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Fukushima Affects the Cetaceans

3 Nuclear Reactors melted in Fukushima within days of the tsunami in Japan, admitted the Japanese Government a few weeks ago has finally admitted. There are many rumors and fears regarding the ongoing situation in Japan and the consequence it could have for the rest of the planet.

I must say that the Galactics do everything they possibly can to limit the spread of radiations. Even Dutchsinse admitted in a radio interview on youtube his raditation measurements should be a lot worse than what they actually are.

The sooner our exofriends will be allowed to make first contact with us, the better for everybody.

I also wonder was this an attack on Japan by the cabal also an attempt to target the whales and dolphins. The Cetaceans are doing a wonderful work at raising the level of  vibrations on Earth.

Matthew says of the Cetaceans:

“The cetaceans’ spiritual mission, to embody in huge bulk and inhabit your oceans where they absorb and anchor the light beamed to the planet from distant civilizations, soon will have been fulfilled. These whale and dolphin souls, which species-wide are the most highly-evolved spiritually and intellectually on your planet, will soar to their original light stations when they leave physically, but they will continue to grace your planet with their love energy.”  (1)
Archangel Michael confirms what Matthew says:
“You are being assisted in this process of Awakening and Transformation by so many Beings of Light, Angelic Beings, Elemental Beings, Galactic Beings, and your Beloved Cetacean families.” (2)

It seems that after last year’s Gulf Spill, this is also another attack on Mother Earth’s oceans and cetacean life. I have attached an article about this below, please use discernment in reading it ~ Laura

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Recent readings taken roughly 19 miles out to sea from the Fukushima nuclear power facility in Japan have revealed radioisotope levels ten times higher than those measured in the Baltic and Black Seas after the massive Chernobyl disaster. Because Fukushima is much closer to water than the Chernobyl plant is, the ongoing fallout there is shaping up to be far worse than Chernobyl, at least as far as the world’s oceans are concerned, and time will tell just how devastating this massive disaster will be on the entire world as radiation continues to circulate around the globe.
“Given that the Fukushima nuclear power plant is on the ocean, and with leaks and runoff directly to the ocean, the impacts on the ocean will exceed those of Chernobyl, which was hundreds of miles from any sea,” said Ken Buessler, Senior Scientist in Marine Chemistry at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, several months back. Since that time, it has been revealed that Fukushima reactors 1, 2, and 3 have all experienced “melt-throughs,” which are considered to be the worst possible outcome in a nuclear disaster (…).
Various atomic experts are now in agreement that the unfolding situation in Japan truly is “as serious as it gets in a nuclear disaster.” Even the Japanese government itself is now admitting the grave reality of the situation, having recently announced it will submit a report to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) explaining the details of the melt-throughs, which basically mean that radioactive fuel appears to have burned through the outer containment vessels of the reactors and have gone directly into bare earth.
“Dangerous levels of radioactive iodine and cesium have already contaminated the sea, the soil, groundwater, and the air,” said reporter Mark Willacy of the Australian Broadcast Corporation in a recentLatelineinterview (…). “This week plutonium was detected for the first time outside the stricken plant, and Strontium-90, known as a bone seeker because it can cause bone cancer and Leukemia, has now been found as far away as 60 kilometers (37+ miles) from the facility.”


(1) Matthew, “Essay on 2012,” Dec. 31, 2007, at

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