JO.
- or Who are you? I listened my inner voice asking silently. He turn his head and I could see his eyes and was the most incredible sight, profound, wise, loving...extraordinary!!!
In that moment a friend appeared and She offered him some fruit, some water, some granola bar, because She thought He was camping and could need it. He answered, no, no, no, I have alreday mountain water, and yes when He took the granola bar, and offer me to share it with Him. My friend She dissapear some quite embarrased because She thought She was offended him with her offering.
In that moment, I began huging him, and my inner voice was crying depply, with a very depply pain, asking him why He left me here in the Earth plane, why? Why you left me here! Why you left me here...! I miss you terribly!.. and my physical body was very very sad, crying and crying as I was huging him. He was huging me too and was touching with his fingers my spine, as if he was playing a flute. The moment pass, and I felt less aguish and pain. We said good by to each other.
When I returned to my hotel, Ana Rosa channeled a message for me, and AA. MIchael told me that this man was ADAMA. And when I had another channeling from other friend, She said too that Adama used that body for being with us in the mountain, but only my inner being recognize Him.
Could be possible you confirm this? If it is true, Adama came to us as He promised. The encounter... was not to be us inside of Telos, the encounter was to meet Him in some way. Perhaps all of you too have contact with this man in some moment. Have you?
Update 15: From Ann Marie
HI Frank:
It is wonderful to hear all the exciting encounters/ pictures and stories from the Mount Shasta's 7-9-07.
I would like to share my story of an encounter that I had.
It was Sunday, 7-8- and we were on break from David's workshop. I was w/ 2others from the group, Terry & Vera, we were on our way to the hotel desk to pick up some information, they were in front of me and as we were approaching the lobby this man stopped me to ask me about our group, I stopped to talk w/ him and was mexmerized by his electrifying blue eyes. We were talking about the mountain when the 2 other gals returned and distracted me w/ talking about the information and we were on our way to lunch. When I turned back to say good bye , the man was gone.
Later on I asked Terry n Vera what was their impression of the man that I was talking to in the lobby. They both replied: "What man?, you wern't talking to anyone, you were just standing there alone"... You can imagine my Shock over that reply. No, I WAS talking to this 35's man/ blue eyes. And I was the only one who saw him. Dang and I didn't grab on n not let him go..
I do know that I had an encounter as I can still see him when I focus back on that moment. What amazing energies and special gifts that were given that weekend / Monday.
Love n Light,

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