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Drunvalo: Our History and the 1972 Sirian Experiment 3/3

Egypt became the home not only of the Tat brotherhood, but also many of the survivors of Atlantis. Having had their memory erased by the pole shift, the Atlanteans had reverted to barbarianism, reduced to the basic survival skills of building a fire to stay warm and so on. They had to wait a long, long time until they could even begin to develop again. In fact, it wasn't until about 4,000 B.C. when the Nefilim began to reestablish their terrestrial connections in the place where they had set up their original bases in southern Iraq. The Nefilim simply gave back the lost information.
There is a clear discrepancy between what Thoth says and the writings of Sitchin regarding the development of the Egyptian civilization. Sitchin believes that the Sumerians brought their culture to Egypt, but Thoth says no- it was our own ascended masters, the Tat brotherhood, who established the Egyptian civilization.
In both Sumeria and Egypt, then, which were only about 300 years apart in their development, there was an amazing correspondence. Each culture came out in its fittest and finest form virtually overnight. Then, both cultures began to degenerate from there. Attaining full bloom overnight is roughly equivalent to a modem- day automobile suddenly appearing in 1903 with no prototype. Archaeologists have absolutely no explanation. Sitchin, in The 12th Planet, calls Sumeria "The Sudden Civilization." The Tat brotherhood closely monitored the Egyptians. When they felt the time was right, they sent out their own members dressed exactly like the Egyptians and began to reseed the knowledge of Atlantis. This is called stair-step evolution. There are no evolutionary patterns; all of a sudden the people just know everything about a certain subject. Then there is a little plateau, and all of a sudden they know everything about another subject, and so on.

As soon as a particular piece of information was given it would almost immediately begin to degenerate. The explanation for this lies in the precession of the equinoxes. As we move away from the center of the galaxy in this 26,000-year cycle, we fall asleep. After the last pole shift the Earth was simply at the point in the precession of the equinoxes where planetary consciousness must fall asleep. Thus, each time new information was given, the people almost immediately began to lose it until about 500 B.C. by which time the Egyptian civilization was almost totally gone.

:: Akhunaton ::

The Egyptians also began to lose the idea of one God or One spirit that moves through everything and to worship many gods. The ascended masters addressed this problem with another direct intervention. They decided to have a Christ-consciousness being walk on the very surface of the Earth to put the real thing back into the Akashic records.This Christ-consciousness being was named Akhunaton, who, by the way, was not from the Earth but from the star system of Sirius. He developed a whole new religion, the religion of the sun. That is, the sun was worshipped as a unity image.
Akhunaton was only given seventeen-and-a-half years around 1355 B.C. to make his imprint. In the meantime everyone hated him. He disrupted all the religions, telling people that the priests were not necessary, that God was within them, and that all they needed to do was learn how to breathe and everything would be fine. Even though Egypt had the strongest army in the world, Akhunaton, who was a pacifist, told them they couldn't fight anymore. He ordered them to stay within their borders and respond only if attacked. The people despised him because they adored their religions, even though they were a mess of contradictions. Akhunaton told them henceforth there would only be one religion for the whole of Egypt, and no one wanted to hear that.
Akhunaton gave initiates a twelve-year advanced training of the "missing knowledge" (I will describe this school in more detail later). This course produced almost 300 Christ-consciousness beings.
These immortal beings were almost entirely women. Until roughly 500 B.C., they joined with the Tat brotherhood and remained in the underground city beneath the Great Pyramid. Then they came out from under the Great Pyramid and migrated to Masada where they became known as the Essene brotherhood. Mary, mother of Jesus, was one of these immortal beings.

The Egyptians disposed of Akhunaton after a seventeen and a half year reign. Then they did what they could to erase the memory of him. Everything reverted back to the old ways. In spite of this, Akhunaton was ultimately successful. He wasn't after a lasting legacy, not on a planet drifting into sleep. All he needed to do was to get his example into the Akashic records, the living memory of the Earth. He needed to establish the Essene brotherhood, which would suffice to get the next stage going. He did exactly what he was supposed to do, in the time he was allotted.

