Friday, 10 June 2011

Update 25: Your Mountain Home
Dear Larry, will you please send this out to your email list. Thank you.
Dianne Robbins
You are all being drawn back to your Mountain home now and soon a great conclave of Light will form at our base and will ignite the Spirit of Shasta (the Mountain herself) into the glory that she is.
We wait patiently in our home inside for all to unfold, and for you, our family, to return. All is in place for your imminent return into the Mountain.
I am Adama
Update 26: Are You Ready?

I would like to thank you all for your most positive feedback on this project of making ourselves available to be able to physically enter into Telos. In regards to when this will take place Analia is seeking guidance from Athos about this.
Anyway while we patiently wait for the dates below is a message from Adama through Kata about this project.
Sincerely, Larry
Dear Larry, Here is Adama's message regarding the question of yours about the physical entering to Telos. Please forward it to the group,
Love from my heart,
Dearest Masters,
Imagine things and make them real are different. Before you can be entered on the physical you need to get used to our dimension as we said. There is no new assignment, just to get prepared for it in all levels. Until than, you can plan it and dream about it, all that will help and will be heard. You can get closer but not in. The difference in the frequency levels are too huge now. Individual invitations to Telos will help to raise the group's consciousness.
The few who are ready, will know it with no doubt, they will be the first to be invited. When they get back, they can help in the group's entering process. Come to the Mountain, raise your consciousness, get your personal divine experiences.
Continue the preparations days and nights. All your etheric visit to us help the divine aim to get in on the physical. But it can not happen earlier than your readiness.
Are you ready? ARE YOU READY? Without desperation, expectations, but with open heart, peace, balance and harmony? We will know when it happens. The key of the timing is the length of the preparation. We are here to help.
Update 27: An Update from Athos

Athos through AnalĂ­a
Dear Larry,
We intend to clarify certain aspects that seem to be bothering you. You have to trust that you are being guided, even if you do not feel so.
The dates that you are suggesting are fine, in fact, we guided your decision towards that choice. Start believing that you will, too, be receiving straight information from the source.
You have been assigned a guide, all of you that feel it right at the center of the heart, you had. There are no outside sources that can be more certain that the voice that whispers in your heart and ears, which are Us.
The invitation to come will arrive in a way it will be received first as intuition, and then it will be corroborated before the trip.
We love you and guide you,
Athos and the Inner Earth Council

