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Arms Around the Globe

Arms Around the Globe

2011 JUNE 13
by Steve Beckow

Maarten Horst, Netherlands
I’ve just gotten off Skype having had an impromptu conference call with perhaps ten other lightworkers (Maarten, Tyco, Geoff, Jeroen, Suzanne, Luc, Salvador, I may be forgetting a few). Three (or more) were doing radio shows, one was channeling messages, one astrology, and others were 2012 journalists. Maarten arranged the call.
We discussed the incredible agreement among sources on the nearness of Disclosure. A date has been mentioned several times, and is not very far away.
I’m not mentioning it here, even though you can read it in several places, because we’ve all been disappointed so many times that I haven’t the heart to set up a fresh round of it. One source mentions it in a channeled message but the name of the channel is not given and so I won’t reprint that particular account either.
If the statements made by Matthew Ward two days ago are true, they seem to point to the fact that the divine deadline may be approaching. After the deadline, the galactics don’t have to wait for terrestrials to disclose. If terrestrials are too afraid to disclose because the minute they express agreement, their countries are hit by earthquakes and tsunamis, the galactics disclosing themselves eliminates that danger.

Geoff West, Costa Rica
I’m of the opinion that the galactics will have to take the matter in hand themselves, that it has proven beyond the reach of terrestrials. (Galactics obey the universal laws of karma and freewill and so cannot prevent the cabal from hitting nations with weather-control technology, although they can mitigate the damage.)
But you even see from Matthew’s message from two days ago, SaLuSa’s message today, and even Wanderer’s message today that the galactics are in a heightened state of activity. Hatonn said last November that they were ramping up but they seem to be following a J-curve now, s Youtube videos suggest.

Suzanne Spooner, U.S.A.
Meanwhile the flow of literature is unprecedented. There isn’t enough room in a day to post or read all that is to be found.
In videos, the UFOs are coming nearer, appearing in greater numbers, calling attention to themselves by winking on and off or flashing, speeding off, hanging around in fleets, etc. All is in a higher state of activity.

Laura Tyco  Ireland
Back to the call, it was interesting hearing people share on a raft of things – telepathy, sensitivity, contact experiences in the waking and dream state, UFO sightings, spiritual experiences, and so on. But the most enjoyable aspect was simply sharing and being with a group of people, in real time and talking, who are all embedded in the same conversation. I personally have perhaps only on one other occasion had a chat with a group of people about ET/UFO Disclosure and 2012 Ascension. It was energizing. It was inspiring, uplifting, encouraging. Thanks to Maarten for arranging that.
I encourage you as well, on discussion groups, chat rooms, etc., to arrange Skype conversation calls and share each other’s company. I feel greatly refreshed from the experience.
Arms Around the Globe

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