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Drunvalo: 1972 Sirian Experiment

To begin this story we must go far back in time to when Thoth and other ascended masters were synthetically creating the Christ-consciousness grid on this planet to heal what had happened between the Martians and the Earthlings in Atlantis. When the ascended masters began their construction of the grid, they made the hole in Egypt that connects to the flame of life in the Halls of Amenti and activated their geomancy with sacred points all over the world. The ascended masters then calculated that we would matriculate into the fourth dimension by the winter of 1998, and at that time only a very few people would make it. There was nothing unusual about this experiment of creating the Christ-consciousness grid synthetically. Apparently it is done on a regular basis--that is, jumping planets up or down dimensional levels. No one in the universe paid any particular attention to this experiment; it was no big deal.
However, about 200 years ago the Sirians, who are our father aspect, became aware of a high possibility that we were not going to make it at all. They foresaw an event that was going to happen in 1972, and they knew that we had to be at the fourth dimensional level of awareness by then in order to survive. If we were at that level by 1972 there would be no problem, but if not, everything would be wiped out--the entire planet. And, as time passed, it more and more seemed as if we would not reach that consciousness level.
The Sirians did not want to see us wiped out. We are, in a certain sense, their children and they have that special parental love connection with us. They started searching for a way to solve this problem but were unsuccessful. There was no known way to get a planet at our level of awareness through the changes that were coming. When this had happened in the past it meant that the planet was destroyed. The Sirians kept on looking, however, and eventually they discovered that someone in a faraway galaxy had conceived of an idea that might work, but had never been tried. It was still not totally certain that we were not going to make it--consciousness can and does make quantum leaps all the time--but the Sirians were assuming the worst. So they went ahead and prepared everything necessary to implement the idea or experiment that they had come upon.
They created a living vehicle that was fifty miles long, cigar-shaped, black, and seamless with both carbon and silicon life forms on it merged into one. The whole thing was a self-aware living unit. It had a transparent area on one end and was manned by about 300 to 350 men and women of the Sirian race from the third planet. They wore white uniforms with gold emblems. Dedicating as much time to this project as was necessary, they also made eight little flying saucer-type vehicles or ships that were to be unmanned; these were approximately twelve to twenty feet in length. The Sirians assembled this all together, worked out all its possibilities, then set it aside and waited.
Meanwhile, back on Earth in early 1972, Drunvalo was directed to Canada as soon as he got here. He had to make a secret connection with a man named David Suzuki. Suzuki is a very highly disciplined person who works on many different levels. He studied genetics not by looking through a microscope but by looking through a telescope. He believed in the principle "as above, so below." If you are looking at really big things you can see all motions more clearly. He watched the movements of asteroids and applied that to his understanding of genetics. Suzuki was also interested in the activity of our sun and had a team of people watching it all the time. He knew that one day in 1950, researchers had witnessed a phenomenon that was unknown in human experience. A spiraling light came off the sun and went rapidly right past the Earth. They had no idea what this was, but it was an indication of something unusual occurring. As the Earth rotates on its axis, the axis itself wobbles, creating several cycles--the Slow 25,920-year precession, and another wobble that is the inclination itself oscillating back and forth, which takes about 46,000 years. There are also other wobbles; one in particular takes fourteen years. According to Suzuki, we were on the furthermost point of this wobble in 1950. When the spiral went flying past the Earth the area subtended by the wobble began to widen, the equivalent of a top slowing down. It took researchers fourteen years of study before concluding that this change in the wobble would lead to a shifting of the poles, giving Earth a new north and south pole. By 1964 they were pretty certain of this.
Suzuki's team studied the data for four more years before they acted. In 1968 they were convinced the pole shift was imminent. Suzuki published a paper that was first distributed only to the Canadian government, then to the United States and most other governments, saying that we were going to have a new north and south pole. He said the spiral of light was coming off the sun like clockwork every three years, only it was increasing in intensity each time. From all their calculations of the past eighteen years they had concluded that sometime in 1972 between August and November the energy level would be such that there would be an explosion on the sun, an explosion unparalleled in our experience. They predicted there would be another explosion in 1984, and very soon after that we would lose our present north and south poles.
The actual event happened on August 7, 1972. From our observation--and we didn't know of course that the Sirians had intervened--it was the biggest thing that we had ever seen. Anthony R. Curtis, in his book The Space Almanac, called it "the most intense solar storm ever recorded." (1) According to "Science News: "The early days of August saw a severe disturbance on the sun that produced four major flares between August 2 and August 7.... The ones recorded in early August were among the most major ever recorded.... The August 7 flare ran the X-ray sensors off the scale..." (2) The solar wind, which has an average velocity of 500 km/sec., or a million miles per hour, got up to 2 1/2 million miles an hour for three days, then it dropped down to 1 1/2 million miles an hour for thirty days. This was considered impossible, yet it happened. Accounts of the event were published in all the major scientific literature of the world and many of the major newspapers, but scientists didn't know what it meant; all they did was publish the data.