Update 28: From Annemarie
Both dates are not of any problem to me. It's the financial aspect that allowed me to choose only one of these dates. I know that I am invited. Two weeks ago for the first time I went on the internet to Look for a picture of Adama. The physical manifestation of him.
I looked into his eyes and told him That I am ready to visit the mountain. I recall the moment I connect with his energy. It was during my return- journey from Guatemala to Holland. In the airplane I received the invitation and he told me that visiting Mount Shasta will be my first mission. His energy led me to Dianne Robbins and from Dianne to you.
Sitting behind my computer, staring at his picture I then in a vision I saw all of my family of light, an enormous group of beings. Standing in front of me Waiting for me/us to come home. It was as if I was looking at a forrest of beings of light. All in their white robe, waiting for us.
During that same period I had a dream. I was looking toward the sky through my window. The sky was beautiful.Suddenly I heard the sound of an airplane, but diffrent. I walked toward the door, opened it and went outside searching for the airplane in the sky.
There it was, it was flying toward me. I could not move. I was paralysed. The airplane landed only a couple of meters in front my house. The landing was not horizontal but vertical. The tail of the airplane upward. On the door of the airplane was a star symbol . It was a one person airplane and a man was sitting in it. He waved at me and got out of the airplane. I was afraid, becaus this airplane was not from our world. I turned toward the door to hide inside.
But before I could closed the door He was standing in front of me. He said ;please don't close the door, I came with an important message. I looked into his eyes and instantly all the fear in me was gone.I sat with him on a bench that was in front of my house. He said he was from another dimension.
He brought some inportant knowledge to share. He said, that he must share this knowledge in a very short time because everyday on earth is a day too long. All the knowledge will fade away because the energy of the earth will make him forget. He wanted to explane some symbols to me. He started with a circle that he draw on my knee. He told me that the knowledge of this symbol is not fully known on earth. From the circle came other symbols and then I woke up out of the dream.
This dream reminds me of a message the brothers of light told me some years ago that there will knowledge available in the near future about things that humans don't understand and can't explaine. I knew that this dream has to to with Telos.
If you choose september it is OK with me, but my personal choice would be October. When I read the message from Athos to you through Analia telling you that the dates will come to you through intuition.The date of the 24th of october came to me. I then know that the invitation would be around the end of October.
I was already making plans for my self to arrive in M.Shasta city two or three days before the meeting. I felt so connected when I read your previous email with the dates that came to you 27-29th of october. The 24th of october would be the date I would leave for Mt.Shasta city. Just like I was planning to do, two or three days before the meetings.
About the weather, when the date of 24th of october came to me, I said to spirit; That time of the year it would be cold and perhaps there will be snow. Through my intuition the voice of spirit came through; The weather can not hold you back if you are invited. And so it is!!!
Blessings of love, AnneMarie
P.S. And so it is, with the three exclamation marks at the end of this email. It was my fingers that were used to write it down. But I know it didn't came from me. In a few seconds I didn't know what to do, leave it or wipe it of, but than I understood.
Update 29: From Wendy and Kathleen
The following is the text of a recent email that I received from Wendy Athorn .
Dear Larry,
I have been speaking to a lady named Kathleen Bryant who lives about 50 miles south of myself. She has been getting messages and teachings from Adama for a long time and would like to be in touch with you. When that happens please know that she is authenic, loving, and sincere and has been working a long time within the spiritual scene.
I hope all is well,
Last night " When that happens" happened and below is Kathleen's message to me in response to a request that was in an email that I had sent to Wendy in regards to Wendy and Kathleens' travel arrangements to Mt. Shasta.
Hi Larry,
I am honoured to finally communicated with you, on this exciting upcoming event. you have asked of me to give you some background of who I AM and so this request is being honoured. I also wish to thank you for all the help you have given in support of the confirmations I have been getting about coming. I again thank you.
My connections to spirit have always been with me, yet it was not until 7 years ago that I finally woke up and understood that connection that was so familiar to me. During that time I was introduced to Kryon like Kata, and had that connection to the Lemurians. It is that I have always accepted them as family. One of the many things that I do here in Australia is that I have been given tasks to do, to help bring in energies to help humanity grow, this did not start until 2005. One of those tasks involved opening up the Altantian Hall of Records, and there have been many other tasks before and after this of similar experiences. It was on this task that I and 2 others with me, had our first encounter with the Lemurians.
As part of that task I was to direct the 2 with me down a tunnel (ethric) into another dimension Yet in order to enter, our hearts, belief and vibrations had to be at a certain level. This we succeeded and here we met 3 Lemurans each holding a large glowing oval egg. It was in my knowing that this was our Lemurian star seeds plus much more. they handed this to each of us, then they stepped forward and melded with us. These beings where our Lemurian selves, we became one. we left with our Lemurian seeds. All of which is within my heart. A wonderful and very powerful experience. There was great preparation for this task over a couple of months.
I write of this experience, because I now understand it was a prelude for entering Telos. At the beginning of this year another task was being presented, yet it is within me to go with the flow and allow that to be shown. I have been in preparation for this event we speak of at the end of October for these last 8 months,Yet unbeknown to me, I wasn't sure of what I was being prepared for. I was told by Lord Enoch that I was gaining momentum and raising my vibration during which 2 months ago I was given that task to do. This is at Mt Shasta. I felt it was next year around the same time, yet Now I understood the preparation work I had been doing, is for this task that I am to do and also to enter into Telos at this time. however, as synchronicity takes form. I had not seen or spoken to my friend Wendy for a while, when work is to be done, spirit will connect you to those who are to help. Wendy was at the spiritual church I was attending in may this year, to which she told me that she was going to Mt Shasta in June (sorry if dates are not correct, I work in the moment and have less memory of what took place 1/2 an hour ago let alone months) of this year.
My heart leaped with excitement. I spoke of doing a task there also, when the time was right. I wished her well. When Wendy returned she began sending me the emails from you etc. that spoke of entering the mountain. My heart jumped and I said "that's me" tears came in recognition. Since then my growth of momentum and raising my vibration has increased. Messages of preparation for the trip have been given to me, This beautiful soul Wendy has been my bridge to Mt Shasta and what I am to do there. As like Kata, I get messages from others as well as for self.
As spirit will always give you that which you need for that which is to be done. I can channel yet have done so for small groups only. Yet for self, mostly written. It was after the message about ARE YOU READY, that I said YES I AM. two days later I was giving a reading for a friend who said I had a Lemurian Guide standing behind me. His name is Vandurian. I have since been connecting to his energy. I even had a day after this of doubt. A day of tests. Yet during this day of my doubting. I relayed a message to a small group with Wendy in attendance. It was 3 Lemurian beings standing behind me.
During part of this message they said, that the invitations had been given. directing this to Wendy and self. How appropriate that they would give this message through a moment of doubt. Lesson learnt. I am pleased to say that this only lasted one day, and I am back on track. It is in my knowing that yes the October date is the correct date. However small or large this group is, it does not matter, for the purpose is in the knowing and the allowing. To be open without expectations yet to follow your heart. All will be lead to the correct day and those who are to be will come together. It would not have come into synchronicity otherwise.
The choice is always ours. (I feel that it is not just me writing this now) Up until then I had no need to receive a message from Adama, Adama's energy has been with me these last 8 months and that was all that I needed. I knew with in my heart without a doubt that I am to be apart of this gathering. Late October seemed to be the timing of those in Telos, and for those who have agreed to enter telos as planned on a higher level.
For this is the time that those who are to come will have reached that place within themselves that in understanding. The knowing leads the way. Yet Larry has asked of a message from Adama, So in a written message prio to writing this email. Adama personally invited me to MT Shasta, Yet has said the choice has always been mine.
And So IT IS. I Choose. The date was not given in writing, For it is within the trust that the date has already been given.
I send warm greetings to the group to which I embrace as family. We will see you in October.
Love allways in the light

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