Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Message from SaLuSa to me, July 19th 2011-07-15

Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. From the questions for today and also from the comments it transpires that people are still uncertain regarding the exact sequence of events concerning Planetary Ascension, will Earth’s Ascension be similar to Landar’s Ascension? Also a couple of comments from people still show impatience and the sense that the world not being a fair place, as much pain and suffering is going on in the world now: poverty, famine, disease, weather uncertainty, radiations, etc..

SaLuSa: A good number of these questions were answered of in our usual messages with Mike Quinsey over the past few months. We have covered much of this material already. Those messages can be re-read. In fact we encourage you to read our messages when you are in a quiet state and relaxed. In other words, when you are in an open state and are able to receive something from our words. We also would like you to read our messages more than once. Three times is a good number for reading our messages. Leave some time between reading the same message. You may be able to receive our messages more fully this way. What is not understood can be set aside for a later reading. It will allow some time for your subconscious to consider while you are going about your daily routine. It can also be viewed as part of the discernment exercise we would like you to become master in.

What happened to other planets in the past bears little resemblance on Earth’s Ascension today. I can assure you Earth’s situation is quiet unique in more than one way. Earth’s Ascension has attracted many beings from many galaxies. No two beings can be identical, have an identical history, nor experiences, nor memories. Similarly, no two planets can be compared. No two planets can have the same experience concerning Ascension. No two planets will ascend in the same way. No two beings will ascend by the same route. Each of you have your own needs, set of experiences and no two beings will make the same journey to Ascension.

In order to facilitate planetary Ascension, we encourage you to work towards your own individual Ascension first of all. This would help accelerate things and also it would make things run smoothly as you say. This is a part we encourage you to be concerned about. This is the question of the here and now. Dear ones, when you are raising your own vibrations, when you are centered within your heart, when you are feeling love for each living being around you, you are in turn contributing to raising planetary vibrations. Mother Earth carries you all and she receives all your thoughts and emotions.

Dear friends, you already know that all living beings are connected through the Law of One. We all have an impact on each other’s feelings and thoughts. It is visible when two friends talk together. They influence one another, but they also impact their direct environment. They influence those on the same level and dimension as them, that we call horizontal influence. They also influence what is above their head and the below their feet. We call this vertical influence. Mother Earth is very sensible to this vertical influence. When you are in the here and now, you are able to work on these axes: you are in the heart.

One way of helping Mother Earth and those in difficult situations around you is for you to try to remain at peace no matter what. Stay centered within, be calm for yourself first, and only once you are in your sacred space can you truly help beings around you.

Japan is a good example where people remained calm under any circumstances. Some of them were cold, hungry, exhausted, had no basic medication, nor supplies. However, they never forgot to be what they wished to see around them. They sacrificed their own needs for their children and for their neighbours, and hardly complain about anything.

Dear souls, if you are now in precarious circumstances, this is the life plan you needed to choose. You must continue to walk your path. If you are caught in the actions of the dark, as many of you are, then this is for your benefit, for your own growth towards the light. This is for your own development. Do not refuse to walk the path you have set for yourself. You will be victorious in this adventure one way or another.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and send you my love. As we watch your beautiful planet shine, we are honoured in taking part in Mother Earth’s Ascension and in your Ascension. Being in the here and now, dear ones, will enable you to heal your past and will change your future for the better. When you live in the moment, there is simply no past, and no future. There is just now and all is possible from that moment dear friends.


Laura Tyco

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