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Telos: an Introduction to The Story - 5/19

Update 9: The July 9th Report

Dear Group,
After a meeting at the Best Westen Inn in Mt.Shasta in which I, along with Dianne Robbins, Analia Martini and others gave a presentation we all went to a place known as Bunny Flat and another place that is call the "Ascension rock" in which I took a photograph of what looks like a golden ring of light.
I will be sending this photo in the next update which will be followed by 9 more updates of peoples experiences at the gathering.
Update 10: A Photo of the Golden Ring
Dear list members,
Below is the "golden ring" photo that I took in the "Ascension rock" area which I had mentioned in my July 9th report.

Update 11: At Bunny Flat
9th July
This is my personal experience at Bunny Flat.
Adama appeared to me in this incredibly bright light when I closed my eyes to meditate. He said through Kata to ask our personal guide to the mountain to come into our field.
My personal guide to the mountain is Neil. He led me a few steps away from the meditation place where I sat down, closed my eyes and heard:
All right Analía, are you ready to come into Telos?
My heart jumped in my chest while I accepted.
I was taken to Telos in my etheric body, and through my imagination. I could not see Neil but I clearly felt his presence on my left side.
We arrived to a neat place. There was a path made of crystal and there was light coming from beneath with precious stones and gems at both sides of the way.
There were soft slopes with well cut grass. Eden’s gardens.
Neil led us to a place where -although it had no walls- I perceived an invisible field surrounding a particular spot, a circular place of about three meters of diameter. This place is gorgeous and it interacts with oneself.
As we approached, a screen appeared out of nowhere. It materialized only because Neil had focused his attention onto it. It looked like a LCD screen, about 30 cm per 40 cm.
Neil said: This is the House of Dreams. All souls that ask for it come here in their double etheric to heal some problems of the emotional body -for example anger, jealousy, resentment. The soul does not perceive the problem to be healed, but the machine does.
The machine then takes a certain amount of the material that make dreams up, a specific archetypical mould that prints the treatment, and with the counterpart of the problem -for example forgiveness, sweetness, relief- the soul goes back to the body to heal the problem. The person normally does not recall the experience.
After this I opened my eyes and I felt an incredible magnetic sound, as if a spacecraft was posing above me, and I also felt the complete silence. I looked up but saw nothing with my eyes. Nevertheless the presence of the craft was so strong I could see the color, the shape, and the smell, a delicious perfume. I draw it.
Afterwards Michael Sun Bear confirmed me both experiences. He knew about the House of Dreams. The name of the craft is Cathena, or Kathina. Now I ask every night to be taken to the House of Dreams. I am so thankful.
Thank you to all of you as well.
Update 12: The Boy from Telos
On July 8th at around 4.30 pm, I left David’s workshop because I did not feel very well. At the photo shop I bought batteries for the camera and left some pictures to be developed. At that moment I checked the time, it was 4.50 pm.
“An hour to go” I thought, mistakenly thinking it was 3.50
I decided to buy a gift for my husband, and when I was reaching Mt. Shasta’s main street cross -where the water fountain is- a 13 year-old boy comes from behind and stays where the lights are.
When I saw him, my heart popped out. Even though he looked quite ordinary and was dressing just as any kid of that age would dress, his eyes were amazing. Huge brown eyes, with the strangest shape, and the way he looked at me!
I had no doubt he was from Telos, so I thought of asking him about that, or take a picture of him, ask his name, or… I just could not make up my mind, my camera was still with no batteries, I drank some water, I was so nervous, and I felt shy! Meanwhile the boy insistently kept looking at me, he was so sweet…
So when the lights changed, we crossed the main street and the boy went up the street and I turned and went into the big sport shop in the corner.
When I came out of the shop some time later, I saw the same boy in the corner of the fountain again! He came from exactly the same direction than he did before; it was as if he was waiting for me to make some contact!
Now it is him who drinks water waiting for me to cross the street. I was so sure in my heart he was Telosian, but so doubtful in my mind! I ran again in the same situation which I now regret so much! I just let him go this time; he took another road and simply left.
I was exhausted. I sat down in a bench that was close by and fell asleep for a while. It was only later that I realized I was fulfilling what Sitara and Athos had said.
"...You will gather once more on July 8th … and you will find once there that you have lost a bit of your memory … This is because you will live in your cells -directly- the experience of entering a fifth dimension realm. Many of you will feel dizzy and sick. Some others will accuse feeling anxious and scared. Only a few of you will realize of the subtle change in dimension that had taken place.
The places that you are asking about are the crosses in magnetic dispositions that allow the contact between us."
Sitara through Analía
"...The date July 8th shall be proper to initiate a program of activities…
You can start attending David’s workshop…
Sunday afternoon is a good day to walk around the woods and stop for tea near the gas station where you stopped last October…
This place is proper since it boasts electromagnetic fields that fasten up the acceleration of your body’s molecules.
You write the future in every step you take."
Athos, Sitara through Analía
I was sitting in the exact place that Larry had taken pictures of a couple of months before, following the instructions given in the messages. Even the time was the same that had been stated…tea time!!! I just could not believe it, it was so strong.
When I left the workshop to get some air, it was to fulfill what had been said a couple of months before, but I did not realize that until it was gone!
I learnt a lot from that experience, especially about overcoming my own fears and prejudices. I promise I won’t let him go next time. Oh boy!

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