Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Spend Your Honeymoon in … the Inner Earth

2011 MAY 25

by Steve Beckow
Let me see if I understand this.  After reading our series on the Inner Earth, John has passed along videos on what appears to be an expedition to the Inner Earth planned for August 2010 and led by Brooks Agnew.
The expedition is asking for funding and people to go on it. I personally am not showing these videos for that reason, but just for interest’s sake. In fact there’s no need for an expedition because, if Matthew and SaLuSa are to be believed, the Agarthans will soon enough be joining us and I’m sure we’ll have ample opportunity to visit them.
But still it’s exciting to watch the hubbub and consider the possibilities and so I post the videos in that spirit. Thanks to John for bringing them to our attention.
Part 1 of a series of eight. Doubleclick on the video to go to Youtube and watch the rest.

Many people follow a channel who says we’ll all be taken up from Earth and flown down to the Inner Earth for preparation for Ascension. My understanding from SaLuSa and Matthew is that this is not the case and I offer some of their quotes on the subject:
Matthew Ward: “Some messages claim that spacecraft will evacuate Earth’s residents before the cleansing destroys much of the planet, and when the people are returned, they will have to live underground because the surface will be uninhabitable for many years. Evacuation will not be necessary for any reason, and far from Earth’s surface becoming uninhabitable, it will be restored to its original paradise with amazing speed. …
“Concerns about a possible drastic shift in Earth’s axis are due to lack of universal knowledge, namely that about seventy years ago in your linear time, the planet was so out of balance that it was dangerously close to being pulled out of orbit; and ever since that time a powerful infusion of light from distant sources has been stabilizing Earth’s orbit along her ascension pathway.” (Matthew Ward, Sept. 21, 2009. )
“Fear is at the root of the ‘dire predictions’ once again circulating and of concern to many, and we can only repeat what we have said in previous messages. Some channeled messages purportedly from light sources actually are from dark entities that have beguiled their receivers into sending out false information that will cause fear as well as confusion because it conflicts with other channeled messages.
“Since numerous specific timeframes for earthquakes and tsunamis with the force to kill billions have come and gone and those predicted events did not occur, you can see why it is not logical or sensible to feel fearful about something you may never experience.
“It is true that Earth must release more negativity and her natural means is geophysical events, so those will continue until the need no longer exists; however, the advanced technology of our universal family nearby the planet will continue to reduce the destructive power of manmade or naturally-occurring quakes, storms and volcanic eruptions.
“While we cannot tell you that no lives will be lost and no damage will result, with absolute certainty we say that reports about spacecraft carrying out mass evacuation of the peoples are false—it will not be necessary! Another example of false information is that survivors of massive planetary destruction will have to live underground because the surface will be uninhabitable for a very long time. How totally contrary to the reality: Earth’s health is being restored and her once pristine beauty will be as well, and far more rapidly than you can imagine!” (Matthew’s Message, July 18, 2009.)
SaLuSa: “We of the Galactic Federation can readily provide for your needs, and have been ready to do so for quite some time. Our ships are massive in size, and some Mother Ships are measured in several hundred miles, so you can see that we can carry immense quantities of materials and equipment. There is no immediate problem on Earth that we cannot deal with quite promptly and efficiently.
“We shall make people independent and self sufficient, which means that they will not need to be taken out of their natural environment. Water, shelter and food will become available in ample supply, using methods that are reliable and easy to use.” (SaLuSa, Feb. 23, 2009.)

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