Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Third Message from SaLuSa to me, July 13th 2011.

.SaLuSa: We send you much love and light. We are your loving brothers and sisters from the Stars, we bring our joy and loving light with us.
There is much talk about our coming to you and rumours about us. There is also fear and pain among you. We are aware of this and hold you in our greatest light and love.

Many of you wish to communicate with us and with the higher realms. Remain in the Now dear friends, it will all happen if it is in agreement with your life plan. We talk to you in your sleep and in your waking state, although mostly of our voices remain in the background and you cannot hear us consciously. However our love and our thoughts are being picked up by you without your realizing it.

Weigh messages received with your heart, wait for a few hours or days if needed. You will soon know if the message is true or not. You will soon know if the message comes from us or not. Listen to your intuition and to your heart.

As we feel your love for us and desire for our reunion, we protect you with our love and light at all times and do not allow for malevolent forces to interfere. Because of the Law of Attraction, you attract beings that resonate with you. Therefore we recommend that you only ask for the purest light beings around you.

Laura: Some people are asking me to explain why I can communicate with you, and they can’t. I know 2 ladies who have asked me if you and the Galactic Federation of Light would consider contacting them. I also thank you for having contacted another friend of mine SaLuSa at our request.

SaLuSa: Ask and you shall receive, each moment brings along a new possibility. It is easier to hear our voice when you are at peace, when you are balanced and are open to receiving something that may penetrate your body. We choose our channels for their abilities and for their light. We may also choose some of you because we have capability to look into your future.

We choose our channels for their ability to quiet the racing mind and allow our voice to reach them. We also choose them for reasons such as past connection to us. We have worked together in the past and we have a good working relationship with many of you to say the least.

Some of you are part of our families; some of you are part of our teams. Some of you are completing karma here, others are completing a mission here. We do remain in touch with those beings at all times. We also try to connect with those who are advanced in spiritual matters and who have a good connection to the higher realms. Those people are aware of us already.

We do direct others towards their pre- chosen path and guide them when they feel lost. We do offer our support and protection to those of pure heart, pure intent and to those who need it because of their duties with us. Sometimes we like to make contact when we feel a person has reached a level of understanding and when that person is ready for welcoming us with their open heart.

We do respond well to love vibrations and in fact will soon only follow up on those who have agreed to ascend at this time. You could say some of you have pre- agreed to ascend before their birth.

We have seen an opportunity of working with you Laura and we wish to follow up on it. We feel the need of a more personal touch with our team on Earth right now. My Earth team in connection with your reach is just over 200 people. President Obama does not address the nation in the same way as he addresses his staff. In a similar manner I do not address the international readers as I would address my own team.

Your messages are also directed to new comers and the tone should be more relaxed. However by no means do we mean these messages to only reach my team. Everybody is welcome to reading them and I hope they will benefit many more in the future. They are meant to help towards Ascension for those who need to read them now.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and am pleased to see that we are doing progress. Those who need these messages from you will find them eventually, but they are also meant for all who can read them with open mind and open heart.


Laura Tyco

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