Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Second Message from SaLuSa to me- 24th June 2011

Here we are again. This is the second message from SaLuSa to me. 
The message was not meant to be made public initially, it was a reply from SaLuSa to a message I passed on to him. I have asked SaLuSa for permission to publish part of it. 
The communications I have with SaLuSa are through telepathy and through channeling mainly. However sometimes there is a lot more of a direct and personal contact with him.  His presence is clearly manifesting. It is not really possible to describe into words, but I am sure many of us have experienced what I am talking about. 

When SaLuSa is around it is like having the Sun into my room and my body. He also, like the others sends all his love, understanding and compassion. He also speaks to all my parts at once, on many levels. Difficult to translate into 3D words, so I hope I got everything and did not forget something. By his presence alone, he makes all fears, doubts, negativity disappear. So I hope he will drop by to your place. I know he contacted others since I was contacted.. 

This is all new to me and I have little idea of what is going to happen next. He has expressed the desire to make the contacts with us in a more personal level and he is open to questions. He will not reply to all the questions, he will however consider them all and give a general answer, within the confinements of what can be openly discussed.

 He also says that karma is a critical factor in his interactions with us and that sometimes some questions are best left unanswered. This will allow for spiritual development, or for karma to unfold. He also points out that sometimes he may give a clue, without going all the way into addressing a question. He may only go half way with his reply, allowing the person with the question to find out the answer himself or herself. 

He also does that with me. Some of the questions are left unanswered, so that I can make an independent decision. Sometimes because it is something he does not wishes to get into for many reasons. So some of my questions are left without any direct answer. This is meant to be a different type of interaction with us. He feels the need to bring a more personal level to his communications with some of us it appears. It may not be necessary, or I may walk out on this project. In which case there would simply be no more update.

I don't like the idea of channeling so much myself. However  it is ok with SaLuSa through my higher self and through the now "usual" form of telepathic contact. I myself, as Laura do not know much, I am given information drip by drip. And act a little like a puppet, a willing puppet however. There is now another part of me that was "activated" and from what I hear among lightsworkers a lot more of us are beginning to awaken to "who" they and "why" they are here.

In my case here, as I am typing these words I understand what is my part in contributing to the Great Awakening. SaLuSa is speaking of these things to me for the first time as I type on my keyboard. So it looks like I may have a few more surprises ahead of me! :) Which I welcome! Namaste ~ Laura

*     *     *     *     *

SaLuSa knows many of us had great expectations for the Summer Solstice concerning disclosure or decloaking. 
SaLuSa says they are doing all they can as fast as they can, so we can relax. They are fully aware of all that we are going through and they are in as much pain and disappointment as we are- perhaps even more.

They are actually very sad to see us so disappointed and down, understandably so. No blame or anything like that. 
But it is part of the process needed. It was necessary to see for them how this would happen and he reminds us that this is a good test for unconditional love for them and us, and so that some of us can look inside and question their motives. 
A good truth test for some lightworkers who want out now and they can get out now too from their agreement. It is also a way of telling the true ones from those who are in this for their own game. 
Finally they needed to see how the cabal would act and how they themselves would react. This has helped a lot in fact I am told...

They were all touched by our low mood and especially SaLuSa was affected by our strong disappointment. He is in a way working out his own karma here too (...) and is connected to many of us here among the "ground crew". He is renewing contact with his former staff at the moment.. And "working thing out" so to speak... 

As AA Michael said, their people already here, in our human civilizations. They will need to help once our space brothers will be publicly disclosed..SaLuSa and the GFOL is trying to awaken them to their true identity now. So first contact has indeed started since the 21st June with those, but it started with the more awaken ones first and with the ground crew. 

Then, like a domino effect or a pyramid effect the awakening will travel into the greater numbers and contribute to raise vibrations and in turn prepare the ground for their public arrival. I am not given a time frame, I doubt they ever will at this stage, as all this is now live and imminent on the higher levels. So the stakes are too high for any public announcements I am told.

This is a very serious matter and they cannot take any chances on the outcome, no matter how much we seem to suffer from the time delays. It is only a small suffering as they are contacting people who need it the most first. The delay is planned to be a short one and they want an element of "prepared surprise".

SaLuSa from Sirius passes on his greatest respect and love for all of us in these challenging times. 

Laura Tyco / SaLuSa

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