Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Shhhhh…. D-Day Approacheth

2011 JUNE 15
by Steve Beckow
Every day, fresh indications roll in, as SaLuSa put it today (June 15, 2011), that “a major event is drawing near.”
We here at the 2012 Scenario are adjusting by cutting down on the peripheral news, concentrating on D-Day (can’t say the “D” word – don’t want the cabal to know – nudge, nudge), looking at the galactic civilizations here to help us, examining their spacecraft, looking at the history of D-Day, etc.
As far as we can. There is never enough time to do much research these days. I may repost some articles from the past, which now again become germain.
That may show up as a smaller amount of news in the next few days as we do our research; don’t know for sure. I may have to respond to even fewer emails, although I’ll read them all. This is only in the interests of conserving time.
Again we offer the proverbial counsel to lay in a short-term supply of necessities (bottled water, canned goods, freezable things) and a small supply of cash in small bills. I know. We’ve said this many times. We’re all tired of false alarms and endless waits, us as well as you.
I personally have a small stash in a secret place and about a week’s supply of food.  My stash is designed to cover the needs of me and my wife, but also other members of our family that have not heeded our advice, and a few friends and neighbors to boot who are unaware of what’s happening.
Why a week’s supply? Well, because this event will be a thousand times more startling, jubilant for some, worrisome for others, than tonight’s Stanley Cup final game or a World Cup soccer match. You may not want to battle the crowds at the supermarket (if it’s open) or be caught in a short bank holiday, whether black-hat- or white-hat-induced.  No need to panic however.

I have a reading booked tomorrow with the Boss to ask him what he expects of us here at the 2012 Scenario. I’ll also ask him to give us another document, such as the Declaration of Human Freedom,which he authored, not me, on this new “major event.”
Last night I dreamt that I was at a bus station enroute to somewhere and I had so many personal possessions with me that I could not even consider getting on the bus with them. That’s a wake-up call. Time to cut down on all excess baggage if I want to be portable. In my case, that means “excess possessions,” but the same may not be the case for you.
Moreover, I’ve been experiencing lately strange waves of high anxiety, as if someone’s trying to get me going and refusing to allow me to fall asleep on matters or relax too much. I take this as another wake-up call.
The interesting thing about these mini-experiences was that, in the face of them, I lost all balance. I thought I could hold onto my balance but it wasn’t so. One of the good things about that was that it showed me how difficult it will be to remain calm and balanced in the face of the unusual traffic we’ll likely see in the skies above us.
What do you think they’ll do? Precision drills? Complex shapes like the names of God in all languages? Rolling forms, in which one shape melds into another? Or just bring in the strange and wonderfully-shaped craft? I know they won’t simply park a big mothership over top a city. That would scare people to death. Whatever they do will probably be appropriate, but will also excite the heck out of us and make it very difficult to remain calm.
If you do find yourself shrieking with joy, by all means go for it absolutely fully but then recover your calm. To do otherwise than express your joy fully in the beginning would be to create an upset for yourselves. Unexpressed joy can be an upset as much as frustration or annoyance can. But after that, I think people will be looking to lightworkers to set the boundaries and the tone. So your actions will probably be observed and will have impact.
The company of knights will be arriving, the harbingers of the coming of the Bridegroom. Who or what the Bridegroom is will vary for people: Ascension itself for some; the Christ Consciousness for others; the Kalki Avatar; whatever your chosen ideal is; all will be coming.
We can stop for a moment from our task of washing the dishes and setting the table, but then after a spell of gazing at the procession and listening to the announcements, it’ll be time for us to get back to work.
As I said earlier, (1) we signed on this lifetime to facilitate, not to be facilitated. This is a time of service for us. And the curtain may just be about to come up.


(1) “Starseeds: Waiters at the Banquet of Ascension,” May 16, 2011, at

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