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Who are the Galactics?

Reprinted from Galactic Roundtable, July 7, 2009
While Earth scientists look for signs of life on nearby planets, galactics more evolved than us hover on the edge of announcing their presence en masse to the planet.
Apparently the galactics could inhabit the Moon and we could know nothing about it. (1)
The galactics have the answer our scientists are ostensibly looking for: the universe abounds with life in all varieties of manifestation. They have answers our own scientists are not looking for: for instance, that the same Soul inside each form. (2)

I will be pretending here that generalizations can be made about the star nations who verge on announcing themselves to us, but it is pretence only. We have to start somewhere and I am making some statements which will be superseded by First Contact itself – in a matter of weeks or months.
Knowing that these pages have that short a life is humbling.
As to the star visitors, some are here to assist us with our planetary transformation. Some are sending light from afar. And some are merely curious and stopping by to see what’s happening.
Of the Galactic Federation itself, Commander Adamu wrote: “We include many races and some of those races are very closely related – sort of brothers and sisters of the same original parent race. Some you might recognize are us Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Arcturans, the Antarians, the Andromedans and those from Procyon, Aldebaran and Deneb.
“These are names I can place in my young friend’s mind at this time. There are others [I cannot]. Also others from outside of this galaxy are here. And ones who are far above such consideration as `galactic neighbourhood’ or even which universe you are from.” (3)
Sheldan Nidle’s galactic sources place the GF contingent as coming from tens of thousands of worlds:
“We Sirians are only part of a vast contingent of galactic humans in this first contact fleet. Other groups originate in the Pleiades and tens of thousands of worlds that encircle the distant stars of the constellations Andromeda and Cassiopeia.
“They also come from solar systems in Aries, Perseus and Pegasus, and from stars, such as Bernard’s star and Alpha Centauri, much closer to your Sun. These amazing Beings have arrived to serve you and, at the appropriate time, intend to arrive en masse upon your lovely shores.” (4)
According to the same source, the galactic fleet is arranged in four rings. In the innermost, only human star nations are allowed, I expect so as not to startle us. (5) Just because all those who engage in First Contact are human in appearance does not mean that non-human space brothers and sisters are not part of the 2012 planetary transformation project.
Apparently, the human form exists throughout the universe, the basic male model being known as the “Adam Cadmon” blueprint. (6) The variations in human forms arise because of differences in planetary conditions.
Sirians, Pleiadians, and Venusians, on the one hand, are allegedly very similar to us in appearance because of genetic linkage. (8) Ker-On predicts that Venusians easily pass as Earthlings. (9)
Antarians, on the other, are not as similar to terrestrials as Venusians. Damar of Antares describes his fellows:
“Our species is very tall and we have a lean body structure. Our craniums are larger than yours. We have large eyes and very small mouths. We do not have ears but have small indents in our skulls where your ears are. Since we communicate without speech, our bodies have adapted to a point where we require none.
“We have small narrow nostrils although we have no nose. We do not have bodily hair and our skin is very light. Our skulls have bony appearing ridges on either side. (10)
Nidle’s nameless sources describe themselves as similar though taller: “Our form, dear Friends, is quite similar to yours. We are as tall, or taller, than you. Many Pleiadeans, Andromedans and Lyrans, for example, are of the same general height as you, while Sirians, Arians and those from Perseus are generally taller.
“Males are usually over 7 feet (2.13 meters) tall while females are usually more than 6 foot 4 inches (1.93 meters). Their height is counterbalanced by their perfectly formed physiques.” (11)
We shall hear many galactics allege the same thing here: that they are surrounded in an aura of light, causing earlier humans to regard their visitors as gods.
“Many of us are surrounded by a glowing aura. Because of this, and our ability to transform easily into our Light Body, many of your ancestors viewed us with awe.
“Greet us, now, not in this belief, but merely as your Space Family. Know by what you see that you gaze upon simply what you really are. Like us, you are Physical Angels. Soon, you once again will take on your true form.” (12)
Kryon agrees that, from whatever angle we consider matters, historically or genetically, “there’s a family here. … Your family! … That’s why we love you the way we do.” (13)
While there are males and females in even the highest planes of evolution, the difference between the two may not be anatomically based. Diane of Sirius reminds us that “the Beings of Light are androgynous and only use form as you understand it when it is deemed necessary. You have seen them as your glowing godly Beings from which beautiful light radiates in all directions.” (14)
Damur of Antares describes family life on Antares. If children are born by natural process, then anatomical differences may still exist on Antares:
