Saturday, 9 July 2011

My analysis of the UFO video in Arizona, July 5th 2011

Following a few conversations I had in 3 discussion groups I came to the following conclusions concerning this video:
It is authentic and does show real UFOs for me. There are up to 4 light ships.
Here is a close up of one of the UFOs at minute 1:00 and 1:01. Clearly not a helicopter, nor a plane.
I can see how it the video footage, added below, can be seen as being 2 helicopters.
However those 2 light ships have a total flying capabilities than helicopters
and planes from what I can see.
There will always be debunkers who will deny us
the truth and those who are trying to rationalize everything and explain
everything as normal and ordinary.
I am no helicopter expert, but the way the lights move does not seem typical of
a helicopters nor of a plane to me.
As I watched the footage of the 2
lights,, I can see between 1:00 and
1:01 minute that the light which goes above the dust cloud actually expands. We
can see at 1:01 the body of the whole disk materialize in the middle of now 2
lights (instead of just one light).
My interpretation of what I am seing is as follow:1- UFO come out of sand storm very rapidly perhaps it has difficulties with
cloaking or propulsion system.
2- UFO communicates with the other that he has some difficulties or that he
finished his mission and will go back to mother ship. They stay within close
proximity for a few seconds and exchange data.
3- UFO goes makes a small detour in order to avoid further contact with the sand
cloud, UFO continues to rise up

4- quick decloak: getting ready for space flight mode instead of lower orbit
mode. As its propulsion was affected by the sand and he turns on the secondary
propulsion system and has to decloak.
5- He materializes fully, turns the main light on top off, and turns 2 smaller
lights on its sides.
6- Flies away back into space
The whole scene is filmed in slow motion, I am sure in real time we would not be
able to even see any of this.
If they were 2 helicopters this whole scene would be under real time, not in
slow motion. Would be nice to know how much of a slow motion this is.
I think that UFO actually went up and decloaked. He went up for an unkown
It is at the top of the screen, the cameraman did not follow that light anymore
for reasons better known to himself. He stayed focused on the light which hardly
moves. I wonder why he did not follow the light above the clouds any longer?
Perhaps because what was going on with the one above the clouds was right too
strange and impossible to rationalize? lol
To me it looks like 2 UFOs. One of them went up above the dust cloud, decloaked,
but if anybody prefers to see 2 helicopters I certainly have no problem with
I have read on the internet people saying that RT News has a different
shot of the same footage, but form a different angle. and they claim
it is an airplane..
Now.. talk about disinformation on the net. I asked a few people who
promote this point of view if they have a link to this “claim” from RT
News.. No surprise, waiting for a few hours to get a link.. and
nothing has come up yet.. lol
I looked again at the CNN video and it is clearly two crafts, some people can see up to 4 in fact, not just
one. also the other point is the size of the light ship: they are
huge!! a lot bigger than any plane I have ever seen.
And third point: one of the light ships goes up at a full vertical
angle… Not an airplane Mr and Miss disinfo agents!
Fourth point: It seems to me that the speed of the crafts is rather
too fast for any airplane
fifth point: as per video I strongly doubt any airplane would have any
business staring at a huge storm like this one.
In this first video we can actually the spaceship powering its engines:


  1. All the "Archie Debunkers" out there won't be swayed by video. Let them learn at their snail's pace, and just keep doing what you do my sister. I just got turned on to this site and feel the love completely and powerfully. Let's carry on carrying on, and see who we can influence with our gifts of awareness. I LOVE YOU. <3

  2. There were definitely visitors in that "haboob"...they should get that looked at by a healer! LMAO...What a great word! As fun to say as Bullstinky.

  3. U are so so funny lady!!! <3
    u r making my day <3