Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Truth Denied Talk Radio GUEST: UFOLOGIST Dennis Whitney

Seve Beckow: Tyco sends along a very interesting video in which UFOlogist Dennis Whitney discusses his retreat from the world  in July 2010. As it turns out, his spirit guides warned him that his life was in danger because of his reporting of the BP blowout.

Dennis says that a nameless agency like the CIA descended on the BP oil rig, took over the show once the blow-out happened, made sure that what was being photographed below the sea was not the wellhead that was leaking, but a much smaller, subsidiary break, etc.  Evidently we were hoodwinked.
Meanwhile Dennis’s email was hacked and lost and his guides suggested to him that he needed to vanish. He resisted them and asked if it was that serious and they said it was.
Dennis is a UFOlogist, writer, contactee and spiritualist. He operated a popular blog before closing it down.  He’s now emerging and telling what actually occurred. In addition, he also relates his story as a contactee, counsels us on what’s needed to make contact, and works up to Ascension and what is coming. Wonderful to hear a very detailed and well-matured discussion of matters and fascinating to hear the backstory on BP.
Sorry, cannot make the video work on the site. I’m afraid you’ll have to go to Youtube to watch it.
Laura Dennis talks about the changes that have occurred in his life in the past year. This is an interview I have particularly enjoyed. 
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Dennis Whitney retreated from the public June 2010. He comes on the show to "set the record straight"for his fans and friends he left behind. Dennis speaks about the coming months on the planet as well what Planet Earth may experience as a whole . We are one with our Celestial family. Hear Dennis and his story .
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