“We have a family structure and our lifespan can be thousands of years. The female of our species work alongside the males in their chosen profession.  There are educators for the children and they are housed together. We have a deep family bond and spend time together when we are not working. The family unit is very strong.
“We travel to other planets for vacation and sometimes take a working vacation while our family engages in sightseeing or recreational activities. Knowing about how other civilizations live, we are blessed with choices when we take
vacation time.” (15)
Longer life spans are normal within the higher dimensions of spiritual evolution. SaLuSa says that the bodies of the Sirians do not decay as ours do and can be replaced as desired. Matter there vibrates at a higher speed and is not as heavy as ours. Because the lower vibrations cannot exist there, Sirians are not subject to the same health problems that we are. (16)
Ker-on of Venus says that many galactics spend periods longer than our terrestrial lives aboard motherships. We shall see later that their technology supplies all their needs.
“We can if required travel to the outer limits of space, and inter-dimensional journeys make it possible in the shortest time. We can spend the equivalent to many of your lifetimes aboard our ships, as we do not age and can retain our present body for 1000 years or so if necessary. It may sound strange, but the Motherships in the Galactic Federation are really like floating cities in Space. They can cater for all of our needs and we want for nothing.” (17)
Adamu calls the Pleiadian civilisation “one of many races of beings that are space-bound. That is we have ships that can traverse the vast distances of space.” (18) Apparently, for inter-dimensional travellers, distance does notpresent a problem. (19)
Many members of the Galactic Federation, SaLuSa reminds us, have not evolved along the same path as we have. They gain an understanding of our experiences through tapping into our consciousness. (20)
Galactics from the GF do not experience concern as we do because they have the ability to adjust to any changes easily, apparently no challenge being beyond them. Their technological superiority reportedly lends itself quite readily to any situation. (21)
Everything on planes higher than the physical is arranged according to spiritual development or evolution. Only here is everyone all mixed up together, the dictator with the sage, etc.
Most of the galactics, like the Sirians, “have moved well beyond your present level of awareness.” (22)
SaLuSa characterizes the Sirian “members of the Galactic Federation [as] enlightened Beings, [whose] relationship to you is based upon our love for you.” (23) He reminds us that “we of the Star Nations … have long risen above the lower emotions, and we tell you so that you know it is achievable.” (24)
The Hathors make the same claim for themselves: “We are what you might term an ascended civilization – a group of beings existing at a specific vibratory field, even as you have an energy signature. It is simply that we vibrate at a faster rate than you. Nonetheless, we are all part of the mystery, part of the love that holds and binds all the universe together.” (25)
The ways these ascended beings describe themselves are often puzzling and delightful. Says Kryon of himself: “I am not 3D and I am not singular.” (26) Adamu agrees: “I am a truly multidimensional personality.”
“That is to say we all are – it’s simply that my awareness encompasses a great many manifestations of self. Simply put, I know myself to be in many places and in many realities doing many different things all at the same time. I am this and I am that all at the same time, so to speak, for TIME itself is just a tool to me… an object which spreads out some parts of that which I hold within myself.” (27)
If I had known I was bound for multidimensionality, I would perhaps not have struggled so much in early life!
Arcturian GF members make the same claim: “Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. … We are a fifth-dimensional, and beyond, civilization.” The Arcturians claim that they are “the prototype for Earth’s future and happily use our Arcturian energy to emotionally, mentally and spiritually assist anyone who calls us.” (28)
Just so we can imagine, if even faintly, the difference between us and some of them in information processing, here is Damur of Antares explaining how Antarians learn:
“Our education and information systems deal with holographic technology. You have words, images and numbers in your records. When information is transmitted to us, it is sent as a beam of light energy and received by our higher brain.  All the information is received simultaneously and integrated instantly. So, you can see that we are quick learners!
“We are also able to view a holographic image and all the information contained within the image is received and immediately integrated. In other words, we understand instantly. We are able to utilize all of our brain capacity.” (29)
We have looked at the various star nations that form the Galactic Federation.  We have seen that the human form is common in the universe and have looked at some similarities and differences. We have seen that most member nations of the Galactic Federation are ascended and have examined a few elements of their lifestyle and capabilities.


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