Friday, 10 June 2011

New blog: Starships Blog Aim

Blog aim

This blog proposes to give as much information as possible on the various types of spaceships of the Galactic Federation of Light and of exofriends.
The aim is to bring a growing knowledge to new comers to disclosure and to help discriminate between man made back engineered crafts and genuine UFOs.

Also it is necessary to keep in mind any false flag operations that the cabal wishes to put out there in order to scare the population. The cabal purpose is to discredit Star Nations and Civilizations in order to install fear of ETs in the general public's mind. The recent work of National Geographic is doing a great job at scaring people, so do scientists such as Michio Kaku and Stephen Hawking. I personally believe that this is all done in order to gear people up for the weaponisation of space. Here is Dr. Carol Rosin,who has worked with the late Dr. Verner Von Brown.

The Exofriends and Star Civilisations on orbit around the Earth as you read this post are very wise, friendly, peaceful, genuine and loving. There intentions has never been to be any threat to us. Their technology is so far ahead of us that heir presence on Earth would be a huge benefit to all of us.
However there has been in the past a few races such as some Reptilian and some Grey Races who have madet their own personal gain a priority on Earth. They have been the head of a group called the cabal. It is important to remember that not all Reptilians nor all Greys are negative beings.
However with the incoming energies directed towards our Planet Earth, any negative bings are forced to leave our planet and its inhabitants follow their path towards ascension. This results right now in a sense of chaos and fear as they are not happy to leave this planet. Their actions may still make considerable damage to life on Earth before they lieave for good.
The Ascension is a divine decree and nothing can stop it at this late stage as SaLuSa reminds us regularly. We are witnessing now the cabal desperate actions to stay here. But this has no chance at all of success be assured.

Disclosure is meant to happen before the end  of 2011. This blog proposes to make people aware of the various spaceships that they will see flying in the skies without having to feel any fear at all.
I hope this will be an informative reading for everybody.
Alos please visit Exofriends
There I propose to present the various Galactic Civilizations  who have been in contact with us for eons and who had a very important role on the development of life on Mother Earth.


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