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SaLuSa’s Recent Comments on Disclosure – May/June 2011

2011 JUNE 8
by Steve Beckow
Billy Meier meets Semjase
What I’d like to do here is to look at some of the statements that SaLuSa has made during May and June of 2011 about Disclosure. I realize we’re all weary of watching the crow’s nest and hearing the lookout shout, “Land ahoy!” We’d like to actually reach land.
But SaLuSa encourages us here not simply to remain waiting for the event, but to continue building websites that show what the galactics and their ships look like and in all other ways prepare the ground for a global acceptance of Disclosure.
On May 9, 2011, SaLuSa said that the pressure the Earth allies were applying was paying off. He provided a thorough discussion of what Disclosure would bring about.
“The pressure that our allies have been exerting to bring disclosure out is paying off, and once the facts begin to come out it will soon become an avalanche. After all of this time the people are ready to learn the truth about us, although the more extreme incidents and events surrounding some disclosures will cause considerable shock. It will come from learning that ET’s have been in touch with your governments for some 80 years, and are known to have bases inside the Earth, and on the Moon and Mars. Whereas you have been led to believe otherwise, NASA has removed traces of their existence from photographs and film.

“By all means possible you have been kept ignorant of our presence, and any other civilisation that has attempted to communicate with you. Of course there have been individual contacts that have taken place, but it was hoped by the dark Ones that they would largely be ignored. The time has never been better for the truth to come out, and we are working with our allies to restore freedom of expression amongst your journalists and the news media.” (1)
He suggested that Disclosure was the most important item on the Federation’s agenda.
“Everything we talk of now is with regard to preparing the way for our arrival on Earth. It will be the next step in moving you all forward so that working together; we can begin to restore the Earth.” (2)
He next mentioned Disclosure on May 16 and tied his discussion into the need for terraforming, again saying that it wouldn’t be too long before the first announcements were forthcoming.
“There is so much happening in your world right now, and the way forward will soon become apparent.
“Once disclosure is announced we must become known to you and enter your lives, as we are essential to the program for clearing up your Earth and putting a stop to further destruction. You cannot do it alone as the tasks are beyond you, particularly in your present state of disruption and chaos.
“Fortunately it can be handled quickly and efficiently once we are able to freely move amongst you. That we must arrange through your representatives, but it must be at a time when the new governmental appointments have already been made. All is proceeding along these lines and it will not be too long before some announcements are made.” (3)
On May 18, 2011, he told us that the galactic activities were increasing. He reminds us that the galactics respect our laws and protocols, unlike the cabal.
“There is much more for you to see as our activities are increasing. Of necessity we draw even closer to Earth as our services are called upon to deal with ecological damage. We keep matters in check ready for when we can come to Earth to finish our work. There are some very big problems that make us desire to come openly as soon as possible, but we stand responsible to higher spiritual forces for our actions.
“We act in unison and in an orderly way that respects your protocol and agreements between countries. We avoid creating problems that might otherwise disrespect the sovereignty of all nations. It is not our place to interfere where you are capable of taking action yourselves. However, we will gladly seek to work with you to go speeding forward to completion.” (4)
On May 20, 2011, he again returned to the subject of Disclosure and reminded us that news of the galactic presence was spreading over the Internet.  He acknowledged our work to publicize the galactic presence. He added that much more of the truth of our history will come out after First Contact.
“All progresses well and our allies are pushing for the disclosure announcement. The facts have been coming out for many years now, but what we need is an official recognition of our presence so that we can introduce the Galactic Federation to you. There are numerous websites on your Internet where you can indulge yourselves in facts about our craft, and these are supported by photographs and even videos. Whether we exist is no longer the question as we have made contact with every major government.
“We want to open up the whole subject, and thus allow debate and discussion as to what has been taking place over the last century. Governments will have to come clean with regard to their own part in suppressing information about us. They will also have to admit to their activities under the guise of allowing their craft to be taken as ours, or groups such as the Greys.” (5)
