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Telos: UFO Clouds

2011 JUNE 13
by Pat Donworth
UFO Clouds
Posted by Mai-Li, 6/10/11, Conscious Life News

When I was a child, I would lie on my back, stare up at the sky, and look for animal shapes in the clouds as they floated by.  As an adult, I never took much interest in the clouds until the summer of 2005, when I took my first trip to Mt. Shasta.  It was then, while visiting friends that I learned that UFO’s are frequently spotted in the area and are sometimes camouflaged by disc shaped clouds.
I was also told about Telos, a legendary city under Mount Shasta where the Lemurians live. The Lemurians are the survivors of the sinking of the continent of Lemuria over 12,000 years ago. They live a 5th dimensional existence that is invisible to our eyes. The Lemurians are able to travel through space in their ships called the Silver Fleet.
While still in Mount Shasta, I started looking frequently into the sky to look at cloud formations.  I was not sure what I was looking for, nor what to expect.  Then, I saw a beautiful circular cloud, called a lenticular cloud, swirling over the top of Mt. Shasta.  But, I was not convinced that the cloud was hiding a UFO.
Recently, I saw a few lenticular clouds in Los Angeles.  On one of the occasions, I called my friend Greg Scott (of CLN) to take a picture as it is a fairly rare sight in LA.  Here’s the photo that Greg took:
UFO Cloud Over West LA
UFO Cloud Over West LA

In 2008, as I became more and more intrigued with the mystique of Mt. Shasta, I decided to challenge the existence of UFO’s.  Part believer and part skeptic, while standing on the balcony of a friend’s house in Mount Shasta, I sarcastically shouted out loud: “If you are really there and around us, show yourself.”  Honestly, I didn’t believe that there was anybody listening to me. To my surprise and amazement I was totally wrong.  Someone was listening!
Suddenly, out of nowhere, approximately ten massive UFO-shaped clouds appeared in the sky.  Each looked to be about one mile in length.  Seven other individuals witnessed the amazing spectacle in the sky, including several children.  We each felt like we were looking at a photograph in the sky of a scene from the future.  I believe what we saw were some of the Silver Fleet ships of Telos.
The massive clouds were visible for about 10-15 minutes, and then disappeared as suddenly as they had arrived.  Whether we saw space ships behind clouds or saw hologram images of ships, either way, they were definitely UFOs.  Below are photos of three of them.
Three photos of UFO-shaped clouds over Mt. Shasta:
Another UFO Cloud Over Mount Shasta
Note that the bottom picture shows my arm with a camera as I was also taking pictures at the same time as my friend who snapped the photo.
What was interesting was that our small group seemed to be the only ones who saw the ships.  I asked my friends why?  The answer that was given was that the rest of the people were not open to seeing them.  I feel that the reason we were able to see them was because we knew about Telos and the Lemurians and were open to the possibility that they would show themselves.
In my case, seeing is believing. I have been given a gift that I will never forget.  We are not alone.   There is so much for us to learn.

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