After six months, David Suzuki called a worldwide scientific meeting to discuss the implications of this explosion. Drunvalo left him about three months before the meeting so he doesn't know what happened at the meeting. What he does know is that previous to the meeting--that is, from August to November 1972-- there was a great amount of information published and written about this. After the meeting in June or July of 1973, there was a total worldwide blackout, just as if the great event had never happened.
If the Sirians had not intervened, the explosion would have definitely killed us all. It would have killed everything on the planet right down to the microbial and algal levels. What really happened was that our sun was about to expand in a giant red pulse out to the orbit of Jupiter or thereabouts. This pulse would have lasted for approximately 1,000 years, and then the sun would return to its normal size. If we had been prepared for this, that is, consciously prepared, if we were at the Christ-consciousness level or higher, we could have just tuned to it and it would have been a beautiful trip. But since we had fallen so far in consciousness from the events in Atlantis 16,000 years ago and had not yet moved into Christ- consciousness, we certainly were not prepared.
At the time, 144,000 different races from the other dimensional levels came in here to assist. By mid-January I972, about 80,000 of them had already arrived. They had a very intense discussion among themselves on the subject of the impending red pulse and about 79,900 of these cultures said, "There is no hope, there is no way, there is not a prayer of the humans surviving. Let's get out of here." They went home because noninterference was their policy. The other hundred or so cultures--the Pleiadeans, the Aldebarans, the Arcturans and others led by the Sirians--decided to stay and help.
The Sirians not only had the hardware and software in place but also ambassadors. The moment the situation was declared hopeless they sent ambassadors to Galactic Command to ask for permission to carry out their experiment. If anyone at all, even just one person, were to survive this explosion of the sun, the Sirians would have been refused. But because no one on Earth was going to survive, they did receive permission. They were first asked by Galactic Command how many survivors they thought there would be as a result of their experiment. They didn't really know but said, "Probably at least two but no more than ten will make it."
A key condition for receiving permission was the belief that at least one person would survive. In truth, as this was a radical thing that had never been tried before, they didn't really know how many would survive.
After receiving permission the Sirians immediately went to work and within thirty days had everything in place. They launched the large cigar-shaped object just outside the membrane of consciousness of the Earth, at 440,000 miles out, and they placed it one overtone higher so it was invisible to us. They placed the eight small flying saucer-type ships on the apexes of the eight tetrahedral points-that is, the eight points of the star tetrahedron around the Earth. There is a star tetrahedron inscribed in the Earth. There is also a much bigger one, around 10,000 miles above the surface. The points are the chakra system of the planet. Again, these were set one dimensional overtone higher than the Earth. Then from the cigar-shaped ship they shot a beam of laser light, the likes of which we do not have. The beam was about eight inches in diameter, made up of little segments of different colored digital light moving, of course, at the speed of light. This light was coming from one dimensional world into another.
The beam entered into the North Pole and hit the little flying saucer-type ship that was at that tetrahedral point. From there, the immense amount of information contained in the laser light was translated into three primary rays--red, blue, and green--that were beamed to the next three ships. These ships repeated this and sent the rays to the next three ships until the rays ended up at the South Pole. At the South Pole they were translated back into information and shot into the center of the Earth. From the center of the Earth, by refraction, the information came out in little tiny beams of light by the billions, all over the whole planet. As these beams of light came out through the center of the Earth they connected to all the humans and animals on the planet.
Remember, the Sirians had to protect us from a wall of flame and this is how they did it. Not only did they have to protect us, but they also had to do it in such a way that we didn't know we were being protected. Our knowing would have completely changed the human equation. They also had to speed up our evolution so we could get to where we could handle a wall of flame. They set a holographic field around the Earth; then they set up a holographic field around each person and animal. They then began to program events into these holographic fields. In the first few months they didn't change anything, they just got control. Then they programmed our sky into a hologram and kept everything going as though nothing unusual were happening. Then they began to program events into our lives so that we would evolve as rapidly as possible. At the same time, they were protecting us from the wall of flame.
