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Telos: an Introduction to The Story - 1/19

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The Introduction to the Story:
The 'Story' began when Dianne Robbins (www.diannerobbins.com) received an email from a woman from Switzerland whose name is Claude Piaget. In her email to Dianne she reveal that a woman from France has just started to voice channeled information from various beings from the Inner Earth at her gatherings or workshops that are held at her home in Switzerland.
Below is her introduction and the transcription and translation from French to English of a message from the Inner Earth being known as Adama which I have entitled:
'Something Else'
In the days ahead I will be sending you more chapters to the story which perhaps will have its conclusion on July 9th.

by Claude Piaget
Since October 2004, Heidi Stadler*- voice channel for many different beings of the "One Light" - has been conducting workshops in Switzerland in which "they" , through Heidi, have been giving their love and messages so that we can release the old energy patterns so that we can absorb the "New Energy" that is coming in. One of these beings is Adama, from Telos, who has name this group: " New Energy Switzerland".
In January 2006, other beings of the One Light who also come from the Inner Earth world of Agartha have also came through Heidi.
In February, the one known as Mikos who had previously introduce himself in his messages through Dianne Robbins** in the books "TELOS" and "Messages From the Hollow Earth", came to our group in February .
In these new messages he, along with Adama, of Telos, have been sharing information about us being able to visit "their" world very soon as a result of this New Energy being release at this time.
Below is a translated (from French to English) transcript from a workshop that took place on Feb.11.2006.
Message from Adama Saturday 11 February 2006 through Heidi Stadler
Breathe in, breathe out… let everything go… Inspire this light in the cells… This divinity, this light doesn’t come from outside. It comes from inside, from your heart which grows in the cells, in your physical body. This is the light that can erase everything which is not of the same frequency. Imagine this now. We now see the flame in the heart, this flame grows more and gives warmth to this place now.
This flame is yours, is your divinity. Accept it, accept your divinity with the words ” I am God also” . This sentence immediately enhances the frequence of the physical body. The cells begin to sing and find back their tonality, a special sound.
Everyone has is own special tonality, a different vibration , different from others. This is the Creator’s vibration, the God you are. It is a tonality which expands in the physical body now, which takes all the cells, which warms more the heart. And now, the frequency of your tonality expands from your physical, expands in this room here.
Maybe you can hear your tonality not with your physical ears but with the heart, with the intuition, by feeling a certain vibration in the body. We have two energies here. One energy already began to speak and another one who stays aside, did embrace this room.

Put your attention to your heart now… It begins to pound more…There is nothing to fear because of the warmth; it is only an opening of the heart. This opening is the ticket to make the contact with another world, with another dimension.
Dear friends, I am Adama.
I put together today this small group to bring a different message, to begin with a different work, to prepare you for something else. We were always with you during the whole past year, even if we haven’t spoken to you directly. I’m here with a friend from inner earth next to me. He is Akenabati. The whole inner earth is present in this room now.
All the great masters, you can say, are assembled here beside you in this room. It’s like a very strong initiation. It is for those who love the earth. Feel our presence now… This different vibration… As you know, you are prepared to make a connection with us, physically I mean, even those who are new in this group, you already unconsciously know, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here today. You have choosen yourself to do this trip soon.
As I said, the heart is the entrance ticket to make the connection with us, without an idea behind or without waiting for a result. Be like a child who loves adventure,who ignores the result, like you. There is a cry from your heart to make a physical contact with us, eventually. You went through many difficulties last year. In this present purity, there is no room for duality.
Only Love exists; its place is in your heart. You haven’t find it outside. All you have search for outside lies in the duality. Everything depends on the good and the bad. We are together here today to do another more intense, more physical preparation to really make a visit where we live and to give you…to more light up this idea in your brain. Don’t leave it.
As I already said, your blood is changing. It changes for the blue color, for those who ignored it here. Your blood looses its animality, its red instinct. This change begins slowly now as it is difficult for the body. This blood which will be blue means also more crystalline, in contact with the crystalline grid and adapted to us, to a higher dimension like the 5th and the 6th. You have lived thousands of years, millions of years with your red blood, keeping the animal instinct. Those lives are now over!
In the non-duality, you have a different body which depends on another possibility in another dimension, which is no more from this earth, which is not spoiled by the four elements. Down under, we are protected. We live a life in the paradise.
We are many civilisations, not only us.
In Telos, we represent one amongst many. In Agartha it’s also different. We are neighbours, one can say. There are others around us. We have so much space, you cannot imagine. We aren’t stuck as you think. You have an idea to live in a ball, the Earth which is very limited, but it’s not like that. We have more space than you do.
We are very involved with our central sun. it has a diffuse sweet light. We don’t have roads like yours. All is sweetness. It’s so beautiful. You know it already: our water sings, the waterfalls sing because we do not compress (squash) our water into pipes. Our water rejuvenates the body without problem. Your water on the surface contains almost no life, very few. Where we live, we say that the living being lying inside rejuvenates continuously our bodies.
We also ignore desease. We live in this love with every person around us. We are really happy. Nothing can disturb us because there is no duality. It’s so simple.
All the beings here who are besides you or around are here to make a personnal initiation, to prepare you. This goes really into your cells, into your physical body. Now, we change your DNA with your permission, of course. DNA is there to be changed. It never was fixed. Only your doctors and your scientists tell you that.
But, they now discover something different. With your conscioussness’s opening, the other strands of DNA begin to uncover themselves. You cannot work on them. It will encover with you. We think it’s logical. It’s also painful for the body. To change your DNA is also a stress for him as the molecules stayed alike during thousands of years.
At each new birth, you took always only two strands with you, even one, at the very beginning. The body is used to live with the limitation of your thoughts. Your mind is afraid of the release, is afraid of freedom. The mind was created with the 7 seals.
It came when you took a physical body. The mind and the cells kept all the memories from the lives but those memories were colored with the duality; they are not pure. The present energy here begins to calm down, to find its balance on everyone . The great portal in the wall, behind our channel is open. Energy comes through.
An energy like in the spring time, a sweet energy. A perfume from each flower from where we live, the perfume and the song of our water. All is going out here, in this room. One can say the melody of the inner earth is there in this room with everyone of you. Feel it in your body now and accept this possibility for you. A melody is there…sweet… to heal, to increase the frequency of each person here. I will leave you with this scene but I will stay all day long.
I am Adama.