He reminds us that the galactics’ huge motherships could not possibly have come from Earth. He tells us that preparations continue to be needed for Disclosure to be well received.
“It is obvious to any intelligent person that our Mothercraft have not originated from Earth. They are in some cases of such massive size, being several miles long it is common sense that they are coming from other civilisations. There is also the question of the sheer numbers of craft that have been seen on some occasions.
“When you can count around a hundred or more as per the sighting recently in Mexico, you will know for certain that their origin is not from the Earth. The evidence of our presence is so obvious; yet generally speaking your media still hides the truth. We are pleased to say that this situation will not remain the same for much longer. There are many aspects before our appearance that need to come out to prepare people for it.” (6)
A UFO appeared over the Dome of the Rock in 2011
On May 25, 2011, he tells us that Disclosure is near and the galactics have ways of leaking information to the public, just as the cabal does. He warns us about disinformation designed to confuse us.
“There are signs all around you that are indicating the nearness of Disclosure, and when the latest information is meant to make the public domain ways are going to be found to achieve it. Even your dark Ones deliberately leak secrets when they feel it is in their interests, but that is sometimes purely for the purpose of preparing you in advance for one of their false flag attacks.
“Needless to say, they also as a matter of course spread disinformation to confuse those who seek the truth. Trust your intuition as by now you should be aware of their tactics, and if you are well informed you will have a good idea of what should be set aside.” (7)
In the same message, he says that the scene is set for Disclosure and the galactics and their Earth allies await the first good opportunity to push ahead with it. He again encourages us to spread knowledge of the galactics to help Disclosure be as widely accepted as possible.
“Currently the scene is set for Disclosure to come out, and our allies are ready to push for the first ideal opportunity to go ahead. So after all of the waiting the event that will ‘launch the boat’ of revelations about us, is set to sail. Much is already known about us, but for the majority of people our story will cause much astonishment and disbelief.
“However, the truth must come out and cannot be held back any longer, the secrecy and denial about us has gone on for far too long. The more that is known about us, the easier it will be to obtain a general acceptance of our presence. We can then organise the many changes that must take place without further delay.” (8)
On June 1, 2011, he told us that the beginning of the new era will launch us on the road to Ascension and it will all begin with Disclosure.
“You shall see the beginning of a new era that will propel you onto the path that can only lead to Ascension. It has been building up for a long time and very little is required to really get it under way. We shall have a hand in that as you have called upon us for help. We cannot always do as you wish, but in this instance it can be considered as part of our plan. Much work is being carried out to bring matters to a conclusion, and as usual our focus is on disclosure.” (9)
And finally on June 3, he again said that Disclosure was near. He revealed that the pressures on the cabal are driving them to despair.
“Disclosure is near to happening, and it is becoming difficult for the authorities to hide the truth much longer. The amount of information coming out grows all of the time, and more people are prepared to go public with the knowledge they have.
“Almost every day you are hearing something new that appertains to the changes, so you are clearly being given strong indications of the level of activity involving our allies and us. Most of our work is still going on behind the scenes, and it is not yet the time to reveal too many facts regarding our intentions. It is sufficient to say that we have always given you a broad outline, so that you know the direction in which we are heading.
Depiction of Cdr. Hatonn
“The pressures upon the dark Ones are driving them to despair, as they are unable to prevent their ultimate capitulation and surrender to the Light. Yes Dear Ones, we say the Light because it is the power that you have brought to the planet that is breaking down and transmuting the lower vibrations.” (10)
So again we are told that Disclosure is near, that the galactics and their allies are awaiting the first ideal opportunity to launch it, that the cabal is close to despair and unable to prevent the inevitable. Whether “close,” “near” and “soon” mean this month or next month we cannot judge. But it appears to be in the near offing and our task is to spread the word as broadly as we can, educate the public on the galactics and their ships, and soften the imminent landing, so to speak.


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