From the summer of 1972 to the summer of 1974 we were moving in an entirely new direction. We began to accelerate in our evolution. Then it started to get out of hand; we began to really accelerate. This experiment was much more successful than they ever imagined. Instead of ten or so making it through, the number is now up to 1 1/2 billion or so people who will make it through to the next level. We have obviously all been protected from the wall of flame; we're still here. The Sirian intervention also bought time for the synthetic Christ- consciousness grid to be completed. Without the Christ- consciousness grid, no one can make it to the next level of consciousness. This grid was completed on February 4, 1989. Normally, when a planet goes into Christ-consciousness only a very few people initially make it through to live and understand the new reality. The rest drop down to a lower level of consciousness and only over a very long period of time the initial few pull the rest up until the whole planet reaches Christ-consciousness.
There are, as well, different levels of Christ-consciousness. The levels of Christ-consciousness in the fourth dimension are the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth overtones. It usually takes a long period of time for the planet to evolve through those stages. The lower overtones of the fourth dimension contain the astral plane, where many of us go when we dream, a level where most people go when they die, and a place where you find beings like faeries and tree spirits. It isn't until you reach the tenth overtone of the fourth dimension that you attain Christ- consciousness. It is to one of these higher overtones of the fourth dimension that we as a planet are headed. And this, by the way, is where the Greys cannot follow. They do have access to the lower levels of the fourth dimension and in fact hang out regularly in our astral plane. It was primarily in the astral plane where they were messing with us.
The geometry of the consciousness grid around any planet changes as the consciousness of the planet changes. These changes are normally very rare. Usually small changes occur over thousands of years. Changes on the grid around the Earth are now happening hourly. This has attracted the attention of beings from all parts of the galaxy. Because we are inside the system, it is difficult for us to know how fast we are moving. But for anyone outside observing us, it is obvious. What is happening here is unheard of; it has gotten to the point where we are on inter dimensional galactic television. That's why the two higher overtones are like a parking lot. Everyone is tuned into us to monitor this event because they know that whatever happens to us here will affect them, too. All life everywhere will be touched by this. According to Thoth, an analogy for the speed at which we are evolving is one of a newborn baby becoming an adult in fifteen minutes. This is totally unique; there are no memory patterns for it anywhere, even on the Melchizidek level.
It appears to be the most successful experiment that anyone anywhere has ever conducted. Drunvalo now suspects that this may have been in the mind of God from the very beginning. However, the ascended masters don't know what the outcome will be. Thoth wanted Drunvalo to be very clear about this. It thus far appears to be a very successful experiment, but the ascended masters keep figuring out game plans that become obsolete before they can even implement them. Originally Thoth and other ascended masters thought the planet would reach critical mass around the last week of August 1990 or the first week of September 1990, and that by the spring of 1990 we would go into another dimensional level. The ascended masters said they would then bond together, leave the Earth in a ball of light, and go into another level of consciousness. That would pull us up and serve as the trigger for everyone to ascend.
Instead, what happened in August 1990 was that Iraq invaded Kuwait. The major nations of the Earth did band together, but in preparation for war against Iraq. Because of this the ascended masters held off. We created planetary unity of a sort by banding together against one man in one country. This was unique in our history. Never before in human history has essentially the entire planet melded together against one person. Even the world wars were very different from this. Because of the Iraqi war, the ascended masters created a new game plan whereby thirty-two of them would go off at one time in a group merkaba. This is how Thoth left on May 4, 1991. That would bring us up a little bit at a time instead of all at once. Every time they do this there will be a rapid expansion in our consciousness. They are timing these events now.
Before Thoth left here he told Drunvalo that he suspects we will not go through the sudden and violent shifting of the poles that usually accompanies a planet's change of consciousness. Rather, we will go through a series of steps with our eyes open and we will do it very harmonically. The ascended masters are going to try to make this a controlled shift of consciousness.
Drunvalo believes that all previous predictions regarding the future of the Earth are no longer valid. The Sirian experiment of 1972 changed everything. Nostradamus was very accurate in his predictions up until 1972, and since then his predictions have fallen way off. Suzuki predicted a pole shift in 1984; he was sure of it. When 1984 came, we were in a totally different place. Thoth believes that we are going to have the most unique experience that life has ever had. Before the end of the century every last person left on the planet will ascend into the next dimensional level together.
There will be people dying all along, and those who do will go into Christ-consciousness through resurrection. We will be making this shift as a conscious planet, as though we were a million years further advanced. Many higher aspects of life everywhere are begging to come down here either through birth, or as walk-ins, to directly experience this because it is so unusual. It appears that we have made it in a really big way, and we will soon find ourselves not only in the higher overtones of the fourth dimension, which is the first step, but far beyond. At some point, most likely in 2012, we will skip universal octaves, a totally unheard-of event in the history of our universe. Where we will go, no one anywhere knows.

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