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Telos: an Introduction to The Story - 3/19

Update 5: About Kata

Dear Larry, First of all THANK YOU for all the responses what you have forwarded to me. These feedbacks are very precious signs for me, thank you for everyone :-) .
Further to your kind request here is my 'story' and sorry if it is longer than you expected-): Anyway first of all I am not the one who can tell you that channeling was part of my life from my childhood. But I can tell, that I was always amazed by ancient civilizations. Somehow with reading more and more in the subject I became confident that at the dawn of our Earth's history there was a much more advanced civilization, the one that later showed the way for all the others.
I remember the first time when I was in Hawaii (that was a kind of magic for me too, from this part of the world end up there), instead of laying under the sun I spent days with my computer. I could surf on the internet to read about anything but somehow I was 'pushed' to collect everything about Lemuria The air was full with the energy of the ancient continent there. I think that was my first 'official encounter' with the concept of Lemuria.
I found Lee Caroll's wonderful Kryon books in 2003. From that time to read about channeling started to mean something different for me. Thanks to some kind of very intense invitation energy (I did not know that time where was it from) I managed to participate on the Kryon Conference 2 years ago on Mt Shasta. I remember Kryon's last words at the very end of the conference in the Kryon Gaia Adama Kirael quad channeling. Kryon said that the capstone is finally open.The Lemurians after thousands of years of separation, can be among us again and we are all ambassadors of Them whatever part of the world we are from. Kryon's advice was to take home a Lemurian with us. That was a joke with some serious meaning at the bottom. And it happened. Adama 'came home' with me.
It took me six more moths to start to communicate. I mean it took six more months for me to achieve the frequency level to be able to communicate. In a cold, grey Sunday afternoon, I got an unforgettable sign from him. That was last January. Since than we are in constant dialogue. I am not a 'professional' channel. We just talk in written form. Sometimes it is message for others but mostly these are written dialogues to help me to raise my frequency, learn more and more to finally start to share this with others...
My research in the subject led me to Dianne's website. I ordered the ebook version of one of her great books. According to some technical problems I could not access to the text and who else, I wrote Dianne to hep me. She was so kind that later on she asked if I managed to read it. Well then a small email exchange started where I posed a lot a lot a lot of questions to her. ( Sorry Dianne and thank you even here for your guidance and patience toward me.
So these questions and Dianne's precious help led me to Larry. He was very kind and introduced his group and himself to me with the offer to send me all these wonderful messages and info related to our Inner Earth's firends and family....
That is the story of the 'coincidences' which led me here. The rest is history :-) . During my last visit to LA I got the message with the clear instruction to send it to Larry. I feel so happy and so blessed that I can participate in all these.
One thing as I wrote to Larry to read it, to know about it from books, and an other thing is being in the middle of it, with all these emails. And I know that this is only the beginning.... Great, beautiful adventures are ahead of us. Everybody has his/her own way his/her own path with a common beautiful goal. All of the ways are different and all are blessed in the same time...
God Bless you All,
Update 6: Thanks for Kata's message!

From Diane Deziel
Dear Larry:
Thanks for transmitting Kata's message. It confirms what I was told by Mikos several months ago, after I learned that my own visit was delayed. When I asked him why, he said that "there were a few loose ends to tie up, before it could happen" and when I pressed him to explain further, he said that "I needed to fully realize that I am the creator of my own realities". And when lately I asked what I should do to apply these directives more precisely in my day to day experience, I was told that "it was not so much about working at it, but changing my perception about that aspect".
I was shown a crib and the notion of protection came with the vision. I could not understand what it had to do with being aware that I am the creator of my reality... This last dialogue took place when I was walking my 2 dogs in a big field.
Ahead of me, I noticed my older dog being tangled in some brambles and as I was bending over to brush them aside with my hand, a sudden gust of wind came and did the job for me in a second! It made my realize that if the god within us can take care of such a small detail as a bramble in our way, he/she/it will certainly take care of what we deem to be the more important stuff in our existence.
I understood that the perception needed to be the one of this infant in the crib, who knows without a doubt that he will be taken care of because he's so small and vulnerable. And this applied also to all that I wanted to create: the human in me might still be weak and fearful at times, but the god in me could do it all !!!
If you think that this little note is worth sharing with the group, it's o.k. with me.
One of your sisters on the way back home,

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