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Telos: an Introduction to The Story - 8/19

Thanks to Steffie ~ Laura

Update 21:
The 'Missing Piece':
Dear Dianne, Odilia, Analia, Maria, Michael and Larry,
Now when we are quite distant from our July event, I have something to tell. My experience with the 'hitchhiker' came back many times recently. I had the feeling that I am still not seeing the whole picture. I felt that something is missing, a part of the story is still unfolded.
I asked Adama's help to understand with my heart and my mind ALL what happened. And now after some beautiful help I got the missing piece. And I think it is important to all of you to know...
Love to you all,
Because of your direct question I am entitled to share with you the following:
All who had ‘experiences’ with ‘me’ or with others from Telos got the same, got some special activation codes, so your DNA structure is under profound activation right now. You are getting closer to the 5th dimension again with a huge step. However it has to happen as a personal realization for all of you, rather than a channeled explanation by us. It is still true.
So ask your Divine Self about all these. You will be surprised by the levels of meaning. Yes during all these personal experiences your DNA codes were activated on a very ancient manner with silent transmission through us. No seeing, no feeling anything then, except the validation in your hearts that all these are true, NOW. When you have this personal validation than the transmission is completed. You seek further meaning . You got it.
Dear members of my surface team. Be always conscious. More to happen soon. Please greet these happenings and help others to understand them. All will change in a rapid way as I said. You are having active parts in this process both from personal and from planetary point of view.
The DNA activation is happening for many and will for more. The process at the beginning can cause different symptoms. Greet them with love. The hard ones will disappear. And higher and higher frequency levels will be achieved. Help others to understand. Your guides are there to assist. Take our help on every level. We are with you always.

Update 22: The Next Step
Blessings to you all, this is Athos speaking.
The next step in trying to come back and forth from Telos has to be meditating over the fact whether you want to stay here once you are in, or if you are only guided out of normal curiosity.
For it is imperative in a true seeker to be able to define, specifically, the direction towards to aim.
You could start to get acquainted to our beloved city in the etheric plane, and be able to recall the full experience. It could even take less time to achieve the goal, in linear terms, if you asked your High and Supreme Being to lead your consciousness to our domain. This way, you can start to get familiar with the vibration of this sacred place, so the final step can be done in a fluent, harmonious way.
You are all welcome and loved, beyond your human thought.
You are all respected and blessed, for you will accomplish the goal, as we said many times before, in your own terms in reference to the time frame.
Eventually and if you wait long enough, Telos doors might get opened for those on the surface, but it still has not been released when and how that will occur.
We thank you all for your devotion and love,
Update 23: A Letter to Athos
I have some comments and questions for you in regards to your "Next Step' message.
First off in regards to your statement:
"For it is imperative in a true seeker to be able to define specifically the direction toward the aim"
Well for me and this may be true for many others who are on the list the "aim" is as you said is to be able to physically go in and out of Telos (as Michael has done) or any other Inner Earth city of the Agartha network for the reasons that others of the Inner Earth Council have stated in the 7 "visit" messages that were conveyed through Heidi Stadler from February to June in 2006.* The following are excerpts from these messages:
" As you know, you are prepared to make a connection with us, physically I mean, even those who are new in this group, you already unconsciously know. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here today. You have chosen yourself to do this trip.... soon. We are together here today to do another more intense, more physical preparation to really make a visit where we live and to give you... to more light up this idea in your brain. Don't leave it."
Adama, February 11, 2006
" We will meet in person. And it is true as I said, it will be soon, perhaps already this summer (2006) or even before. I do not want to give the date today. It will not be given through channeling. No . I will come directly, physically to lead you, a small group, for a small visit. To bathe in our ocean which has sweet energy. To touch animals which are unknown to you. To make a connection with other beings who are very different from you. Of course, we can only let you come to our place if you have an attitude filled with love. We, at our home, live only in joy, we sing a lot."

Mikos, February 19, 2006
"The people who want to go with me or with us to visit our world shall do so. They have chosen themselves. It is not me who will make the choice, they will do it and this is the law, it is a cosmic law. If your heart is open enough you can come to us.
As you know there are many different levels in the earth. And our level is a very high level that has nothing to do with tunnels, which are outside of Agartha. You will be prepared for the higher level. You can go to Telos too. The first visit will take several days if you count on your time on the surface. It will not take hours, it will take more, because you have to be convinced about our lifestyle, you have to know about us in order to speak to others and for that you will need the experience of it"

Mikos, April 6, 2006
"The moment you will cross some layers of consciousness here in the Inner Earth, you will change physically. It is very difficult to explain. Your words are very limited. It is more a feeling. As Mikos already told you, your body is prepared for this event even for those who decide to come later, because it is their heart which is calling , not their mind.
Finally, you will be that Being you always want to be and dreamed about. And this beautiful dream will be your "reality". You will rejuvenate here and it will stay, when you are back on the surface. You will be out of this nightmare you have lived on the surface for thousands of years. Your viewpoint will also change totally, you cannot imagine now, because it is beyond your imagination. You will be like "Alice in Wonderland".
The higher consciousness you will get here will stay with you on the surface. It will not be lost or forgotten. Your confidence to your own divinity will be so strong that you can speak in front of others without fear or any problem.
I will give you one advice:
Never speak the words- aging, illness or death again. It only exists in your duality. Cut out these 3 words from your language and your life will change. You are here to dare something new: to go out of the mass consciousness and show humanity there are other possibilities."
Etidorpha, June 30, 2006
Well Athos what they conveyed is the "aim" or the goal which appears to be a mutual goal. In fact I believe "your' yearning for us to visit your Edenistic world is stronger than our yearning to come to it. So the question becomes how do we visit your world like Michael was able to do. I know you said the first step is to get aquainted with your world on the etheric plane but what is the second step after one has done this. Does one plan to go to Mt.Shasta for one week in which one goes to a certain spot where would physically meet ones Inner Earth guide who would then take him or her to the portal to Telos? I await your answer to this question..
Sincerely, Larry
* The 7 "visit" messages are in the Inner Earth Archives link in the French version of Heidi's website ( I have the English translations of them which many of you have who were on the list when it was started in the Spring of 2006 as it was those messages through Heidi Stadler that was the foundation of this list. For those of you who do have them I can send them to you upon your request.

Update 24: Athos' Answer
Below is Athos' answer to my question that was in my " A letter to Athos" email. I received this on August 3rd and I was hesitant on sending it to those on the list as it was somewhat personal. However like the personal message to me from Sitara I feel what was said to me would apply to everyone who desires to physically visit Telos. In addition to this Dianne Robbins has just sent me a new message from Adama which states that all those who have this yearning can also be "one of those". This new message from Adama should follow this one as they are about 10 minutes apart.
This is Athos speaking.
Yes, of course you will be one of those who will be entering Telos in the physical. But I have to inform you that it is only when you free yourself from your anxiety, when you will let yourself
Please, try to leave your expectations behind, because it is only you who pulls yourself from experiencing a whole different reality. So it is up to you then, once you do your part, you shall be ready. Remember that you insist on making the appointment exclusively in your terms.
Be patient and work on yourself, be free.
You are like a little boy who will finally get his prize.
We all love you, Athos
Update 25: Your Mountain Home
Dear Larry, will you please send this out to your email list. Thank you.
Dianne Robbins
You are all being drawn back to your Mountain home now and soon a great conclave of Light will form at our base and will ignite the Spirit of Shasta (the Mountain herself) into the glory that she is.
We wait patiently in our home inside for all to unfold, and for you, our family, to return. All is in place for your imminent return into the Mountain.
I am Adama

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