Message from Mikos Saturday 11 February 2006 through Heidi Stadler
Put our attention to your heart… See the flame inside… Many Beings fill the room now. They are tall, they are very nicely and lightly dressed with lively colors , with long dresses and pants to the knees, with golden sandals. The women have in their hair golden ribbons which move in the wind. They are coming towards this room here, arriving from each side of the room crossing the walls without problem. They are so happy because we have invited them.
Eventually, we are ready to invite them. They bring the joy energy , the laugh energy, the sweet and peaceful energy. They arrive carrying a large flowers garland at the hand, specially the women. Those flowers from different colors are attached one to another. They place the garland in a cercle at our feet, in the middle of the room. The heat increases. Through their physical body, a blue white light is coming out. This light fills the room too. This is a pure energy. Each woman has a disk in their hand, a very thin crystal disk. They put one disk in front of each person at their feet. A message is written on it.
The disks come from the great library where everything is stored… every existence of the earth,of the universe, each person, each soul is engraved on it. Look at the disk in front of your feet; it shines with the rainbow colors. It changes it is alive, one can say. It’s not a dead material. This is living crystal. The movement in it is like a wawe. This message is very short. Look at it. What’s your message. Begin to read a letter after another. It is written in your langage and for your comprehension. Everything you can instantly read, without thinking, is your message. Don’t turn it around in your brain. Only the spontaneity counts.
We all came today so that we can also adapt to your frequency. Today is the contrary, you may think. This great library is open for all of you here. This door which is not a door is only energy. Purety is the entrance, is the key to enter. There are no books inside. Everything is made of crystal. Some are in stone too , very thin like paper leaves. There are precious stones like emerald and also in gold, very thin, almost translucent. You can put your hand on it to touch and to see what’s written on it. It transmits an energy from this leave to your hand, which gives the information to your brain. We don’t write. We see all with our consciousness.
If we desire to transmit a message on a leaf, it will be on crystal, on gold or other stone. We only put our hand on it. This energy then goes out from our hand to this leaf so the message can be stocked. We can also read of course. We take several possibilities. One day we like to read, another day we put only our hand on it to have the message. We don’t depend on external material like you do. We can all change in one moment. We have everything we need like clothes, food, houses . we can change them all the time with our thoughts. We can make our house big or small as we need. We never think about future or past. Everything written in this library is the history of the Stars as the one of all planets of course the Earth history. When we take a message, it’s an information for us. We don’t stay in it as it’s not necessary to stay in the past. It’s an information, that’s all. It doen’t penetrate our emotional body. We have no emotions. We always are in joy. We danse, we sing, we work a little. This is a good percentage. And you do the contrary.
You work a lot, you eat very fast and you rarely have a feast. Where we live, every evening there is a fĂȘte. We danse each night after eating with music you don’t know. There are melodies very harmonious full of energy. Everything around us is energy. This is a reason for our body to stay young. We have a 35 years old apparence towards you, even if we are 2000 years and more. We, we don’t know your illusion. We were a group coming from another Star. We install ourselves inside the Earth because we knew life happens inside.
Others came from other Stars to live on the surface and few from us came here to live on the surface. This was a mixture of civilisations at the beginning for that we also have several different civilisations here. Humans on the surface like you here have lived with us. You have had the courage. We are very astonished.
Imagine now you have a rainbow band here that crosses each physical body from one to another… to make a circle. It moves. It’s an energy band with marvellous colors. Let your body be penetrated by all thoses energies. Now you have asked who spoke. (silence) It’s someone (silence) Things are happening here (silence) He kneels down in front of me (silence) And he said I am Mikos. I am the one who showed the library. It’s too much for our channel here (silence) She took our energy in the physical and emotional bodies and now she gives it out to each person here. It’s pure gold. Each person has integrated now in this purety we touch deeply the heart. This energy is recent, not old, is from now. It is not attached to an ancient egyptian energy.
We really are in this recent energy. We are closer to you, you cannot imagine. This energy is there for your support here. Take this energy as a gift from us. Each time you think about us, you are in that gold energy. You can immediately make physical contact with us. We are going to give a lot of informations this year to make the Earth move forward and to understand that you never were alone. You never thought we were so closed… few meters under your feet.
We are not angels as you think, we are different energies, more human, but not in the duality. To understand, I can say it’s the human energy transformed. It’s your future here, in the 5th dimension and more in wonderful places. You still cannot imagine because the existing colors here do not exist under. Animals where we live doen’t exist on Earth, there are also animals you never saw. We all live in peace. No animal is going to attack us, neither eat one another. It’s your dream. The human dream is here. We came to prepare you more and more to really make a physical connection. We have, down under, great possibilities to see what’s happening on the surface. We have big screen such as an enormous TV screen to observe different places on Earth.
We know everything. We let the earth do its silly things because we know the play has to finish here but we won’t let it be destroyed. It won’t happen. We all are here to avoid the worst and also our friends from other dimensions and Stars, with their UFOs. Let go of the fear about this planet and its explosion. It is not foreseen. We do our best to evade it and it will be.
With this energy here I say goodbye. I am Mikos, also an ancient friend of you.
We know each other very well. I say goodbye and see you soon. We will be regularely together now with this small group and with the other one. You will always have news from us. You are on top of everything, like us. You are welcome to our place because we have seen some from this group are about to prepare a house for us. It means a great love for us and we know we also are invited.
It will be a great energy exchange and joy of course. I will embrace each person here, each being. We are going to transform you, if you want it, with this gold energy.
* Further information about Heidi Stadler can be found by going to:
** Further information on these books by Dianne Robbins can be found by going to: www.diannerobbins.com
Update 1:
The Story of the 'Lost Ones':
In the weeks that followed Adama's message through Heidi, I received 6 more translated messages from Claude, which I can send to you upon your request.
In October, 2006 , Heidi was guided to come to Mt.Shasta where she had previously had a physical encounter with Adama in 1991. Below is an email exchange between Heidi and Viviana Siddhi where they both conveyed their encounter experiences. When Heidi announce this, Claude Piaget and two other people from her group and eight people from the US also were guided to come to Mt.Shasta for this gathering with Heidi. At this gathering, which took place on Oct 14th, Heidi channeled Adama and Mikos, of which, the transcripts of are on the Inner Earth Archives 2006 link on Heidi's website (www.rainbowstar.ch).
Then on Sunday, Oct 15th, the group of 12 went for a hike on a Mt.Shasta trail that originates where the Old Ski Bowl use to me. During the hike the weather started to change in which we noticed a lowering of the clouds and rain seem to be forthcoming. Heidi, myself, and 3 other people went back to the parking lot while the remaining 7 felt that they had some more time to hike before the arrival of inclement weather. Of the seven that continue on the hike three of them which included Claude continue on the hike while the other four came back about a half hour after we had left. When the four arrive at the parking lot the weathe had change from cloudy and 60 degrees to a dense fog and a cold rain with the temperature being around 40 degrees. We patiently waited for the three to come back . As the minutes went by we became convinced that they were lost in the fog and some of us went back on the trail to look for them which they could not really do because of the dense fog. So we called the Forest rangers for help.
They arrived about an hour before sunset and assure us that they will find them and advise us to go back home where they would notify us by phone of what was happening in their search for them. About an hour after sunset we received a phone call from Claude in which she said that they are at the hotel which they got to by hitch hiking a ride from someone on a road that leads to the new Mt.Shasta ski park which was about 6 miles south of the parking lot at the Old Ski Bowl. They said they were totally lost but felt that they were being guided in the right direction. Claude then asked Heidi to ask "them" about this guidance and the one known as Sitara came through Heidi with this message;
" We were the ones who made the mist on the mountain to separate the group. We wanted to make for some a certain experience. And this experience has guided you to many places which will be important for the future. Its true that someone said that you passed places that are very strong in energies"
After I had read this I contacted Heidi for her to ask Sitara about these places that will be important for the future. Sitara's answer was that I will be informed about this but it will not come through Heidi. I pondered on this and was lead to contact another Inner Earth channel that I was aware of whose name is Analia Martini who I had contacted from reading a message from an Inner or Hollow Earth being whose name is Athos. You can read one of Athos' messages by going to: www.ourhollowearth.com and then, from the homepage, go to "New Items".
Anyway I told Analia about Sitara's message and she said that she would try to contact him. She was able to do so. In the next chapter will be my question and answer session with Sitara which was sent to those on my email list.

