Saturday, 7 April 2012

TAUK SaLuSa to Me – 7th April 2012 - Inner Clearing Brings on More Light

 SaLuSa: Today I wish to bring your attention on yourselves. There seems too many of you consider that darkness is out there, somewhere in the world. Whether it is the cabal, someone you don’t get on with, or just an instinctive fear.
We wish to remind you of your power as sovereign beings. As such, it is necessary at this point to remind you that now the world acts as a mirror for you. The energy type that you put out around you, will come back amplified towards you.
In any case, you are all part of this world now, at this very moment. The darker forces can all around you and surround you at any time. Please try to focus all on clearing the darker forces presenting themselves inside of you by bringing your light, in other words your knowledge and love, to your own self and your own body.
Bring your attention to your own life and clear darker forces from your own environment. By doing this you will contribute greatly by clearing the surrounding energies from within and spreading the light more efficiently than it was ever possible before.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am please to be one of your guides for this important process for you and Mother Earth.
Thank you, SaLuSa
Laura Tyco
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