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Alex Collier on Whales and Dolphins

Before listening to Alex Collier’s short description of the Cetaceans, let me say that hearing what their nature, status, and mission was was one of the more startling revelations for me and took a while to integrate.  Once these matters were known, the reasons why the cabal would want to hunt them to extinction became clearer.
Says Matthew of the Cetaceans:
“The cetaceans’ spiritual mission, to embody in huge bulk and inhabit your oceans where they absorb and anchor the light beamed to the planet from distant civilizations, soon will have been fulfilled. These whale and dolphin souls, which species-wide are the most highly-evolved spiritually and intellectually on your planet, will soar to their original light stations when they leave physically, but they will continue to grace your planet with their love energy.”  (1)
Archangel Michael confirms what Matthew says:
“You are being assisted in this process of Awakening and Transformation by so many Beings of Light, Angelic Beings, Elemental Beings, Galactic Beings, and your Beloved Cetacean families.” (2)
Speaking on her own rather than as a  channel for Archangel Michael, Celia Fenn, who has studied Cetaceans for many years, adds:
“The Cetaceans, especially the Whales as Keepers of the Akashic Records of the Planet and the Original Ancestors and Earth Keepers, will be responsible for assisting Humanity in the shift. They will be transmitting the Light Codes that will activate the new patterns in the Human DNA and will connect these with the Akasha of the Soul and with the Akasha of the Planet.
“This will create a powerful new template for the New Human. The time of possibility and potential that we have lived with for the last ten years is over. Now we are taking the irrevocable steps that will change our DNA and change our lives and the way we experience life.” (3)

Dolphins and Whale
Good luck in Ascension!
by Alex Collier at
In our galaxy they are honored as sentient animals. They are brilliant philosophers and poets. And we think they are just big, dumb fish, but apparently they are absolutely amazing, amazing mammals. They have the admiration of many of the old races for their beautiful songs and storytelling.
They have legendary stories of the whale dream, which is the cetacean race memory. So they tell stories about their lineage, which they call “whale dream”.
“If the humans of earth make extinct these species, they will have no standing in the galaxy.” (Star Trek).
Some of these writers are clued in. I don’t know where they are getting this stuff, but they are totally dialed. And the same for dolphins.
We don’t know their language; it’s an extremely sophisticated language, more sophisticated than the English language. It’s a trinary language, which is why we don’t understand it, because we are so one-dimensional in our language.
How little we understood you!
Whales and dolphins originated in Cygnus Alpha
Smaller star systems which orbit around the central suns of Deneb, Sidar, Denaia and Alderia are where they come from. The largest population of whal
e and dolphin life is right here. Within this collection of smaller stars are thousands of star systems.
They wanted to migrate, they wanted to explore other worlds, they wanted to add to the whale dream.
They were brought here millions of years ago and they are recording. My understanding is that when they birth the young they teach them the song and the song is the story of their lineage and the history that they have learned of the home world that they are on.
That’s the song that they sing. They are singing the song of the lineage
It’s one right after the other; they teach them everything they know. It’s absolutely amazing….


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