Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Telos: an Introduction to The Story - 2/19

Update 3: A Message from Athos

Through: Analía Martini
This is Athos speaking.
You are committed to your personal growth in a way that we admire, respect and support. You and the group that you coach are invited to join us in Essence at Mount Shasta next July.
We, the Council of the Twelve, are the Inner Earth brothers that have come together with the purpose of accelerating what we called the Ascension Program.
The Ascension program refers to the process that every one of you is committed to, which consists of enlightening your matter to enter the Fifth Dimension Realms.
Dimensions are nowhere but in bands, entering a dimension implies a conjunction of factors such as convergence of Energy and Consciousness, which can be enhanced by magnetic and spatial dispositions. When you come in contact with your Higher Self, you vibrate faster, you ascend.
No resistance helps the process. Trusting accelerates it.
Please invite the members of your mailing list to join us in what can be a crucial spot in their lives. We do not guarantee any physic or weird effect to happen, that is not the purpose of the trip. The trip itself consist in a trip inwards, a voyage to the depths of your beautiful selves that can take place no matter where we or you are.
So why come to Mt. Shasta? Because we shall manifest and you will recall the experience as a special one, only if you are guided by intuition. We love you dearly and look forward to join your group in search of the same sake: Unity and Love.
Athos and the Inner Earth Council of Twelve
Through Analia Martini

Update 4: A Message from Adama
Dear Larry,
I spent two weeks in Los Angeles, and I had the privilege to visit again beautiful Mt Shasta on the last weekend. I have a message from Adama to the group. Please read it and if your heart says yes, please forward it to the members of your list. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know. Thank you, Kata
Greetings to your hearts with all the high vibrational love energy of our hearts.
This is Adama, high priest of Telos.
I‘d like to talk to your hearts because they will have the most important role during all the upcoming events…
As you know it, your heart is the key to all the ascension process, which will hopefully manifest in the near future. The fifth dimension is waiting and it is up to the spiritual strength of you heart when could our long awaited encounter finally happen in the physical. Take this message as a quick reminder, because I know I won't say anything new to you, but I can not emphasize enough how greatly this can influence the success of or highly anticipated encounter in the near future…
Are you really ready for the realization in your soul, that all the things around and within has to be manifested through YOU, through your love, faith, trust, compassion, grace and gratitude? Those are familiar words aren't they. In your mind, sure but are they familiar in you heart, too? And if your answer is a straight yes, are they there constantly? Are you ready to tell me that all your words, thoughts, and deeds are always I said always related to them?
WHEN your answer is a crystal clear yes, you will be ready to meet us.
This date is there in the calendar, but to be prepared in your mind, it will not be enough to participate. We need more. All your deeds, words, thoughts has to show the way to us. Your hearts have to shine to everything and everyone constantly. You follow your own path while you are showing the way for all the others around you. It is not necessary to know them name by name for knowing them heart by heart. You can help everybody around you with the simple method in you heart, to be prepared to meet us.
No secret teachings and hidden doctrines need you to learn to know your heart better. We are here to help you in this. Open you hearts my brave beloved masters. All the obstacles, all the problems facing you every day can help you to realize and understand, what should you need to improve in yourself, and what can help you to step further, to step closer to us. Be open to learn the maximum from all the happenings which will occur in your life the next few months. Be in intense preparation from now. Your fully prepared heart has to lead you to Mt Shasta on 9th of July. Otherwise it can not be more than a nice walk in the mountain. To meet us please make yourself ready, your intuition will help you how. And we will be there with all of our love.
Your heart is the key. We are waiting.
Adama who never was so close to the chance to see you and greet you on the physical than now, says goodbye on behalf of the entire city of Telos under beautiful Mt Shasta.
The countdown has begun…
Through Kata

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