Dear Viviana,
thank you so much for your beautiful mail.
Claude and I can't also wait to make the contact physicaly. and we are very passionate to go to Telos or visit the great Bibliotheque with Mikos.
We will have an answer to all your questions soon. Larry asked also for that.
I feel a very strong connection to you, Dianne and Larry and also others I don´t know their names. It seems we know each other since a long time ago and now the time is right to come together.
I also was on Mount Shasta, 12 years ago. I meditated in the forest below. I would like to have a contact with St. Germain. During my meditation a deer run beside me very close and I could even feel the wind and the power of that animal. I knew it was an ascended Master transformed in a deer.
In this times I had no Idea about Adama and Telos. But the story is not finished.
Before I went up to the mountain I asked somebody in Shasta for the road to go up to the mountain. It was so crazy I could not found the road.
I asked a men who was beside a house dressed like en installer in an blue overall. He worked on a waterpipe outside of the house. I called him and he turned around and he looked in my eyes. His eyes have been like blinkling stars, and a light came out with much love. I was like hypnotized, I never saw such eyes before. He lovely exlained to me the way to the mountain. I was so happy and I thought this must be a real master.
And the story goes on.
One year and a half ago I came to Switzerland to channel in a group where Claude invited me. Suddenly people starting to speak of Adama. They already red the books of him and they knew all.
I had no idea, who is Adama and the word Telos I never heard before in my life. During their conversation I suddenly felt an Energy and I had that strong feeling I have to channel Adama. And so I did. It was so emotional, tears came out and I needed time to pronounce his name. He took my whole body like Mikos did.
Days later I saw the picture of Adama and it was like a puzzle who came together. I saw through this picture the face of the installer in Shasta 12 years ago and it was the same, Adama. Oh, my God, this was unbelievable, but true.
And this year with Mikos I went through the same feelings and emotions and also strong body sensations like an increase of the heartbeat, swetting and trembling and total embodid in his energy. I often have this sensations with importent channelings from other Light- beeings too but it´s always different.
We are also interested to know, where we have to go for the meeting with our friends. This is a longing since eons.
Claude and I we would also love to see you. You are very welcome in Switzerland or here in France. All is open.
I am sure we will know it soon what to do.
Love and Joy

