Thursday, 26 May 2011

Telos: an Introduction to The Story - 4/19

Update 7: A Message from Athos
Greetings to you all. This is Athos, from the Inner Earth Council.
I AM an Inner Earth being of the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness, in charge of what has been called the “Ascension Program”. No further clearing process is needed around Mt. Shasta, since we do that from our dimension in the etheric plane. Every one of you has been personally invited in the realms of your own selves, to participate in the events that shall take place on the 7th to the 9th of July.
Nevertheless, the encounter is restricted to all those who have been preparing devotedly the process. You must feel and experience the answers in a deep level of your awaken consciousness. It is a way that leads you deep inside your own selves. Trust yourselves and the fact that you will get to experience us in a way that you have not ever thought about before.
You shall experience a shift in terms of conscious molecular vibration. Each one of you will be having different experiences from different prospective. You will be learning a great deal from these days that we are planning ahead of us.
The electromagnetic fields and preparations that we and you have been undertaking will enable the whole ritual to locate ourselves in the center of the heart.
From there on is where we will make the first and definite contact.
Trust that we have carefully selected all those that could make great speakers of our matters. But in fact, not all of those that have been called had answered. Free yourselves of prejudices and open up to subtle revelations through the voice of intuition that will lead you to a direct contact with our reality.
We won’t prolong the encounter further than every person ´s frequency could allow.
In love and acceptance.
Athos and the Inner Earth Council (*)
(*)The Inner Earth Council has been formed to prepare the surface inhabitants to receive the preparation that will finally lead to a face-to-face encounter with the inhabitants of Inner Earth, Hollow Earth and New Lemuria.
Update 8: Guides from Inner Earth

Dear Larry,
A new message from Adama,
If you feel so,
please forward to the group. :-))
Guides from Inner Earth
Adama through Kata
Greeting my beloved Masters, this is Adama speaking to you again. Great and unforgettable times ahead of us. Not because we focus on the future, just because we see the entire picture.
Your lives are on the right 'track‘ so to speak. You should feel it much more intensely now. Your senses getting to be brighter. Actually everything around and inside you getting to be brighter, including your precious hearts. We are deep in the Photon Belt right now, and it has started to affect you and everything around you on a profound way.
As you probably know from earlier, the Earth's entering to here is not a one day long action. We have entered but the full spectrum going to be revealed gradually. This period however, intense enough already, that the true seekers, as all of you are, can start to sense it in their lives.
Take it as a gift, take it as the beginning of a much intense period of changing in and around.
Dearest Masters you are ready to step in this new reality. Whatever you will hear or get, through any 'official mass communicational forum‘, use your senses and your hearts to get the real truth. You are able to do it more than ever before.
I always have asked you to be conscious. This was never so valid than these days. You are the 'keeper of the light‘ and you can get bigger and bigger amount of it every single day. Get used to the idea to hold this huge amount not only for you, but for the entire planet.
The major changes on the surface have started and the New Energy kept on the surface and of course below, can affect the magnitude of all these events.
The New Energy has arrived and it helps in many aspects of your life. It helps you to open your heart wider every day, so it helps you in the Ascension process, because this openness will lead you to the 5th dimension. This openness helps to have our connection stronger, too. We are able to be with you more intensely.
Get ready for profound personal connections. Everybody has a personal guide from Inner Earth, THIS IS THE TIME FOR THESE GUIDES TO CONTACT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. Ask your divine self to get this very live connection with us in your awaken state . All these processes can get profound intensity from now.
We have waiting for thousands and thousands of years for this conscious reconnection with all of you. This type of connections are not for the channels anymore. And it is here. We are here at the gate of your hearts, LET US IN.
The beautiful diamond in your heart show the way for us. From now you have your Inner Earth guide with you. This is the very present. The gathering on 9th of July on our beautiful mountain will reveal more. There are many however who can have this connection without any physical appearance on Mt Shasta. We see all the paths, and see all the hearts, no worry about this.
Always be balanced in this New Energy and all the happenings related to it. Balance and harmony in any circumstances, my beloved masters. And as the two civilizations are getting closer, you truly realize that we are with you always. In love and harmony we are with you always...
Adama - high priest of Telos

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