Viviana Siddhi Vid:
Dear Heidi and Claude,
thank you so much for great messages! I can not tell you how happy I am that we connect with each other. For me is a grounding confirmation that we'll really meet inner people very, very soon. As you probably know we were waiting for this life times.
I am originally from Slovenia. I came to CA 5 years ago. When I went first time to Mt.Shasta I didn't know anything about Telos. I was lead to go up the mountain. I stopped at the special place with rocks where I felt deep peace. All the sudden I heard deep man's voice: "HELLO..." The voice touched my entire being and reconnect me with "them" through my heart. There was nobody around me. Latter on I received more information what is happening around Mt.Shasta and I realized that it was Adama in his etheric body. I also have a sister who is living in Telos. I start to channel her messages. In the past lifes I lived many times inside the earth and on the surface. This time I choosed to connect both worlds: inside and outside the Earth. I was told that I am 92% Telosian.

Last year I was allowed to sit on the rock where is the entrance into the mountain. I felt Adama's and Andronica's physical presence under the rock. I was physicaly so close to them like "never" before. At that time Adama told me that we'll soon meet and shake our hands. Inside me stayed the message: "O my God, it will really happen this year!"
Thank you so much for a great, pure channelings. When I start to channel Andronica I felt exactly the same like Heidi explained the beginning of channeling: connection, expansion and pulsing through the heart.
Larry and I would love to meet your group.
I will deeply appreciate if Heidi could ask Adama and Mikos if people from CA will meet inner beings in Mt. Shasta area this year. If so, will this be the place which Susan knows, Abraham or me? Thank you.
Love, Light and Laugh, Viviana
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